Caption This: Donna Surfer Chick Logan

Take your best shot at Donna Surfer Chick Logan (Jennifer Gareis)  at the Forrester’s only fashion show in 2008.

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    I am in Los Angeles and I appreciated seeing some skin on B&B today because it is awfully foggy here. I can also confirm Jamey’s knowledge of the use of surf wax. However, I was hoping for Owen in a crocheted speedo, not Donna.

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    Donna is a very poor imitation of Brooke. I don’t see nothing in her to root for or care about. I would rather see Rick sleep his way through the Forrester family than see Donna do anything. I want to see her disappear and have Felicia front and center than this two dollar ho.


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    Darren Lomas

    "Oh, honey bear, I’ve had a motorized surf board installed at home too. You can park your walker on there and zip straight through to the kitchen."

    SimonStuart – LOL! I wish she would ride the waves all the way to Honolulu.

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    i’m kind of fascinated about how …bizarre… that woman is.

    i mean, is she she a brilliant actress playing a bad actress playing a dimwit?

    or is she a bad actress playing a dimwit?

    or is she a dimwit?

    granted, i have only seen a few episodes (while ABC was all repeats), but it really had a hypnotic effect.

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    Darren, I wish Brad would get a clue and fix this mess of a show before the ratings go down even lower than they are. I use to love B&B, but now it is becoming the joke of the Bell dynasty. Brad work with his parents on this show and know how to make a good soap, but wtf happen to turn it into one on the most nastiest, character destructed soap on air and that’s saying something. The way that Brooke is being destroyed to move a plot to Ridge thinking he is god, to bringing in stunt casting and not using them to incestuous relationships is beyond me. I hoping for a change that Y&R did and make the show watchable again, but I afraid that it will never happen. If I was running the soap, I would do some things to make people tune back in again.

    1. Play the Stephanie/Brooke freud. I know that these two should move on from this, but I feel with Rick being indirectly involve with the Phoebe tragedy and getting involve with Steffy(ewww.), I would play that feud again and bring the best out of KKL and Susan. I would make Brooke see why she is still being obsess with being married to Ridge the pig and let her have a mid-life crisis and decided to move on from the destructed relationship with men. I would also have Brooke defend Rick and not throw him under the bus for the Forresters and Stephanie and get in Stephanie’s face and battle her for messing with her son.

    2. Get rid of useless characters like Donna, Katie, and the Logans because no one likes them and they are eating up airtime and that airtime can be use for someone the fans like.

    3. Redeem Nick Marone or just have him ship off the sunset. This man-ho is not becoming of Nick and is ruining any chance of fan love for Nick.

    4. Let Bridge and Owen be a fun, flirty couple. I know that any relationship Budge has is a wreck, but this time make Bridget a smart woman who wants to have fun instead of every guy she is with she has to be tied down to.

    5. Bring some happiness to Stephanie and let her leave Eric once and for all. I am so sick of Stephanie grovel for that old geezer’s to take her back.

    6. Stop with the incestuous couples.

    7. Bring some new blood for Taylor, Brooke and Felicia.

    8. Do anything to bring back Deacon to stir up trouble for the Forresters clan.

    9. Do more fashion shows This is what the show is about: fashion and the industry.

    10. Let Ridge be with someone new.

    11. Get rid of Kay Alden and bring someone else who can write the show.


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    Also, I would have Felicia battling with Rick to be President of FC. It would be a great treat if LK and KL would go at it over the family business. Felicia should be the center of her family’s company and they should be battle lines drawn and bring the whole family into it.


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    J Bernard Jones

    Beauty and the Beast

    Eric, as old as time
    True as it can be
    Donna has no friends
    Then some body bends,
    Very creakily…

    Her abs can bounce change
    Eric’s “small, to say the least.”
    We’re a little scared
    We were not prepared
    Beauty and the beast

    Donna’s just the same
    Dumb as a cream pie
    Ever as before
    Dimwitted and a bore
    As the sun will rise

    Eric’s as old as time
    Tooth has grown quite long
    “Honey bear,” that’s strange
    A channel we might change
    Brad Bell, you were wrong
    We’re certain as the sun
    Rising in the east

    Eric’s as old as time
    8PM’s past his bed time
    Beauty and the beast

    Donna thinks ‘it’ is nine,
    Too slow to know it’s only five
    Beauty and the beast

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    At this point who cares if this show gets better w/ all the hilarious material it’s providing for everyone!:D


    Pushing Daisies – You will always be in my heart!

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    The show is a hot mess, I stopped watching after Taylor found out Brooke was the egg donor and the 1,000th pairing of Ridge and Brooke. Nick is a Man-ho and Bridget is a doormat. Donna, being Mrs. Eric Forrester is not worth it..ewwww.

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    B&B did campiness and funny s/l back in the day, but is wasn’t that bad when you got the whole family sleeping together. It is a incestuous show and I am with Jamey, they need to wipe the show clean and start over.


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