AMC Promo: Is the Wedding Off?

Check out the latest All My Children promo in which Bianca (Eden Riegel) isn’t taking any bull from Reese (Tamara Braun) and Reese asks dramatically "Is the wedding off?"

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    I have to say, the Bianca/Zach/Reese stuff has provided me with lots of laughs lately – it’s so unintentionally funny. From Zach making out with Reese’s cheek the other day, to the ridiculous slow mo w/ porno music Reese stuff yesterday, LOL!

    I hope they do go through with the wedding, just so I can see the Kiss the Bride moment between Zach and Reese. I can just picture it:
    Zach grabs Reese and kisses her passionately.
    Bianca, mouth agape and wide eyed: Guys what are you doing??
    Reese: What?


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    I hope Bianca does call the wedding off. She keeps picking up on all Zach/Reese stuff but then backs off and ignores her instincts as soon as Reese denies any of her suspicians. She doesn’t trust Reese, and with good reason IMHO, so she shouldn’t go ahead with this wedding. If Bianca and Reese break up I want Binks to to do the dumping. Pratt has done such a good job with this groundbreaking storyline hasn’t he? He’s done such a bad job of writing for them that even non homophobic peope don’t want to see the wedding happen. What a great presentation of gay marriage.

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    I have no idea Season, but it was HILARIOUS!! Poor Thorsten Kaye, I can just imagine his instructions for the scene: “Okay, you have to kiss her but it can’t be an obviously romantic kiss because that would be messed up, but it can’t be just a simple peck either. Make it suggestive, but not too suggestive. Okay and.. Action!”

    I’m sure Thorsten was like WTF?! And just decided to maul her cheek, LOL!!

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    I’d love to be a fly on the wall in Thorsten and Susan’s house. So how was your day, honey? I coerced my rapist to jump off a building and you. Oh nothing. Just molested the side of a lesbian’s face.


    Pushing Daisies – You will always be in my heart!

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    Good one Season. :claps:

    This storyline could have been really good if the role of “good friend” to Zach had been Bianca instead of Reese. Maybe it’s just me but I would have figured Zach to lean on Bianca more seeing as how she is Kendall’s sister and mother to his daughter. I could be writing this storyline so much better.

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