Primetime Spoiler Round Up!

Primetime Spoiler Round-Up… Sorry this has been MIA but with shows going on a winter hiatus of sorts, there wasn’t much to dish on. Now that our favorites are returning with all new episodes, here’s a Round-Up!

The gossip on Gossip Girl So much going on in the lives of the rich and famous. Georgina is making her return to the Upper East Side and it looks like Ms. Sparks will be back for a handful of episodes towards the end of the season. Will Lily and Rufus kiss and make up? Not sure on that one but Lily will be the victim of an attack. Who’s her assailant? Someone she MAY know. Luke asked our opinion of Uncle Jack. He’s surely pretty to look at but are we fans of the newest Bass to enter our GG orbit? You’ll have more time to judge as Uncle Jack will be around when Bart’s will is read. What about Rufus’ quest to find the son he never knew about? Dan knows something is not right with dear old dad and after some digging, he finds out just what Rufus is hiding.

Speaking of adopted sons… What’s happening on the West Coast? 90210 returns tonight! There’s not much dirt out there on the kids of West Bev but there is a newbie coming and according to reports his name is Liam and he’s for Naomi. But let’s talk about Harry’s son; he’ll take a paternity test to prove he’s who he claims to be. Remember, we already mentioned this MAY not be Harry’s kid. Enough of the new kids? Want more about Kelly and Brenda? The ladies are back to their usual cat fighting ways and Adriana reaches out to Brenda to help her through a support group. Why would Brenda turn her down? Something is definitely up with Brenda Walsh.

Grey’s Anatomy also returns this week with Eric Stoltz as a serial killer needing medical treatment after he is beaten in prison. A new pediatric surgeon joins the staff at Seattle Grace. McDreamy’s Momma is making a visit to Seattle. Will she approve of Meredith? Cristina is going on a date with Major McHottie.

The One Tree Hill gang is up to their old tricks. Brooke will date Julian; Lucas’ movie producer and Peyton’s ex. Millie confides in Brooke about her tryst with Owen.

GREEK! The Cyprus Rhodes kids are back in school! New episodes will start airing on March 25th. We’ll see how Rusty spent his summer as a camp counselor and Casey is finishing up her internship with the congresswoman. How will Ashleigh handle the sisters leaving for Frannie’s new house? Remember how the sisters at ZBZ hated Lizzi (Senta Moses who now is on General Hospital as Winifred) watching their every move? How will the onetime ZBZ’s, now Alpha Omega’s, like a 70 year old house mother?

Is Violet pregnant on Private Practice? It looks like the shrink is with child but who’s the daddy? Pete or someone else?

Don’t let the lights go out on Friday Night Lights!
This is by far my favorite show on TV and it returns to NBC on Friday, January 16, 2009. Plenty of time for those of you who haven’t seen FNL to buy the DVD’s or catch up online. Seasons one and two are shorter than most primetime seasons so like I said, plenty of time to catch up. Season one is incredible, season two was great and what I have seen so far of season three is hands down the best thing on TV! This show is about so much more than football.

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    Wow, where did you got that amazing “Gossip Girl” image, Regan? Looks stunning! I only saw that one with part of the cover from the New York magazine on it…

    I’m so excited about Georgina’s return! I love the role and I even like Michelle Trachtenberg, after I hated her on “Buffy”.

  2. Profile photo of Jorpa

    I realize that Dirty Sexy Money and Pushing Daisies have been/will be cancelled. Is there any word out if there will be any more episodes or is this it?

    I don’t think I’ll start watching any new shows coming out cos I don’t want to get invested in a show that will be pulled shortly after starting.

  3. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Jorpa thats been my mantra for years – I am still waiting on satisfying endings for Reunion, the Nine, Daybreak, Point Pleasant….hmmm maybe my viewing is the kiss of death. I promise to stay away from anything that looks good just in case LOL

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    Regan Cellura

    Have you seen any of Season Three yet podcastjunkie? It’s the best season yet! I can’t say it enough, FNL is great TV, the best out there when it comes to a drama that tells compelling, realistic and relevant stories. Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler get no love from the Globes or Emmys, the show itself has been overlooked for too long. Every journalist/reviewer out there sings it’s praises and here’s a soap connection: Janine Turner joined the cast for Season Three. She played Laura Templeton on General Hospital.

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    Regan Cellura


    Ugly Betty didn’t make the original cut but here’s some gossip on the peeps at MODE. Marc is getting a new roomie. Someone who is already on the canvas. Ignacio MAY be having a heart attack.

    Pushing Daisies Update… will we see anymore? According to Brian Fuller via Michael Ausiello, tonight’s episode has been dropped from the line up.

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    Regan Cellura

    Even MORE SCOOP… Eric Stoltz is making the media rounds for his arc on Grey’s. Apparently his serial killer character is causing troubles for Meredith and McDreamy.

    TV Guide has more on Pushing Daisies… I know Season is a disgruntled fan and although tonight’s episode has been pulled it may be to air a series ending marathon. According to the Guide, ABC is contractually obligated to air the remaining eps.

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    Glad you bought this back, Regan!! I’m hoping ABC finds a way to show the remaining DSM shows – I’m still upset that it got cancelled.

    90210 – Any word on if Lauren London is staying on? Loved the look on Tristan’s face when she so non-chanantly told him she had a girlfriend. Still, I think she has an agenda when it comes to Dixon and Silver is right to be worried. And I still think Naomi is the weak link – her acting is painful to watch…

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    Regan Cellura

    Correction on GREEK’s first day back to school…. TVGUIDE has the exclusive news on the ABC Family show. It will return on Monday, March 30th at 8pm. Don’t forget soap fans, Jesse McCartney aka JR Chandler to AMC Faithful has signed on as an incoming frosh. Ashleigh has her problems as the new prez as discussed above, but she will also have a new man this season.

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    I have the last 5 aired episodes of Pushing Daisies on my DVR and I can’t bring myself to watch them. It’s too painful! I still turn it on the television in my house and just go into a another room. I don’t have a Nielsen Box but I do it anyway on principle. Thanks for the update Regan.


    Pushing Daisies – You will always be in my heart!

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    Regan Cellura

    Not sure about Lauren London’s status. Did she only tell Dix she has a girlfriend cause from what I’ve been reading, everyone is saying she’s actually bi-sexual. So you’re right Will, Silver should be worried.

    DSM… I haven’t seen anything about the remaining eps being pulled although it seems to not be on tonight.

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    Yeah i’ve been watching FNL on DirectTv Regan and did notice Janine Turner. They definitely are trying to play her as an older woman this season. (Didn’t know she was that old??)Anyhow yeah, a great season so far!

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