ATWT’s Revolving Door: NuMaddie and NuLucy Out!

What was the point of recasting Maddie (Kelly Barrett) and Lucy (Sarah Glendening) if they’re just here for a couple of weeks? Both actresses debuted during the week of Christmas and are leaving As the World Turns again next week.

But it won’t stop ATWT from bringing back other characters. Alex Charak (winner of the first season of InTurn) is coming back as Casey’s (Billy Magnussen) old room mate Elwood Hoffman. Also, as reported earlier, Eric William Morris will be back as Casey’s old prison buddy Matt O’Connor and Paolo Seganti will be back as Luke’s (Van Hansis) biological father Damian Grimaldi. At least they’re not recasts!

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    Wow! I have to say I’m happy to see NuMaddie leave. I’m not big on the way she’s been written or portrayed. Lucy though I think is more needed on the canvas and if this actress wasn’t cutting it then they should have found another one.
    In light of these quick exits I’m trying not to form any opinions about the latest round of returns.

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    I don’t think they’re leaving because of the actresses not cutting it. They were always meant to be very short-term. Maddie as a plotpoint for Alison/Casey and Nuke and Lucy to bring Johnny back to Oakdale. But I hear Lucy might be back at a later point.

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    It’s a simple soapy fact: if characters are brought back for short-term plot points, then it’s best to bring back actors already established in the roles. Sounds like the execs at ATWT are almost as clueless as Corday and his merry band of idiots.


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    Maddie was only here to take Ali/Casey and Luke/Noah to the next stage in their storylines, according to SID and Lucy came to drop Johnny off. But she’ll apparently be back in February. I agree this show is too busy recasting and casting people. There were episodes where you had nothing but newbies on the screen. A friend of mine said if you tuned in lately to some shows after not having watched for a couple of years you wouldn’t know who anybody was. That’s a problem.

    BTW, Eric William Morris played Matt O’Connor. Alex Charak played Elwood.

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    See I figured that Lucy was just back to drop off Johnny, Maddie i am a tiny bit shocked about.

    But did the show really need 3 actresses that looked alike? (Maddie/Alison/Lucy).

    ———- A.K.A. ssjohn——–

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    "BTW, Eric William Morris played Matt O’Connor. Alex Charak played Elwood."

    Thanks. Fixed it. I blame ATWT. :D They keep casting, recasting, bringing back actors, letting other actors go… *confused* :P

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    Well the writer’s regime is trying to pull a Guza.

    It goes like that; the rating tank and it is everyone faults BUT the writers. The newbie’s are not working, look I bring back these marvellous vets everyone are talking about and it is still not working, look I did it all but it is not working! See it is the viewers fault!

    Guza is very successful with this approach he still has a job; may be they will be too! :D

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    Unlike most I like these girls in their roles, but why in the hell are you spending that kind of money when your show is struggling financially & creativly? That Goutman needs to go.

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    Does this mean that you are not going to discuss NuMaddie on the podcast? You have alluded to her twice but then hesitated to discuss her. I really did not like this interpretation of Maddie. Also, she made Luke look like a drama queen, as he kept slamming doors every time he saw her.

    However, having Luke becoming more like Lisa Grimaldi and saying bitchy comments to those Oakdalians (my new term)that he feels are a threat could be very fun.

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    At least Damian’s return means more times to hear “Luciano”. I really like it when Luke’s entire first name is said.

    As for the recasts, I am glad Alex Chando didn’t come back for 3 weeks of the mess of Maddie’s return has been. This needy, whiny nuMaddie was unpleasant to watch. The actress didn’t bother me nor did I find her memorable.

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    Seriously, why bother bringing these girls on if they’re just going to go away. I can get on board with ditching NuMaddie . . . she is driving me nuts with her constant needy crying crap. But Lucy, I was kind of getting on board with her version of the character. Ugh.

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    I think the nuMaddie and Lucy are just even more vanilla versions of Alison (y’all are right–they do all look and kind of act alike), so I’m not sad to see them go, particularly Maddie. She is indeed an open nerve of unappealing need. Now if only they would take Ally with her.

    The only praise I can give ATWT right now is the Lindstrom recast for Craig. I’m loving him. All the other newbies….not so much.

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    i agree with getting rid of NuMaddie because she’s just annoying and has been since she appeared on screen. she just isn’t Alexandra Chando.

    i STRONGLY disagree with getting rid of NuLucy cause i like her and i think that she has the potential for and awesome storyline. they’re just wasting talent there. her and johnny coming back were the reason i actually started to watch the show again.

    they just need to bring back Will and Gwen as well. the show hasn’t been the same without them.

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    Actually, I think MORE shows should be doing this. Short-term casting (from 3 weeks to 6 months) can bring diversity to the canvas that is sometimes needed.
    ATWT has a little too much inter-relation as it is now.

    BB could DEFINITELY use some short-term casting for romantic purposes to get us off the Logan-Forrester merry-go-round.

    The Soap Goddess
    St Louis, MO

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    Short term casting can work well when it’s new characters or returning favorites (character AND ACTOR).

    or example Kit the bartender worked pretty well short term in Carly’s SLs. And if they’d brought back John Dixon for Dusty’s death and/or return from the grave it could have fed story and given more weight to it tying it into show history.

    Though for all I know they approached Larry Bryggman and he told them to take a flying leap like he should if they ever ask him to come back. Regardless that is the kind of short term casting that would make sense and add to the the story.

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