Is There Hope For Romance On B&B In 2009?

I’m entering 2009 with a sense of dread when it comes to The Bold and the Beautiful. I’m scratching my head, trying to remember if there has ever been such an unappealing set of couples onscreen at once.

Deric (AKA Deriactric)

Donna and Eric: Their recent scenes aboard “Honey Bear Airlines” featured scantily clad Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and randy old goat Eric (John McCook) reuniting and joining the mile high club. Aside from the sexy stewardess routine, another highlight of their “romance” was Donna dressing up as a cat, crawling across the floor and purring at Eric. If this silliness continues, it’s only a matter of time before she starts lapping up milk from a bowl whilst he pets her. Brooke-lite and her honey bear are simply revolting.


Brooke and Ridge: B&B’s most enduring “love story” has as many detractors as it does fans. A lot of us are tired of the never-ending obstacles and two-way waffling. Apparently, Ridge now knows “it was always Brooke”, but some of us can still remember his history with Caroline and Taylor. Brooke was the interloper from day one, they weren’t the eternal star-crossed lovers they’re now portrayed as. I don’t think Juliet married Romeo’s father, brother and half-brother, did she? Maybe Shakespeare left that bit out.

Aside from that, wasn’t Ridge an egomaniacal pig to both Taylor and Brooke – who wants him coupled with either one? The “sexy” sushi dinner Brooke and Ridge shared had many viewers gagging, and B&B was yet again parodied on The Soup.

Reffy (AKA Sick)

Steffy and Rick: One of the major storylines playing out at the moment is Rick and Ridge fighting over Forrester Creations. Eric sees both of them as his sons, and they both call him “dad”. The fact is that they were both raised as Eric’s sons, so Steffy is effectively Rick’s niece. Only the “reveal” that Massimo was Ridge’s biological father gives the writers any excuse for going down this path. Coming hot on the heels of Rick’s engagement to Steffy’s mother, and before that trying to bed her twin… it’s gross. Gross, gross, gross.

As for Steffy and Marcus – they have no chemistry, they’re boring, but at least they aren’t borderline incest. Steffy’s stuck between a rock and a hard place (well, a dumbass and a horny uncle. Ew).

Kick (AKA Kacky)

Katie and Nick: Katie and Nick bonded over pistachios, scotch and Nerf ball, before having an illicit off-screen shag. The terminal trollop swiftly regained her health and when news of their beachside boink came out, Nick’s marriage to Bridget was over. Despite the fact she was shot, lost a brother, had a heart-transplant, started to reject the heart, got pregnant and had a miscarriage (the ongoing Perlis of Katiekins), she still didn’t secure viewer sympathy. It probably did look like a win-win situation on paper: Heather Tom, Jack Wagner, high-drama – what could go wrong? They’re dull, dreadfully dull, with no soapy passion between them.

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    Steffy and Rick proves that Bell has learned NOTHING from the Rick/Phoebe pairing and just isn’t listen to the fans.
    This once again (almost) incest makes me sick to my stomach. It’s like this show has just to be gross.

    I mean look at the pairings: Donna is married to her sister’s ex-husband who also was involved with their mother and has two children with Brooke.

    Brooke and Ridge … no comment. We all know it’s destiny. :sick: :sick: :sick:

    Kacky is a relationship without chemistry, not to mention that Nick was married to Katie’s sister (but which male on that show wasn’t ;) ) and Katie’s niece. Can’t they just stop that.
    Do it once in like two years to have family drama it’s good to sleep with the ex for your sister, but B&B does that on it’s own sick ways several times over the year.

    Only question who is left for me: when is Hope grown enough so that Thomas can come back and sleep with her adoptive half-sister, while Taylor is trying to find happiness with R.J., in which she sees her great love Ridge… :sick: :(

    So … no love for B&B in 2009?

    Maybe if the pair Owen with Felicia or Bridget, but all the others … only a reason to stay away.

  2. Profile photo of Scout

    I think this is only soap who needs MORE characters with NO TIES whatsoever to the existing canvas. It is neither bold nor beautiful to schtup members of your own family. These people aren’t sophisticated — they’re INBRED HILLBILLIES! :sick:

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    B&B has simultaneously too many/not enough characters. Everyone’s related. Kyle Lowder needs a strong (and age-appropriate) actress as his partner, and there simply isn’t one on the show. His only options are Steffy or Jackie Maroni! Same with Leslie Kay, since they refuse to put her with Brandon Beemer. This is the one show with too many core family characters in play.

  4. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Get rid of Donna and Katie. That will leave the way with bringing in two new characters with no ties to the canvas to hook up with Felicia or Taylor. This show is becoming a bad joke, it is not even remotely funny anymore.


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    What this show needs is Owen and Bridget. Those two could be amazing together. Just the thought of Felicia and Owen makes me want to hit fast foreword. I really can’t stand that whiney character. And what is with that horrible shot of her in the new opening?
    RIck and Steffy are the worst storyline I’ve ever seen on this show. B&B is in a tough place because they have Marcus who they can’t do anything with, yet Bloom is enforcing this ethnic canvas so it’s about time they find something for him to do!

    This show needs to get into a fashion war with Jackie M. Make her a cougar! And I am still waiting for Brooke and Ridge to have sex on that runway, she’ll do it anywhere! It’s called ratings!!

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    I don’t think Juliet married Romeo’s father, brother and half-brother, did she? Maybe Shakespeare left that bit out.


    I think this is only soap who needs MORE characters with NO TIES whatsoever to the existing canvas. It is neither bold nor beautiful to schtup members of your own family. These people aren’t sophisticated — they’re INBRED HILLBILLIES!



    Pushing Daisies – You will always be in my heart!

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    Felicia and SOMEBODY, please?!!! Owen and her would be hot and scandalous. Why won’t Brad Bell give an Emmy award winning actress the proper front burner story she deserves and can handle and that fans will go ga-ga over. Are they just resting on the fact that the show does so well overseas? Well, from what I understand, the international versions are a couple of years behind so they have some time before the crap that is currently on-screen here to show up there and then what, Brad? If he thinks it’s only Americans who are tired of the constant re-hashing of the Ridge/Brooke/Nick/Stephanie/Taylor show, then he is one step away from being as clueless as Ken Corday is about the state of DOOL. The show is being drained of all of it’s heart and soul. This show, more then anything, needs good long-term story writing that fuses many stories under one main umbrella story. The fact that it is a half-hour is no excuse when you have Claire Labine’s stunning “Ryan’s Hope” as an example of a show that revolved around 2 main families, the Ryans and the Coleridges but without repetition, incest or complete idiocy. Yes, it had it’s strange, kooky, messy story lines but overall it’s 20 year (or so) history, it was straight up great, relationship and character-driven, dramatic soap. The non-related characters all had driven purposes that you could tell were carefully plotted and used whether it was for 3 months, 6 months, a year or more if the character caught on and became popular. The main story fed the sub-stories and everything was tied together beautifully. B&B used to know how to do this but the last several years, it’s been a sinking ship of poorly plotted, written by the seat of their pants, monotonous storytelling not fit for the sewer rats. I am so up in arms with what once used to be the most glamorous, cutting edge yet old fashioned, dueling divas and soul couples galore daytime drama. Now, it’s on in the daytime still but there is not much drama going on. They need to re-group, re-evaluate the canvas and start making major changes or I for one am going to change the channel and move on to something else because I need 4 soaps a week. B&B is making GH look like an episode of “Prime Suspect,” the BBC’s masterful Helen Mirren-starring crime show. BTW: getting back from St. Bart’s tomorrow, not that any of you know me well enough to even care but I like to share, talk and you guessed it, post comments. LOL!

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    Kingtv, thank you for that insightful post about what is wrong with B&B. I am with you 200% that the show is becoming a joke, right next to DAys, of being awful with s/ls, writing and acting for the show. I am so sick of the incestuous relationships that I just turn the channel when the show come on. Brad Bell should be ashamed of himself for the crap that he put his actors and fans through. His sister in law is writing better material than she is and she is married into the family and I just feel like he just don’t care about the fans, anymore.


  9. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Wow Darren, your post made me realize that there is *literally* not one couple I’m rooting for on B&B :(

    At the beginning of 2008 my New Years Soap Wish was for Stephanie to have a real romance, and yet again that’s my wish for 2009!

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    Darren Lomas

    Daisy, the f**king goddess herself! I think the couples on B&B are a joke right now, and it’s not like they’re doing loads of non-couple oriented stories. What’s to watch? :(

  11. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Darren, this is terrible, but I think I watch just so I can laugh. Actually that’s not fair…my #1 reason for watching B&B is Susan Flannery (now *there’s* a f**king goddess, lol!) But other than SF, there’s not much about B&B that I like right now :(

    So Darren, if you were running things at B&B, which pairings would you go with?

  12. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I like your pairings Darren! And I agree that Taylor should never have given up her kid. I missed most of the Taylor/Rick pairing, so I should probably go and check out some YouTube clips of them :)

    I’ve never liked Donna or Katie. Even when they were writing Katie as the “moral” one in the beginning, she got on my nerves. I would have dumped them both and kept Storm.

    How about our beloved Ridge?? Or would you prefer to see him all alone w/ only his giant ego to keep him company? :)

  13. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    Okay, Daisy… here goes – I would never have broken up Taylor/Rick, nor had her give up her kid. Jackie/Eric would be more believable than Deriatric. Bridget/new man (or possibly Owen if Dumbo Donna isn’t involved, maybe a triangle with Felicia)… my biggest thing would be getting rid of Donna/Katie and bringing on at least one new man to mix things up – it’s WAY too incestuous.

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    Darren Lomas

    Oh, I edited the last comment, and now the order has gone skewiff… oh well. Thanks Daisy and SimonStuart. Donna’s breasts need to explode and she needs to take out Katie with an implant to the head (I think Season came up with the exploding silicon, so I can’t claim ownership of that idea).

    Ridge has basically been looking at himself in the mirror for 21 years and frankly that is bad TV. He can go jump off the Malibu cliff he likes posing on (with a moody stare).

  15. Profile photo of season1217

    I don’t think it was me that came up w/ the exploding silicon. I think it was Jamey. I vaguely remember him writing about a toxic spill of silicon and you wrote about Katie falling and remembering that she was Victoria Newman. LOL!


    Pushing Daisies – You will always be in my heart!

  16. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Woah, Brad, it is great that mother and son are going through the whole family, thats what people want to see. I don’t know who is crazier, Pam or us fans for still watching this crap on a show. Brad should have some shame, but he doesn’t know what shame is.


  17. Profile photo of unlimitedjason

    As long as Brandon Beemer’s on my screen, I don’t really care who Owen is paired with. Though I think Owen and Felicia could set up the next gen of the show– our fab four are not going to live forever.

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