Ann Coulter Gets Served By “The View” Ladies

We all know Ann Coulter’s routine is to stir up controversy in order to sell books. Everyone knows bad publicity is good publicity, if someone’s talking about you then you must be doing something right. Ann did that and got more than what she bargained for today when, she made her rounds to promote her book and stopped by The View.  Watch the clip as those ladies of The View all come together and just check’s Ms. Coulter on her latest firestorm she’s created. I love how Sherri goes out swinging for her Babs and Whoopi… Well ya’ll know Ms. G don’t play that!

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    Jillian Bowe

    Exactly.. Either Ann’s a whining victim or she’s not like those she speaks about in her book. Loved when Ann mentioned single mothers in hollywood and Whoopi just looked like she forgot she was on TV and was about to throw it DOWN on her ass!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Ann Coulter is a plague. The fact that she is always spouting about being a Christian is laughable. She is a modern day Pharisee who needs to go out and hump her hind legs against a water hydrant so she can relax and stop hating everyone else for getting laid.

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    Restless Fan

    Jamey you crack me up!

    I blame the media for continuing to enlighten this hag and her negative views. There are few people I truly dislike and she’s at the top of the list. A truly disgusting individual.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Jamey I knew I could count on you to drop it like it was hot on that two-bit heifer. She needs to take that stick up her flat you know what and try to be someone’s Mrs. Officer. I’ve always said Sherri’s the one on The View you need to watch. She’ll come out of nowhere and just sting you.. Whoopi… God I love that gal!

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    The Liberal Media created Ann Coulter because as Sherri calls them “her nuggets of truth” are discredited because the come wrapped in her lousy attitude and bombastic verbiage. I agree with every thing Sherri said, esp. the idea that AC always comes across as lacking compassion.

    That said, I dont know why Joy had to bring up Salin Palin’s daughter. This girl is a teenager struggling with a difficult situation. There is no need to trash her personally.

    Moreover, there is some truth to SOME of what Ann was trying to say, no matter how repugnantly she said it. I remember growing up where Charlie’s Angels not wearing a bra was SCANDALOUS. Now you see that and more on tv during the day. We had 4 kids in school that smoked pot and you knew who they were because they were pretty much avoided by everyone else. The music we listened to was for the most part pretty innocent or so full of euphemisms that until you got to a certain age, you pretty much had no idea what you were listening to. My point is that while there were opportunities to rebel, it wasnt as easy or as accepted as it is today. With two parents, its easier to be involved and aware because the load is split. There are usually more family resources and each parent brings their uniqe skill set to the table. That doesnt make single mothers bad or victims, but I think she was trying to make the point, as Dan Quayle tried to make decades ago, that we shouldnt glamorize or encourage single parents because being a single parent is not easy and its certainly a different proposition being a single mom pulling down a 7 figure income like Murphy Brown than in its to be a 20 year old girl making minimum wage.

    Some of what AC was trying to say had merit, its just unfortuate that she was the messenger.

    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Joy brought up Sarah Palin because what Ann is saying really doesn’t merit anything. Sarah’s complaining about the media portrayal of her when she’s not a liberal. It debunks Ann’s theory on liberals and the media. She mentions her daugher because she’s an unwed mother herself. So Ann can’t say one thing and then justify another in regards to single mothers.

    As for her being right, she isn’t in regards to biracials. Ann can’t speak for Alicia Keys, Barack Obama and Halle Berry. She’s nobody’s spokesperson and needs to quit while she’s ahead.

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    That woman makes me sick. I know the whole thing about how everyone is entitle to thier opinions, but when it comes to Ann that philosophy flies out the window IMO.

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    Ann Coulter is an uncivilized, publicity-seeking, unscrupulous person who has no acquaintance with the truth. It says something when Elizabeth Hasselback is NOT the most deranged person at the table!

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    Jillian, I guess I wasnt clear. I am NOT saying AC is right, I am saying that just because she is repugnant as a person it doesnt make everything she said wrong. The Halle Berry stuff, for example, made no sense.

    As for Sarah Palin, the topic was that the media glamorizes single parenthood when in reality its often hard on the children and, in turn, on society. AC was making the point that one of the biggest common denominators when it comes to criminal activity is coming from a single parent home. Whoopie to her credit was attempting to discuss the validity of that 70% figure – and honestly I dont know if that is from a legit source or not, but Joy was just trying to get in a dig at Sarah Palin — AT PALIN’S DAUGHTERs”S EXPENSE – and make the case that all single mothers arent liberals, which really wasnt the point at all. Ever since Rosie, Joy tries to be Rosie-esque and, as much as I didnt like Rosie, watching someone be Rosie-light (or the less humorous version of Rosie) is 10 times worse.

    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I feel sorry for Sarah’s daughter, but right wing extremists love to preach family values, so of course an unwed child of a Republican v.p. candidate is going to make news. It flies in the face of what Coulter and the like are always spouting. Sarah is married to her daughter’s father, why did she get pregnant out of wedlock? Will Sarah’s grandchild grow up to be a killer, runaway or social deviant? Did Sarah’s daughter do this just to be a celeb? Why should single mothers who happen to be Democrats be derided by the media for having children out of the oh-so sanctified bonds of wedlock (50 percent of marriages in the Church end in divorce just like secular ones), but the same can’t be done to Sarah Palin’s kid?

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    No one said that its an this equals that equation. She wasnt making the point that if you have a child out of wedlock the kid will definately grow up to be a deviant, and she certainly wasnt making the case that two parent homes are a guarantee that a child will turn out to be the picture of propriaty, just that it is more likely that problems will occur in single parents home because it is a far more difficult job to parent without a partner. On a societal level, it means that we should be careful not to glamorize or promote that as a norm. Lets put it this way, you are babysitting a 16 year old girl and her six year old brother for the weekend. Would you find the task easier or harder if you had a friend/partner/lover/spouse/neighbor to help you out? One of my best friends had a child out of wedlock – to this day she says she doesnt know how she would have made it if her parents hadnt helped her financially, with babysitting, and a million other things that did on her behalf. Not everyone has that support system and, without another adult, it becomes much more difficult. Its having two incomes or one parent being home full time while the other works, its one parent being good at math while the other one is good at geography, its one parent watching the front door while the other one keeps an eye on the back. Its having one parent that gives you a hug when you get your heart broken and the other parent to give the next guy the evil eye before you set one foot out the door.

    As for Palin, I think there is a big difference between talking about single parenthood in the abstract vs. calling out a teen by name. Thats not a conservative vs. liberal thing, thats a human being thing. And its worse when it really doesnt pertain to the discussion. Whoopie was trying desperately to have an intellectual debate. Sherri, Elizabeth and Barbara were trying to expose flaws in AC’s logic and question some of what she was saying. Joy was simply flapping her gums in a half-assed attempt to be relavent.

    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.

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    All Coulter needs is to get laid. Once she does get laid, she might be ok. However, nobody wants to do it. Not even if they are blind, or she has a paperbag over her head.

    And Karissa I do miss the day when her jaw was wired shut. Those were the days.

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    Wow, the View women all standing up for each other for once? Will wonders never cease! I’ve refused to watch since they my Rosie go, but if I *was* going to watch, it’d be for Whoppi. That is *awesome* amd I just love the way she tells it like it is!

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    As a child of a two parent home I can very well tell you that it is not as advantageous as you think it is. The biggest plus may be financially but then again that advantage can go out the door if the father is providing for the child. Most single mothers that I know have an extended support system grandparents, uncles and aunts so the child is not as lacking as one would think.

    In this time and age most parents are working long hours outside of the home single parent or not. Yet I will agree that it is harder to raise a child on your own it is not impossible

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    That was a hot mess. I watched it live and was enjoying the smack down until Joy changed the subject. Even today Joy was bitching that everyone was changing the subject on her, the queen of it. I dislike Joy and it’s time for her to go. I can’t believe she’s lasted the entire run, go away.

    I got off topic. I really hat AC, her books sell so well and she’s always on tv. That’s what she wants and she gets it. When she insulted Walters, man I really enjoyed the whole hot mess. I’m sure Frons wished that their was mud so those women cold fight it up and lather it up. Um, I’m sure some sick person ot there finds that attractive, lol. I would go blind seeing Joy that way.

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    Yep she’s single!!! Baby daddy didn’t even want to carry on a relationship with Palins daughter till the GOP forced him in the public eye. They tried for a shot gun wedding to make themselves look like the almighty party of good,but no wedding yet because baby daddy’s mother has been arrested on drug charges. Thank God Obama won & this bottom feeding garbage family will stay in alaska. As for Coulter I wish Whoopi would have thrown a SHOE at her!!!!

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    Anne Coulter has been laid at least once by Real time host and comedian Bill Maher…He laid the old pipe to her- then he announced it on his show what a lazy F@(k she was…she may have been lazy,but i bet she was loud…YUK!!!! Sorry to gross you all out with this fact but the SKANK has been laid.

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