One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl Are Back!

One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl return tonight and I can’t wait. Check out the One Tree Hill promo (Why is it that OTH promos always end up looking like a trailer for I Know What You Did Last Summer or Scream?) or take a peek at the Gossip Girl promo here.

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    I totally hear you regan. ALthough the capital one bowl was more important to me.

    On a side note, I know that the character of blair’s mom Eleanor Waldorf on GG was played by two different actresses. But I had a hard time remembering who the first one was since she was only in the first few episodes. I rewatched the pilot yesterday and it was none other than Florencia Lozano (Tea Delgado). Although I like the actress who plays blair’s mom now. Watching Lozano, I felt like GG should have kept her. Seeing Tea on One Life again just confirms that she fits as a scheming mother to blair waldorf and that’s how she played her. The new actress just plays a work obsessed mother. Comparing them, I think Florencia Lozano should have stayed in the role. Just a thought, but I can’t wait for these eps tonight,

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