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Here’s the Scoop! 01.12.08

It’s Natty Week! Natalia Livingston returns to General Hospital this week as a new character, Rebecca. I know I am not the only fan hoping that Rebecca turns out to be a very much alive Emily Quartermaine but so far, she’s just Rebecca who has something to do with this crisis about to hit GH. Rebecca MAY be sharing some time with other male residents of PC but Nikolas will be drawn to her and one RUMOR has her helping Nikolas save Nadine. What about Matt? Rebecca and Dr. Hunter share a scene and some are SPECULATING that they have a past.

Speaking of Nadine… Many fans are worried that Natalia’s return means Claire Coffee‘s exit. While it is most likely the end of Nikadine, it APPEARS Claire is safe, for now.

Sonny and Jason… It’s war between the former friends and partners. Sonny’s latest bride does not help matters. There is still a POSSIBILITY that when all the smoke clears, Sonny and Jason COULD be revealed to be working together.

Mrs. Corinthos better start watching her DVD’s somewhere else. First Carly walks in on her, then Carly and Sonny find one that she left laying around and the LATEST is that Kate also walks in on Claudia. Will Kate find out about Claudia’s part in Michael’s shooting? If she does, which secret will Kate spill? Dante or Michael?

More LuSam unraveling. Lucky and Sam argue this week. Most likely this is that drop from last week… maybe two weeks ago… the one where Lucky is upset that his girlfriend comes to the PCPD to help Spinelli.

Playing the Z’s or getting played? Sam will go to Anthony with a way to run his shipments through Jason’s territory without getting caught. Anthony is not a stupid man. Sam used to date Jason, she worked with him saving Jake and she’s dated a cop. To me, Anthony always seems to know what’s going on. Besides, isn’t Sonny the one in charge?

Hospital Crisis… Starts on Friday with Patrick re-telling the events. Then we SHOULD be going back in time to tell the tale of how it all happened. BUT, there MAY be some flash forwards thrown into the flash back.

What about Robin getting benched? The original information MAY have been a little off. Maybe the LATEST is incorrect. Who knows but here’s what we’ve got. Robin is set to be at the benefit in Michael’s name. RUMORS had her PPD affecting her medical judgment BUT the LATEST says Patrick is worried for Robin and Emma and sends them home.

Lulu… RUMORS have her needing surgery and Matt performing a risky procedure on her. Who gives him the OK? Nikolas. Tracy is SAID to be falling ill as well. Will she get word to Luke about Lulu before she does? Yes! Luke tells Johnny who busts into GH despite the lockdown.

Is Matt going to look bad? He’ll perform the procedure on Lulu despite the risks. He’ll be in competition with his big brother for hero status. He’s the doctor cutting into the infected patient that releases the biotoxin. So basically, Matt fails at being the number one doc on staff. RUMORS say the infected patient is a dock worker.

Elizabeth falls ill… Liason fans want to know if Jason knows she’s sick. He knows she’s at GH. It’s not clear if he’ll know the toxin has affected her. Elizabeth becoming sick SEEMS to be a LL2 story.

Is something happening that will upset Liason fans?
That’s a RUMOR out there. Could this be it? RUMOR has it that Carly falls ill. We’ve scooped that before. With both Carly and Elizabeth sick from the crisis/toxin, would Liason fans be upset if Jason broke into the hospital to see Carly and not Elizabeth?

Secrets and Death… That seems to be the theme of this "stunt." Trevor is a RUMORED casualty and these RUMORS say he dies with his jaw flapping and spilling secrets.

Lulu borrows cash from her cousin. Someone’s got to pay the rent. Ric confides in Claudia. Spencer Family time in the snow. Johnny lies to Claudia after making a deal with his new brother-in-law. Will Jax find out about Dante? Will Claudia? Is Alan appearing to Monica again? Robin tries to call Robert and Anna. Rebecca rents Robin’s apartment. Does the FBI need the very man they tried to take down?

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  1. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    Good Morning Regan, Well you did it again, now you had to show us Liason fans Liz’s tears . . . sniff, sniff (lol).

    Will Liason fans be upset, hell yeah, but if Jason doesn’t know Liz is sick in the first place then I guess we can’t get that upset. We should still get something out of Jason though, just knowing Liz is in the hospital and I think you said her kids may be too. Well, Guza writes what Guza wants and it doesn’t look like he gives a flying flip whether Jason and Liz ever see each other again.
    Heartbroken Liason Fan . . . SIGH

  2. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Elizabeth and Monica are in the operating room when the toxin is released. They will be together there but it seems that at some point, those infected will be moved to rooms and quarantined.

    Secrets… Trevor seems to have something to spill, Kate should be telling one of the two she knows, rumors had Elizabeth telling Monica about Jake.

  3. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    RUMOR has it that Jake and Cameron are in the hospital daycare. While the children’s (all the kids in the daycare)welfare is a cause for concern, there have been no reports of the children getting ill.

    Guza… I’m not usually one to defend him but the Liason break-up and JaSam reunion is all Frons.

  4. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    If the kids are in daycare., and Both Monica and Elizabeth are in danger JASON WILL SEE THEM FIRST!!
    He has to , even if Jasam are the plan , there still need to be conection between Jason and Elizabeth!
    Robin is Jason’s Ex but he still worry about her!!
    So do the TPTB wil change Jason for Jasam??

  5. Profile photo of liasonluvin

    Why does Sam think she can con man in PC?…who has she coned so Far? Jerry, we know how well that played out,she needs to concentrate on finding a job…what does she do anyway??

  6. Profile photo of Johnathon

    Am I the only one that will be annoyed if none of the kids get sick lol, I mean come on! Everyone else is going to catch the evil icky illness yet the kids are safe? Why? Guza put a bullet in lil Mike’s head is he scared Liason fans will kill him if he gives Jake a bad case of the sniffles?

    Anyways Thanks for your hard work Regan :)

    A.K.A. ssjohn

  7. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Well the toxin doesn’t cause the sniffles…. the RUMORS say it pretty much takes you out on contact. Now for the dramatic effect, I am sure it’s not in an instant but it SHOULD be more than a cold.

  8. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Guza doesn’t strike me as being afraid to hurt a child. I would imagine that having Jake come down with a killer illness would compromise Frons keeping Liz and Jason apart. Would Jason stay away if his son was ill? How could he concentrate on running around with Sam and not accomplishing anything?

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

    I hope with my fingers crossed that the next flavor of the month doesn’t have such a bad aftertaste.

  9. Profile photo of kgbmc

    It wouldn’t be any surprise Jason is more concerned about Carly than Elizabeth.

    The surprise would be if Jason actually had his priorities in order for a change. However, good writing would surprise me even more, as it has done this past week with Spixie or last month with Scrubs.

    To be honest, this sweeps/crisis may be the final straw for me as a fan and even Spixie may not be enough to keep me watching.

    It seems like TPTB can write for Scrubs, for Nik and Emily/Rebecca, for Lulu and Johnny, and even for Spixie.

    Why could they not have given the quad even a crumb of the stories as individuals, they did for other characters?

    GH is recycling, rehashing and going back two years to change a story that could not made work in the first place. Character development is the cornerstone of any show.

    They have destroyed these quad characters and now they want us to believe that Elizabeth will just go back to Lucky, Sam to Jason and let bygones be bygones.

    It is ridiculous and I am so angry that the only one of the quad who even has a chance of getting out is Jason, the guy who has the least priorities out of all four.

  10. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    I am so glad Nicotine is going to be over :)

    Regan are u finished torturing us (LIASONITES) with these pics.

    Guza/Frons is gonna have Jason walking around like he never had a baby or even slept with Liz


  11. Profile photo of samrocks

    Good morning everyone, and thanks Regan!

    What *two* secrets does Kate know? I can only recall the Dante secret?

    Also, any Spixie news? Friday broke my heart and made me love them even more at the same time…
    ***Winifred must go! (And take ShrewLu with you!)***

  12. Profile photo of samfan

    If you think the Sam fans are happy with the stupid storyline about Sam all of sudden liking to go after the bad guy…you’re wrong. It’s dumb, stupid, idiotic and ridiculous. I will support her character regardless of the writing because heaven knows, it’s been a lot worse…but, I’ll be glad when this crud angle will end. I’m certain that A.Z. won’t believe Sam is working for the “bad” guys, when she’s the D.A.’s daughter, a cop’s “sort of” girlfriend, an ex-girfriend of Jason and former pregnant friend of Sonny. Come on writers, you can do better than this. This is just crazy. The only success she’s had is getting Jake out of the explosion…other than that..she’s like “Denise the Menace”! Love her! Don’t really care who they pair her with. Love her scenes with Maxie, Alexis, Spinelli, Jason, Lucky, Liz…anyone actually. It’ll be fun to see her interact with Claudia. They’ll either hate each other or love each other.

  13. Profile photo of Johnathon

    It’s called decent writing lol, you make everyone think Jake has the ‘killer virus’ thingie and then he lives because he has some other bug thing lol.

    But the whole “How could Jason stay away” thing, well if his son is in the daycare how could he “stay away” ? Why not give the kid a illness for more dramatic effect.

    Also if Frons really wants to ruin Liason what better way then to have Jason not be there for LIZ and his own son? Then Liz can be furious when she gets all better and Liason will be over forever.

    A.K.A. ssjohn

  14. Profile photo of samrocks

    Heehee, Samfan, you called Sam a “former pregnant friend of Sonny.” ROTFL! I have a better one – how about “Former almost baby mama of the Sperminator?”
    ***Winifred must go! (And take ShrewLu with you!)***

  15. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Yes, they could do that John but they most likely won’t. GH typically doesn’t see the larger picture and they are the kings of missed opportunities.

    The other secret Kate knows… RUMORS have her learning that Claudia was involved in Michael’s shooting.

  16. Profile photo of Johnathon

    Lol I need to stop thinking on the big picture.

    “Okay what can we do for shock value this week? Kill off a Quartermain? AWESOME DO IT!, what should we do next week? Have the HIV positive woman knocked up and don’t teach the viewers anything? AMAZING, how about if we then just let the child be perfectly fine, that will really keep them viewers tuning in.”

    Lol I hate that these people can not actually think further ahead then two weeks….and two weeks actually seems like far ahead -.-

    A.K.A. ssjohn

  17. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I don’t think killing a child will erase the connection between the parents. Fans still remember the connection between Sam and Sonny.

    There is also a problem with using child actors during these stunts because of time constraints allowed for them working. That is most likely why they choose to put them in the daycare and not show them. Wasn’t Michael and Morgan in the hospital during the monkey flu problem? They were also left in the daycare.

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

    I hope with my fingers crossed that the next flavor of the month doesn’t have such a bad aftertaste.

  18. Profile photo of Johnathon

    So the safest place to be during any of these crazy virus / flu scares is in the daycare with the kids. I can see everyone rushing to volunteer to help the kiddies if it means no monkey flu lol.

    Also I don’t really want to ‘kill’ the kid unless its going to be a nice long story for the characters. If killing Jake means reuniting Liason threw the pain of losing a son, and then having Liz wind up expecting again but torturing herself because it was concived with Jason over Jakes death, and the fact that she won’t let another child be ruined by the MOB life, and possibly using that to get Jason out of the mob and usher Liason off into the Sunset then I would be happy lol.

    A.K.A. ssjohn

  19. Profile photo of samfan

    I have a huge feeling that Trevor is Johnny’s father. I’ll be surprised if that’s not one of the secrets Trevor has as he dies.

    BTW, the writers are superb at breaking up couples; it’s getting them together and making a real “love” connection that they screw up. The interim writers during the writers’ strike were good at the love stories. I vote for getting them back.

    I also think it would be neat to find out who the heck Sam’s father is. I vote for the FBI agent..Rayner. Could be fun.

  20. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    If Jake gets sick enough maybe it would require some sort of dna test. OHHHHHH now that would be good, just sick enough to expose that Jake and Cam are Ric’s bio kids.


    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.

  21. Profile photo of elbugten

    Okay, I get how Cam might be Ric’s but Jake? Liz and Ric haven’t even had a scene together in YEARS.

    The only s/l I’m caring about right now is Spixie. I can’t wait to tune in today to see what happens to them. Which means in the Murphy’s Law applied to GH scheme of things, they won’t be on. }:)

  22. Profile photo of samrocks

    EET, you had me until you named the father…Ric?!?! What are you drinking this fine Monday morning – and can I have some!?!?!

    I would actually feel sorry for Lizard if Ric was the father of either of her kids b/c you KNOW he wouldn’t choose the mob over them. Look how he fought so hard to try and get Molly away from Alexis – FF to present day and who does he work for? None other than ZaCrazy!

    Yuck…it seems that baby Emma is the only child in Port Charles without any blood ties to the mob. How sad.
    ***Winifred must go! (And take ShrewLu with you!)***

  23. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    Hell no do I want that twit to turn out to be Emily. EMILY IS DEAD!!!!!! We saw her die and she lied there for HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank goodness Nadine is safe. She deserves better than that asswhole Nik. Hes so obsessed with his dead wife anyway.

  24. Profile photo of roe0824

    Hi Regan, hope you and everyone else had a great weekend. Still haven’t watched GH in about a month now. I was thinking about checking out the crisis though and see how it sounds so much like the Metro Court explosion. Read your rumors and this is another reason why I don’t care for GH anymore(writters). You mentioned that Elizabeth is ill and Jason knows she’s in there but not sure if he comes to her rescue. Ok, correct me if I am wrong but Jason knows that his son and Cam are in daycare in the hospital and he knows that the woman he loves, the mother of his child is also in there, don’t you think he would do everything in his power to get to them? Even his mom is in there as well. I am sorry but Jason should be frantic like he was when Jake was kidnapped twice now and when Elizabeth was in the Metro Court crisis, he was also there to help her even when he didnt’ know that Jake was his son. Jason always saves Elizabeth so what makes this any differen? Oh wait, Frons, the idiot that is destroying a wonderful show and changing everything to not make sense and having the characters out of character.I truly believe that he does not watch what he writes.

  25. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Well Frons is the head of ABC Daytime, not a writer and that MAY be the problem. Just a hunch… let the writers write and you do whatever it is that you’re supposed to be doing Fronsy.

    Jake and Cameron are RUMORED to be in the daycare and Jason is only RUMORED to know that Elizabeth is there. I do not know if Jason knows Jake and Cam are there as well or that Elizabeth has fallen ill.

    BUT, roe does bring up an excellent point. In the past, relationship or not, Jason has always worried about Elizabeth and her safety. So I do agree that Jason not worrying about Elizabeth is way out of character for him.

  26. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    SCOOP… Jason and Lucky scenes? The boys are SUPPOSED to have words about Sam’s involvement in mob activities. IF all is correct, it SHOULD be at GH and in front of Elizabeth. According to these RUMORS, Liason do not speak. Once again we’re reminded that Sam saved Jake.

  27. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Welcome to another episode of character annihilation, this is what has kept me from GH up and until the Spixie fight.

    I hated some of the Sam scenes but it was ok because they made her less dependent in the end (well in the end before Frons)

    Now the possiblity of this Jason issue, I truly believe that if that occurs Liason fans are definitely going to suffer for more than 10 more years and it will only be a matter of time that Jake is DNA’d to be Lucky’s

  28. Profile photo of samrocks

    Now it is a sad day when even I (a devoted, longstanding, and loyal SuperSam fan) am tired of hearing about how Sam saved Jake! :O

    I guess it’s because Sam fans are going to be Sam fans no matter what, and those who hated Sam’s role in Jake’s first kidnapping will never forgive her no matter what…SO STOP SHOVING IT DOWN OUR THROATS ALREADY!!!! :sick:
    ***Winifred must go! (And take ShrewLu with you!)***

  29. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    Why would they even look at each other? They don’t know each other they have no connection with each other

    Someone should introduce Jason to Liz and her two little boys especially the little bond one that looks like him.



  30. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Hearing how Sam saved Jake may be repetative, but certainly no more so that all the times we were reminded, ad naseum that Sam WATCHED Jake get kidnapped (and lets not forget here that had Sam not been in the park Maureen STILL would have kidnapped him because Lizard wasnt watching.)

    As for Lizard always being Jason’s concern, he was concerned for her during the MC because he knew sonny was taking care of Carly and Sam had sucessfully made it out of the MC after her daring escape to warn the police. Yes, he was concerned for Lizard as a close friend, but she certainly wasnt his raison d’etre.

    Bozing in the morning? I wish I was, but thats not why I suggested ric. All it takes is one flashback. A dejected Ric sitting alone in his house knowing that Alexis is done with him. Lizard angry as hell that Ric would sleep with Jason’s woman. LiRic having a true knock-down dragout nasty as they come kind of argument with Ric breaking down at the end. In their exhaustion, he grabs her and starts to kiss on her. Begs her for one night – being with her as his absolution for all his misdeeds (remember at this point he was back to seeing her as Saint Liz) BOOM baby making occurs. We all know Lizard has a penchant for comfort sex and she hates to be alone – Lucky was in rehab, Jason was back with SoulMateSam – so……

    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.

  31. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    “Bozing in the morning? I wish I was, but thats not why I suggested ric. All it takes is one flashback. A dejected Ric sitting alone in his house knowing that Alexis is done with him. Lizard angry as hell that Ric would sleep with Jason’s woman. LiRic having a true knock-down dragout nasty as they come kind of argument with Ric breaking down at the end. In their exhaustion, he grabs her and starts to kiss on her. Begs her for one night – being with her as his absolution for all his misdeeds (remember at this point he was back to seeing her as Saint Liz) BOOM baby making occurs. We all know Lizard has a penchant for comfort sex and she hates to be alone – Lucky was in rehab, Jason was back with SoulMateSam – so…..”.

    This actually sounds good but, i hope this never ever ever happens

    Jake is Jason’s now and forever and Liz is his soulmate and Spam is the one that loves comfort sex with a little whisky on the side….LOL


  32. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Just watched tosday show


  33. Profile photo of jpp1975

    GH has gotten sooo ridiculous with the character amnesia. Seriously, I could so see them have Jason put Carly above Liz, his mother, AND his son. Heck, if we find out that Jake was conceived through parthenogenesis it wouldn’t surprise me, with all being sacrificed on the JaSam altar.

  34. Profile photo of KMRDaytime


    Given the current state of the “writing” at GH the only thing that gives me comfort is the brilliance it inspires in Mad’s Recaps. Have you read her? If not, please check out today’s opening. It is fantastic— At this point, her sharp wit is one of the few reasons I have for paying any attention to GH.

    (Yes, I am a bitter Liason fan.)

  35. Profile photo of samrocks

    Jpp, I’m a little upset with you for making me look a word up (parthenogenesis)!

    EET, it is scary how good you are at coming up with ways to make your fantasies become reality! To go back to the repetitive nature of the “Sam saved Jake” mantra – I think you made my point. I was speaking from personal experience when I said that fans’ opinions about certain characters is unlikely to change even if you bring it up on a daily basis. No matter how many times Sam’s “dastardly deeds” were thrown in her (my) face, my opinion and defense of her wasn’t going to change – and since I am certain that Lizard fans feel the same about their girl, I think TIIC should give it up.
    ***Winifred must go! (And take ShrewLu with you!)***

  36. Profile photo of

    This show just sucks! I am so dissapointed, and I have been watching since 1998. Today’s show was just awful. Can Liz and Sam just be strong women without always following a man around! Please. L&L2 BORING. Jasam BEEN THERE DONE THAT. I am a Liason fan, but at this point with the writing (or lack there of) I want them all four broken up and put with someone new. They have messed up these characters to the point that I fast forward through them to Carly! Can you believe that!?! The fact that Jake is Jason’s son should alone be enough that Liz would be wondering about Jason. The writing just doesn’t make sense with the past.

  37. Profile photo of piperbanne

    Thanks for the spoilers! It’s amazing how little has changed on GH. They just keep redoing the same stunts. I hope Robin’s issues are something else and not PPD. She, Mazie and Mac are the only reason’s I keep up with what is happening.
    To the Liason fans…Hold on tight because once Guza and/or Frons decide to rewrite history and have couples break off into separate hemisphere’s of the show, your scenes will be once in a blue moon. I am still waiting for my J&R (Jason & Robin) reunion, and their scenes together only became recurring 2 years after Kimberly returned.

  38. Profile photo of lowlo28020

    I don’t think Jason running to Carly first and foremost is odd for him. There is a connection there-most people are unable to grasp it, but it’s there. Carly has been the one constant in Jason’s life…everyone else seems to come and go, even Liz. And I’m sorry but just because she’s the mother of his baby doesn’t mean she’s his soulmate…parents split up all the time and people remarry (or whatever). The one thing I would love to see would be my two favorite girls becoming friends…Sam and Carly. They are rather alike and Sam has helped Carly in the past when she was ill. I just think there could be alot of exploration of characters there. Plus Carly just needs a girlfriend!! And it looks like Olivia won’t be it for long with Jax knocking on her door!

  39. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I would love for Carly and Sam to become friends. They make sense together when they arent fighting about who should come first with Jason LOL


    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.

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