The Young and the Restless: Weekly Promo

It sucks to be Jill when she realizes that it's really Kay.


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4 May 2008
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I hope Kay remembers about DNA testing and shoves it in Jill's face.

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5 November 2007
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As much as I want to see all the fallout of Kay's return, I kinda wish they had stretched out her return a little longer. I think everyone needed a bit more time to settle into their new roles in life before her comeback.

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30 November 2007
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Wow. Actually, Jill's reaction is kind of realistic, for a soap. Usually people kinda flinch and then it's OK my mom is back from the grave no biggy. But I really felt for Kay there.

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19 November 2007
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I kind of agree with Jorpa . . . I wish they had let everyone settle in after the New Year before bringing KC back. However, I do also love the delicious idea of Katherine vs. Jill. I can see this going into a court battle and a very Maury . . . "the results are in" moment. I think it could be quite juicy.

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21 November 2008
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I just wonder if the wishes in Mrs. C's will will be reversed. Will Esther still be a lady of the manor? I can't see her going back to being a maid now -- and I love how firm, snarky and even supportive she's been with Jill.

I also can't see Mrs. C taking back Amber's artsy endeavor inheritance or making her sign over the rights to Mrs. C's seemingly bestselling memoirs.

The publishing industry will probably think Mrs. C faked her own death to drive up her book sales!