Trevor St. John: “Comparing Carlivati to Higley Like Comparing Obama to Bush”

How do you sell a rapemance? We’re still asking ourselves that one, but the peeps over at One Life to Live managed to pull it off. Integral to that success has been the almost-too-good-for-daytime Trevor St. John (Todd).  I say almost, because at the current time, the show Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati are turning out five-days-a-week in lil’ ol lamented daytime is just as good as any in hour in primetime (better than some, 90210 anyone?). TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco talked with the one actor who has ensured that this blogger didn’t click off his TV five minutes after I started watching in 2004, long before Carlivati’s amazing keypad made the soap appointment TV. 

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    Great interview. It’s rare to hear TSJ’s thoughts on things.

    I like his take on Todd. I know there are some that say TSJ will never be the “Real Todd” or doesn’t “Get Todd,” but I’ve never thought of it that way. TSJ makes a good point that Todd has lived his life without boundaries and is to some extent capable of anything, particularly when it comes to his manipulation of those he claims to love. I do admit that I hated Higley’s writing for him. He was written so one-dimensionally that I was afraid she was trying to turn him into just a vanilla leading man and that would have been such a waste of all of Todd’s creepiness and craziness. But I’ve liked most of what RC has done with the character even though he has taken a non-traditional route with him. Yeah, I liked the Todd/Marty story; I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I never thought it was any kind of romance. It was a riveting psychodrama to me.

    Anywho…thanks for the interview link!

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    Maybe I missed something but where in this article did he say he liked gang rape? I know he made some gaff at a fan event a while back that he apologized for, but he does not seem to be saying anything like that in this interview.

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    that was really well done, Nelson!

    its so interesting to read about how he approaches the role “open-ended”…for the first few years, his approach was just too cold for me…but i feel, when he looked in the mirror & saw the scar, & up on that roof, we saw deeper into the real TODD than ever before.

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    Courtney fan4life

    This so has to be one of the 10 signs of the apocalypse. LOL
    Then the world has come to and end cause I love tarty!! Chemistry, amazing acting, controversy, different, all things that make an amazing couple!

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    I don’t think anybody is a fan of Rape. That’s a horrible thing to be accused off. It’s like accusing someone of being a fan of Passions.

    Now that’s just sick!

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    Just because you like a fictional character or couple doesn’t mean you are a real world proponent of their conduct or even support what the characters/couple did in the piece of fiction. Michael Corleone from the Godfather is one of my all time favorite character but that hardly means I support mass murder and organized crime. It’s called distinguishing between fiction and reality.

    Courtney, I don’t like Todd and Marty as a legitimate couple at all but I think it is outrageous for someone to say that if you do that means you are somehow a proponent of rape. Good grief.

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    I don’t think anybody is a fan of Rape. That’s a horrible thing to be accused off. It’s like accusing someone of being a fan of Passions.
    Now that’s just sick!



    Pushing Daisies – You will always be in my heart!

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    What a cool article, and TSJ has such thoughtful things to say about this story and his character. No wonder he’s been so brilliant to watch onscreen the past few months.

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    Except for, you know, the fact that he RAPED her.

    Courntey fan4life is a fan of RAPE.

    That is uncalled for, especially when your screen name is that of a rapist, are you a fan of RAPE? would you like for me or a other member to say you were? how about we try and treat each other with a tiny bit of respect.

    A.K.A. ssjohn

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    Silly widdle Johnathon. I picked the Alistair screename back in 2000, YEARS before it was revealed that Alistair was a rapist. I’m not changing my online identity simply due to a development made YEARS after I’d already established my identity.

    Check and mate, kiddo!

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    Courtney fan4life

    Who said I was a fan of rape. Wow some people takes soaps to seriously. I like tarty that does not mean I condone the fact that he once raped her those years ago. I like Tarty and I am not ashamed. They have amazing chemistry and its good drama.

    So please grow up!

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    Allistair I don’t care if you think you have a “right” to treat people like dirt but I am NOT going to let you step all over J…. sorry NOT gunna happen. You need to leave him alone and learn a little thing about respect and you need to learn that other people can have their own OPINIONS and not agree with you. I am also a fan of Tarty, and I am in no way a fan of rape. I will kindly ask you to back off my friends and stop throwing nonsensical accusations.

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    Dear Dr.EvansBlack;

    If you followed posts closely, you’d see that Johnathon has been antagonizing me on DC and the forums for months now. So anything I dish out, he deserves. DO NOT tell me to leave him alone when it’s HE who has been harassing me for all this time.

    I have to question the stability of anyone who wants to see a rape victim paired with her rapist.

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    Getting back to the article… TSJ gave a great interview. I’ve had the pleasue of meeting him in person, and I’ve even been lucky enough to get to see them tape some scenes at the studio. TSJ is very quiet in real life, but he takes his character very seriously and asks many questions about his scenes and what a person would do IRL in the same situation. He is one of the most talented actors in the industry. He cares about his work and it shows.

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