What Am I Thinking?: Donna Logan Forrester

Now what could The Bold and the Beautiful's Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) be thinking?


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21 November 2008
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"Wow, that Xanax and bourbon really did the trick! I'm so relaxed. Now where can I find a guy to jump in bed with?"

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6 September 2008
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she looks like she's resigned herself to being eaten by an alligator.


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20 December 2008
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"Wonder what Nick Newman is up to? Oh wrong show?! I'm so dumb."

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9 October 2007
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"I wonder what that Jamey guy means when he calls me a hair model?"

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23 April 2008
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"Remember when all I did was sit at Bikini Beach and drink with Jackie M, suddenly I am headlining B&B"

I love Jennifer though, I think she is doing great on that show and is an underrated actress.

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23 July 2008
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Donna: *birds chirping*