Daytime Confidential Hot 100 of 2008

No. 80: Dylan Cash - General Hospital

No. 79: Kristina Wagner - General Hospital

No. 78: Jensen Ackles - Days of Our Lives

No. 77: Joe Penny - Days of Our Lives

No. 76: Ronn Moss - The Bold and the Beautiful


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20 November 2007
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Thanks guy for the list, great job!
It is so fascinating to see who interest most people.

And I agree with GH Lover, from everything I read if GH looses him, they will loose a lot of viewers!
But who can even start to understand a problem like Guza!

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25 August 2008
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wow I've never felt so out of sync with my the rest of the daytime confidential crowd. Usually the things I hear and read here are in line or even identical to my own opinions. It's nice to get a shock once in a while and find out others may be watching the soaps for entirely different reasons than I am.

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16 August 2007
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Hey dellygrim, when it comes to opinions I'm sure that yours are very similar to those of us here at DC. However, this list is based purely on the clicks of users who visit and use DC so you are right it is very interesting to see who people are interested in and aren't.

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27 December 2007
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Thank goodness they weren't layed out one person per page Smile

Congrats Steve well deserved.
It was also nice to see Dyaln Cash and Ambyr Childers on the list. The Josh Duhamel picture was HOT HOT. Also congrats to Michael Graziadei, Marcy Rylan, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Jason Thompson, TAMARA BRAUN, Kirsten Stomrs and Rebecca Herbst. All faves of mine as well.

AMC can thank TAMARA BRAUN for cementing a spot on my DVR again!!

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Good list but I must add where is Brody (Mark Lawson) Jessica (Bree Williamson)<- OLTL Aaron (Agim Kaba) atwt ? :?

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28 February 2008
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Oh yeah! Megan Ward at #30 that's cool. She's #1 on my list, but at 30 she is a lot higher than the two Cs on GH so I'm happy Smile

MW/Kate Howard, the fashionista - why I watch GH!

Long live SKate!!!!

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30 December 2007
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Thank you for recognizing the fine work of Megan Ward and placing her #30 on the list....even better seeing Maurice at #10, although I think he should have been higher. I love my SKate so thank you for naming both of these fine actors!!! They are my reason to watch GH and I hope the characters are reunited!

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1 January 2009
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good list, good to see my girl LW in the top 50. hope she gets recognition for her work with michael's shooting.

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Interesting list!!! I am happy that Rebecca Hebst was so high on the list. I cannot fathom how a daytime list could place some of these people higher than Genie Francis though. She is the one who hooked me on daytime an eternity ago so I am biased. She should rule all of daytime. I am happy Steve Burton is numero uno. Go Jason!!!!!!

*****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

I wait with my fingers crossed that the next flavor of the month doesn't have such a bad aftertaste.

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where was julie pinson(janet atwt)she should of been on this list...great actress

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Color me crazy here, but isnt this list based on clicks linked to the tags at the end of articles run by the site? Would that make it more a list of who got covered than a list of who was most popular?

So then if lets say a handful of actors are up for contract renewals (and therefore the discussion of their contract status is tagged repeatedly in a spoiler column or an individual column over the course of a year) those people would get more clicks and therefore be deemed "more popular" than lets say another handful of actors that signed multi-year contracts and as a result dont end up getting tagged as often?

Or lets put it another way - solely based on clicks - John and marlena pre-announcement of their firing would have been significantly less "popular" than they would be post announcement based on this system because there were less articles written about them to click on.

Or another example. If a article is written thats pro-EJAMI (and thus tagged for Allison Sweeney and James Scott) and a debate ensues involving 100 posts - 50 that love EJami and 50 that love Lumi, Sweeney would get 100 points, SCOTT would also get 100 points and bryan datillo (hope I spelled his name correctly) would get zero points when really the popularity was split evenly.


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