Here Come the Brides

Here come the brides, here come the brides. In an interview with All My Children’s Eden Riegel and Tamara Braun talk about their character’s storyline and engagement.  

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    That was a cute interview. You can see the friendship they have formed on-screen. They had natural chemistry from the beginning!

    Nelson is right…the return of Eden and the addition of Tamara Braun are the reason AMC saw an increse in ratings. Both TB and ER are big favorites of mine and they were the reason I tuned back into AMC after many years. Honestly, AMC should count their blessings because if it weren’t for thise two I would not be sticking around to watch that hot mess of a show! If they are smart they would fire some of their hair models, *cough* Natalia, Randi, Colby *cough* and give both of them a contract!

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    “sizzling sex scenes”?!?!?

    not that ive seen…maybe a smooch or two here & there…but mostly its just friendly supportive hugs!

    but thats not the point….the point is, if REESE chooses the pole nstead of the hole, then how groundbreaking is this storyline anyway??!

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    :) Love Tamara and Eden. If they decide to leave after their 4mth contract is up so am I. I can’t stand the show right now besides their storyline and parts of Amanda’s.

    AMC can thank TAMARA BRAUN for cementing a spot on my DVR again!!

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