New Years Eve with Shane and Kim

Here’s a little classic soap moment from New Years Eve 1989 on Days of Our Lives with Shane and Kim. Shane suffering from amnesia hears his and Kim’s song ‘Friends and Lovers’ and is suddenly taken back to a place which has triggered a memory. What’s a New Years celebration without a party at Shenanigans?

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    One of my favorite Days couples ever. I followed their romance through beginning to when they left the show. Favorite storyline: Shane’s wife, Emma, back from the dead, who tortured Kim when she was blind by moving Kim’s apartment furniture around and treating her horribly. Great story for a classic love.

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    This is when Ken Corday cared about the soap, believed in daytime television, and embraced the fans of the show. Kim & Shane were a great couple. Patsy Pease is a wonderful actress and is in my top ten list of best actresses to ever appear on the soap opera.

    Always soaptacular-


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    WOW! The memories this brings back. Too bad the PTB don’t write like this any more. Great to see Mike and Boom Boom (April) though it was all too brief. Thanks for sharing this with us. Great kick off to the New Year!

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    I was watching at that time and I loved them!

    Look at that, they created a great moment without any special effect, or any expensive shenanigans, imagine that, what a concept!

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    Great Stuff! Thanks Aussie Brian!! I always felt that DAYS was *the* romance show and this brought back a lot of memories. You know, I even have Friends and Lovers on my ipod, and I’m not embarrassed to admit that! Okay, maybe I’m a little embarrassed, lol :)

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    OMG, I loved Shane & Kim. This was back when I actually watched Days when they were the undisputed king of romance – Shane/Kim, Patch/Kayla, Bo/Hope, Jack/Jennifer. It makes me so nostalgiac!

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    Brian Peel

    It is these moments we hang on to with dear life, especially when you know ‘our’ show is dying a slow death. It is clearly obvious that in scenes like this, nothing out of the extraordinary is required in order to turn a show around and make the public tune in. Daisyclover, I think if I looked hard enough in my itunes collection, Gloria Loring would pop up in there somewhere too – never fear!

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