Daytime Confidential's Top 10 Most Improved of 2008

No. 6: Brandon Barash - General Hospital

Our sixth pick for Most Improved is General Hospital’s crowned Mob Prince Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara). While some may disagree with Barash even needing to be on the Most Improved list, he is one actor that surely gets better every time he graces our screens. When Johnny first hit Port Chuck most fans would agree that yet another mob character was not what we had been hoping for, but Barash quickly had us retracting that thought. Not only has Brandon come into his own on GH, he also has the potential to become the next Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) of the show. Here’s to hoping for continued improvement as being compared to Burton will not be easy for the young actor.


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Pleasantly surprised to see Jake Silbermann on here. I get flack from friends for saying that he's gotten a lot better than when he first started on the show (they still say he's wooden). I like him and I think he does a good job portraying a character with stunted emotional growth. I just with TPTB would take him off the back-burner and put him in a decent storyline along with Van.

Nice to Arianne Zuker on here too. She was terrible when she first started on Days but she's grown tons since the return. Too bad her current storyline stinks.

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I think that Judith Chapman could act, but her character was simply irredeemable until today's episode. It was the best work of her career and made me and the fans sympathetic to her. I wanted Gloria gone, but I am loving her now.


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Thank You for putting Brandon Buddy on the list! I'd put him #1 on my most improved list. The kid has come a loooong way. Not only has he improved but I think he's turned into a terrific actor who brought me to tears several times over the last year. I haven't watched recently (my own private Tarty Boycott) and BB is one of the few things I really miss...

DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

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SO glad to see My girl Mandy Bruno on here. She really did do the Damn thing this past year. I'm just happy to see her get the credit she deserves!

Brandon Buddy, Lawrence St. Victor, and even Judith Chapman have all improved leaps and bounds this past year as well!

Nice list, y'all!

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You guy's really hit the mark on the head about
lawrence St Victor & Mandy Bruno...they really have been amazing in a very turbulant year over at "Guiding Light". I do have to say there seems to be more interest in the show as of late for many reasons...let's just hope we can save the LIGHT.

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While some actors transcend mediocre to bad writing, it seems like Judith Chapman needs it on the page; when it's there, she brings the heat.

Good picks all the way around... Wink

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i would just have to say that picture of star and cole rivals any hollywood golden era movie poster. they have chemistry and energy and knowing their story makes the picture even more amazing.

awesome choices - i bow to your listmaking! keep them coming!

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i'm glad that DROOPY DAWG lady won, i like her!