Ummm, New York Times, When Did All My Children’s Erica Kane Have Dissociative Identity Disorder???

Okay, so after I salivated over the premiere of Showtime’s amazing new Dissociative Identity Disorder dramedy The United States of Tara (More on the show and its surprising soapy connection later), I decided to Google Diablo Cody—for me, the writer is always the star—and I came across a New York Times article that talked about the history of DID in film and television. Of course, the snobby reporter used this an opportunity to slam daytime:

“Sensitive” is not exactly a prescription for great comedy. Humorous takes on subjects like split personality are few and far between, and when they show up — for example, in the Farrelly brothers’ Me, Myself & Irene, starring Jim Carrey — they tend toward outrageous antics. Typically dissociative identity disorder is given a more sober treatment, as in the 1976 television movie Sybil starring Sally Field or the 1957 melodrama The Three Faces of Eve with Joanne Woodward. Or it just veers into the land of the ludicrous, like soap operas. (Susan Lucci, playing the diva Erica Kane on All My Children, wrestled with a bout of multiple personality disorder in the 1980s.)"

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) ever battled DID? I didn’t start watching AMC until 1990, but I’m fairly certain Snooty-vicious, in her rush to diss an industry that basically taught primetime and film how character-driven stories should be told, mixed up Erica Kane with Erika Slezak, and her One Life to Live character Viki Lord. Yeah… Slezak’s portrayal of Viki and her alters during numerous groundbreaking storylines on OLTL has been so "ludicrous" it has netted the actress half a dozen Daytime Emmy awards. Wouldn’t it be revolutionary if soaps made the pages of the mainstream press other times than when the idiots who run them are firing their top stars, or when a less-than-creative journo needs to come up with a seemingly witty barb to add to his or her word count?

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    Erica Kane never had DID!!!! I think that repoter needs to brush up on his/her daytime soap history before he/she just plops a daytime characters name into an article.

    I wonder how many of us soap oprea veiwers are going to call, write, e-mail, The New York Times about this one! LOL!


    ***”You Only Have One Life To Live!”***

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    The mainstream media never knows what the hell they are talking about when it comes to soaps. They do take about any opportunity to slam them. This so-called journalist obviously already had a gripe with soap operas so they just automatically assumed Erica Kane had DID and the story must have been ridiculous simply because it was a plot on a soap. You would think that even if the writer had not done their research that the NY Times has a fact-checking dept. that could have easily looked this simple fact up. When I read the article my hands went up in the air and I threw the Arts & Leisure section down to compose myself. I do think that Toni Collette is a fabulous actress but let’s see how many awards she can win for playing such a tough role like Erika Slezak did, making it look so easy when it was so complicated and diverse of a performance. Gee, she’s only the most winning actress in Daytime Emmy history.

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    Oh, what an idiot. Discounting the fact that this person obviously did no research on the soaps, it’s obvious that they’ve lumped soaps into a stereotypical waste of their precious intellectual time and have dismissed them. Fine. I can do the same thing to their shoddy journalism.

    By the way Jamey, I can make a Diably Cody recommendation if you’re interested. A few years back she wrote a book called Candy Girl about her time as a stripper. Funny read.

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    King TV, if the NY Times never fact checked Jayson Blair properly what are the odds that they would catch glarting ommission?

    This “reporter” obviously has no regard for the soap genre which incidentally we owe debt of gratitude to for all the scripted drama we get to watch on TV.

    This article makes me roll my eyes at the low regard soaps are held by people with influence in the entertainment industry.

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    Oh Fact Checking how you are missed.

    I can so hear the writer and his editor talking.

    “Okay so what’s the name of that one chick on that chick show that had DiD ?”

    “Um i dunno”

    “What’s the name of the chickstar that was on Dancing with the Stars?”

    “Oh you mean Susan Lucci”

    “Yea, I think she had it so let’s just say Erica Kane had it, I mean its not like anyone actually watches those silly soaps anymore so no one will know better”

    “Sounds good to me”

    A.K.A. ssjohn

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    Obviously a JACKASS who never actually saw what happened making a judgment on the WRONG actress. That’s not a reporter, that’s a hack.

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    Way to go, New York Times snobs! Kind of like the review I recently read of Jill Larson’s movie Were The World Mine where the reviewer said she’d been on One Life to Live for 20 years..wrong!

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