Does Neil Have a Chance Against Victor?

In most cases, The Young and the Restless’s Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) comes out on top after the dust settles. Today, I saw a glimmer of hope that there was finally some pushback from the faithful, long suffering, always a bridesmaid Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John). DC’s own Jamey Giddens stopped the negativity train regarding Y&R because it was always fixed before he could get an argument off the ground. Here’s hoping another ill is remedied and that Neil is finally going to stand up for himself outside of his apartment. Neil is ripe for a storyline and I’m all in favor of one that involves him fighting the Newmans for what he feels is rightfully his. I have no doubt that Emmy winner St. John has the chops to butt heads with Braeden. 

Does Neil Have a Chance Against Victor?

  • No. It would be suicide for Neil to fight for his spot at Newman. (41%, 105 Votes)
  • Yes. Neil is a strong man and can give Victor a run for his money. (59%, 153 Votes)

Total Voters: 258


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  1. Profile photo of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington

    I voted for Victor because “Victor Newman never loses”, if he did my Jackie would have at least won once, but anyhoo I look forward to Neil stepping up and at least smacking down the stupid and spoiled Newman brats who are barely educated but get to be CEO instead of him.

  2. Profile photo of luverica

    The fact that Victor never, or very rarely, loses is all the more reasons that Maria and Co. need to let Neil score some points. I’m really enjoying Y&R these days but the thing that eventually pushes me away is this Victor always wins crap. In my opinion, it’s boring storytelling.

  3. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Damnit Mike why’d you have to do this?! *LOL* I’m a bit conflicted. Now I’d usually say, “HELLS NO! Neil going against Victor is career suicide!” Victor can torpedo his own kin, so crushing Neil would be nothing. At the same time though… Neil has always shown some loyalty towards Victor and NE. He’s learned at the feet of the master and while Victor was gone we really don’t know what type of contacts Neil has garnered and has before Victor left…. I’d say Neil would give Victor a tad bit competition until Victor decided to do right by him like he always does.

  4. Profile photo of Lunarspark

    Well it’s possible Victor will just give Neil a position of authority over the Newman children. If he does, that could spark a great new conflict between Nick and Vikki vs. Neil in their battle for NE supremacy, with Victor having to mediate the whole thing. However, in my time watching the show, I’ve seen that Neil always stands up to Victor when he doesn’t agree and the two have mutual respect for each other and, not to mention, a great friendship. It would really be out of character for Neil to leave Newman and abandon Victor.

  5. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    It’s suicide for Neil, but I would love to see him getting up against Victor. He’s Victor’s bitch for a longtime and he doesn’t get anything out of it in the end.

  6. Profile photo of season1217

    I would love it if the Black Knight was taken down by the literal Black Knight! I’m tired of Neil in the Mammy role. Stop the segregation! If we can drink from the same water fountain than blacks and whites can be written in the same s/l for the love of Pete!


    Pushing Daisies – You will always be in my heart!

  7. Profile photo of timepass

    Neil is not going after Victor per say, he is telling him either you value me as an employee, either you do not. If you do, here are my conditions!

    I am one who in the past called Neil a brown nose, especially when he was left in charge of Newman and called back Vicky, who barely left Jabot! The ick factor for me was trough the roof for me.

    Business wise, he was saying I am incapable of running Newman without a Newman on board!

    So if he has to answer to Vicky NOW, he only has himself to blame!

    At least, he made his position clear to Victor! Good for him!

    But other than building is own empire, he will always have to answer to other people, the ones who did it!

  8. Profile photo of MrsDee63

    Neil is strong enough to give Victor the challenge that he has never had before. Victor knows that if he loses Neil, he will have lost the best employee that any CEO could ever have. Neil is valuable to NE & Victor, I see Victor telling Neil that he won’t have to answer to anyone but him. Nick & Victoria never had a problem with Neil’s authority I don’t see them having one now.

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