Josh Duhamel and Fergie Get Hitched

Josh Duhamel and Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie are officially husband and wife. The couple said I do yesterday in a ceremony held in Malibu, with family and friends in attendance at the Church Estates Vineyards. The All My Children alum and the singer have been together since 2004 when they met on Duhamel’s now defunct show Las Vegas. This is the first marriage for the two.

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    I wish them luck and many years of happiness.

    It was nice reading the other day how they had a joint bachelor/bachelorette party together. My husband and I did the same thing and took our families to a baseball game instead of the usual stripper thing. (I still do not understand the fascination with strippers before one’s wedding.)

    I have always been a fan of Josh’s since his AMC days and Las Vegas days. I attended a Tonight Show taping he was on and he seemed like the nicest, down-to-Earth guy.

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    Nope. NOBODY from AMC was invited. So much for Josh not “disrespecting” his former friends from the soap world. He’s obviously playing in a much bigger sandbox now and left his old pals in the smaller sandbox without looking back. I guess I’m really not that surprised about it. Everyone that goes to Hollywood caves to the “status quo” eventually. I somehow thought Josh was the exception. Unfortunately, to my dismay, he is not.

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