Passions Star To Host Playboy TV’s “Show Us Your Wits”

Playboy Playmate and former Passions star Daphnee Duplaix has signed on to host Playboy TV’s new game show Show Us Your Wits according to Market Watch. Check out the overview of the show below.

When unsuspecting guys at a gentlemen’s club slip into the back room for a lap dance, they are surprised by the show’s beautiful host — Playboy Playmate Daphnee Duplaix, from NBC’s popular daytime drama Passions, who announces that they have been chosen as contestants on Playboy TV’s newest game show.

But with Show Us Your Wits, the surprises don’t stop there. The contestants soon find themselves struggling to answer embarrassingly simple trivia questions when faced with the distracting activities of some of the world’s sexiest dancers. In the bonus round, contestants get the chance to double their winnings, but only if they’re able to ignore the double distraction of two girls at once.

"Viewers may be familiar with the surprise game show contestant concept from the Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab," said Todd Schwartz, vice president, programming, Playboy TV. "But on Show Us Your Wits, the contestants are given a very different ride."

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    Dumbed down Jeopardy where the contestants get peep shows and the parting gift is a blow job. If this isn’t further evidence that society has gone straight to hell then I don’t know what is!


    Pushing Daisies – You will always be in my heart!

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    Excuse me Jamey, but Passions WAS a popular soap, particularly with young people. Neilsen ratings don’t reflect that, but it was always #1 in the teen demos, and it brought a ton of new subscribers to DirecTV. And don’t forget Hidden Passions spent a number of weeks on the New York Times bestsellers list.


    1) It’s nice to see some Passions coverage on DC! RIP Passions, my favourite soap of all time!

    2) Funny that Daphnee is the host of a Playboy show when she played an intersex man on Passions!

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    “She played Valarie, who later turned out to be Vincent Crane in disguise -.-.

    I like to forget she existed lol.”

    She looks quite different than she did on the show.

    A pair of ears may do that to you….

    aka Peter
    Vote with your Remote!

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