Happy New Year!

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine things could explode the way they did for Daytime Confidential in 2008, or for that matter, how many things could happen in such a short amount of time within the daytime television industry.

In 2008 we saw: The "Real Greenlee" Campaign; a new production model at Guiding Light and a double-digit ratings decline in the show’s core demo; General Hospital: Night Shift outshining its parent soap in quality if not ratings; Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn being fired from Days of Our Lives, Susan Lucci hoofing it on Dancing With The Stars, and later having to take a paycut at her day job; a hair model invasion; One Life to Live’s wonderful 40th Anniversary episodes, then shocking rapemance storyline; The Young and the Restless experiencing one of the fastest turnarounds in recent memory; the return of countless vets and familiar faces to all the soaps; The Soup’s hilarious coverage of The Bold and the Beautiful’s Forrester men, then All My Children’s Thonggate; speaking of AMC, the show continued to implode this year; Imaginary Bitches and Life in General provided webtacular awesomeness; Carolyn Hinsey’s exit from Soap Opera Weekly spiking a smear campaign at Jossip; As the World Turns’ title wave of recasts; the Nuke kissing ban; the Ed Scott/WGA Scandal; the ABC vs. CBS casting wars and Bitchy Bangs just to name a few.

As we set our sights on 2009 I would like to take a moment to thank each and every Daytime Confidential reader and listener for an amazing 2008.

I would also like to take a moment to recognize the team here at Daytime Confidential. They don’t always get the recognition they deserve, so to Belinda, Bernard, Brian, Brooke, Craig, Danielle, Darren, Foxy, Jamey, Jillian, Johnathon, Melodie, Mike, Nicki, Perkie, Regan, Sean and Tina thank you for helping make 2008 a great year.

On behalf of everyone here at Daytime Confidential HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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    Thank you to all that contribute to Daytime Confidential! This site has become of one of my “daily” sites. I appreciate all the comments and news. You guys do a great job, and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! :) – Jerry

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    I am so glad i found this website you guys r the funniest, smartest and innovative group on the web. I wish you guys more success and recognition in 2009

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    Happy New Year and may the New Year bring a soap rebirth to the troubled genre. You guys are so funny and here is hoping there is more to laugh and smile about in the New Year

    Peace, Love and Happiness

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    Happy New Year to the best website ever! So proud of you guys… and of course, I’m your number one fan! U deserve all the success in your midst…. Nel

    PS… Luke, that was your most beautifully written post. Great 2008 roundup; the best yet.

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    A HUGE happy & healthy & wonderfully juicy, improvements on all of the soaps from me to all of you at DC.com, the best, newsiest, most news-breaking, controversial, say what you think, SORAS’ED, soap opera website ever created! You guys have made realize that I am not the only 37 year old geek who is still watching these shows, letting them into my lives and feeling as if they are another family to me, as you guys have become, a little online family for me to go to bitch, complain, hype and praise the best and worst of soap operas on screen and off during the year. Thank you, Luke, for this forum, for without you, we would not have the growth, dimension and scope that DC has blossomed into to the past 2 years and for everyone, especially Jamey, Mike, Tina, Regan, Belinda and J. Bernard’s classy, intelligent, poignant essays that I read no matter what the topic is because I know he will provide something thought-provoking, you guys help to make this THE go-to, must see, first thing, daily soap website for me and many, many other fans whose lives are enriched because of your work here. Thank you from the bottom of my 3-personality-having, Satan possessed, buried alive, long-lost twin/child/brother/sister/parent-having, baby-switched, gun-toting, secret unraveling, good but whorish, lying but true, loyal, transplant-needing, gay but never had sex(HAHAHAHA!), kissin’-cousin, Peapack sweating, returning from the dead (for the 5th time), time-traveling, prediction having, sibling fighting, passing for another ethnicity, cliff/waterfall/window-ledge falling, health-scare having, man stealing, pay-cutting, backseat limo sex having, slightly psychotic, cream-tainting, falsely accused, looney-bin staying, JaSam loving, Lily/Cane and all hair model-hating, Call me Doctor Lord-saying, amnesia-having, My darling(insert name of latest love here), family-screwing, company-taking over, stock-buying, crisis-of-conscience having, kidnapping, cage-locking, serial-killing, young, bold, restless, beautiful, hospital/mob-working, one-life-to-live-having, all-my-children-bearing, as-the-world-turns pacing, guiding-light seeing, days of my life having, schrew-lu, tardy, mob-hating, Frons/Phelps/Wheeler/Guza/Bloom/Goutman/Higley/Corday-praying-they-get-fired, pure, evil, goody-good, Dru-needing, alcohol/pill/drug-addicted, rapist-romancing, sad, happy, angry, confrontational, bitch-slapping, loving heart (WHEW!)! If I did not include some other soap ailment or dysfunction I am sorry but I am in vacation mode down here in sunny, gorgeous, sarong-wearing, tan-getting, fabulous, star-gazing, Star Jones-sighting, relaxing St. Barts. Heavenly but I think I just saw Alex Olanov and Dorian Lord plotting together. Once again, Happy New Year 2009 and hopefully, another at least 10 years of soap operas to enjoy and discuss. Cheers (holding my mimosa to the screen)!! xoxox – Corey KingTV

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    Happy New Year to the best team and web site ever!
    Dc is building a great reputation.

    Luke why don’t we start taking resolution as poster, to improve the DC climate! Mine was NOT to get into a dirty fight with Sam’s fans of GH!

    So far so good! ;)

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    I honest be to goodness don’t know where I’d be without DC and the whole crew. Thank you Soooooo much Luke for giving a kid a chance! To the rest of my DC crew esp. Nicki, Jamey, Jillian, and Mike Thanks for being awesome and putting up with all my Cyrina Love! I love working with this group of people. IMO, we’re the best in the internet soap business. Thanks to Nelson for all the shoutouts! I know 2088 was great for DC but I know that we will no doubt Shine in 2009! I love you all!

    Keep the Light on The Air! Watch Guiding Light!

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    Happy New Year! I love reading your opinions and listening to the lively podcasts and I’m a huge PEG fan, so you KNOW i must really love y’all as bad as you talk about them lol…

    Peace & Blessings in the new year.

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