Daytime Confidential’s Female Entertainers of 2008

No. 10: Kirsten Storms – General Hospital

Not only is Kirsten Storms one of the best actresses in daytime, she’s also one half of the genre’s most enjoyable duos. It takes someone special to keep up with Bradford Anderson (Spinelli)’s wild energy and Storms definitely has what it takes. Maxie is the girl you love to hate, but at the same time can’t help but root for, and that’s all due to Storms’ incredible skills. In the hands of a lesser actress, Maxie could have come off as a vapid, shrill mean girl, but Storms manages with every scene to give this character tremendous heart. They’ve thrown everything at Maxie, from killing off her sister and moral compass Georgie (Lindze Letherman), to the death of one boyfriend after another, to becoming Spinelli’s very own mini mob moll, yet Storms delivers each time with the ease of a seasoned vet. Whether or not the Emmys make it to the airwaves in 2009, the name Kirsten Storms better be on the ballot.

No. 9: Melody Thomas Scott – The Young and the Restless

We already named Melody Thomas Scott our Most Improved Actor of 2008, but that qualification alone doesn’t do this woman justice. In 2008 she didn’t just improve, she broke out. We have never been more impressed with Thomas Scott than we have this past year. As Nikki Newman battled to save the man she’s always loved from himself, fell off the wagon, finally found a sense of dignity and independence and even embarked on a less toxic (re: one that doesn’t involve Victor) path to love again with teenage sweetheart Paul Williams (Doug Davidson), an actress we long thought of as merely a successful hair model became so much more. Welcome to the ballgame Mrs. Scott, we can’t wait to see what you do in 2009.

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    My former fave in the soap world, aka the current bloodbath that is GH, continues to blindly ignore the joy that is a mature actress like Jeanne Cooper, Erika Slezak or even their own “Anna” or “Monica”. In a landscape driven by their self-defeating “men are the only thing that can drive a story” attitude they deserve what they get which is people like me tuning out.

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    Susan Lucci brought back the Erica Kane we all know and love this year. She should have made the list.
    Glad to see Debbi Morgan though…God, that woman can act!

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    I know that it is hard putting together a list like this so I won’t criticize the choices, but where are the OLTL women? Bitchy Bangs, K. Alderson, Bree Williamson, Robin Stasser, Susan Haskell, Farah Fath, etc. Although I love Slezak, this was one year that the other women carried the show, especially when she was in “Africa”.

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    Yeah for Jeanne. No other working actress in daytime deserved this honor more. I fully agree. Finloa Hughes, as much loved as she is and as good as she was when she was on, did not drive any story, was basically a Robin talk-to except on “Night Shift 2″ and was used for less then a 1/4 of the year so landing the number 2 spot is a bit of a mystery to me, especially when you had Susan Haskell, Katherine Kelly Lang, Heather Tom or Deirdre Hall using all of their weight driving story all year. And in Deidre’s case, considering the circumstances and all the years she has put into DOOL and “Marlena” and the daytime industry, she deserved a spot up especially.

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    Hmmm. GH’s only representative is Kirsten Storms??? I think she is great and certainly deserves a spot BUT MEGAN WARD tops my list! Kate Howard survived Bensonhurst, Claudia the whore, being shot twice, getting engaged, limo sex, hypocritical back-stabbing cousin, and a wedding day debacle.

    Kimberly (Robin) – the baby, wedding. All good.

    dare I say, Carly (Laura Wright) – Michael’s shooting and all that went with that.

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    I Love Kirsten Storms on GH!!!!
    she is great , her work with BA is one of the reasons I Love GH!!

    PS- I agree with LuvSKate Laura Wright should be on the list also , her wirk withthe Michael shooting was gret!!

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    My two actresses that should have been on the list:

    Ok, were is Susan Haskell (Marty, OLTL) The whole Rapemance thing was deplorable but when Marty realized who Todd really was, she became a different Marty. And when Tea grilled her on the stand on the 12/19/08 eposode, her performance at the end when she broke down on the stand and moaned that she didn’t know, was worthy of a “Karren Woleck court scene” Award!

    And were is Kirsten Alderson (Starr, OLTL)!! This young lady who I have watched since she was a little girl gave the performance of her life over and over again this past year. She gave the realistic veiw of a pregnant teen. I hope she is nominated for a Daytime Emmy for younger actor and that she wins, because if the judging board bypasses her and give it to someone like Molly Burnett (Days) (I pray to the soap gods that it doesn’t happens, but given last years Daytime Emmy nomminations and how that went I can see something as stupid as that happening!), I can see the ghosts of soap oprea past coming to give the ultimate Daytime Armageddon. Kirsten has the talent to become a leading lady one day, and last year proved that she can take anything on. Ok, done with my soap box ranting! LOL!!

    Otherwise I love that Maxie, Vicki, Angie, Anna and Kay made the list.


    ***”You Only Have One Life To Live!”***

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    I am VERY suprised Susan Haskell is not on the list. She is right up there with Jeanne Cooper for best performance of the year (male or female).

    I loved her romantic heroine Marty, and her “hell hath no fury” Marty.

    Jeanne Cooper has been incredible this past year, it is due to her performance that I started watching Y & R. My heart breaks as I see her struggling to remember her past, and those that she loved. Her romance with Murphy is one of the best on any show right now. Take note networks honchos older people actually do have lives.

    I am in my early 30’s and love to see all age ranges represented on soaps.

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    great list guys!! love that kirsten storms is on here…she’s one of three reasons i’m sticking with gh (the other two are spinelli and scrubs)

    kinda wish susan haskell was here and kirsten alderson too. if they aren’t nominated for something this year, we’ll know its rigged. :)

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