ATWT: Kevin Comes Back… Again

It doesn’t look like Luke (Van Hansis) and Noah (Jake Silbermann) will fade into the background after finally doing the deed yesterday. Karl Girolamo is returning to As the World Turns as Kevin Davis, Luke’s first crush. Most recently we saw him and Luke campaigning against each other in a student government election. talked to Lisa Lugassy, Senior Publicist for As the World Turns about Nuke finally taking that next step in their relationship. She also shared a spoiler about their upcoming storyline:

The upcoming “Nuke” storyline will be lighter and more “fun” than the last few months, Lugassy says. Starting in February, the boys will be involved in a murder investigation/amateur detective plot that involves Casey, Ali, Reg (another of the town’s gays), Casey’s prison roommate Matt, and Luke’s arch-enemy, Kevin. Meanwhile, Damien, Luke’s biological father, will be back for the first time on March 24.

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    Sounds like fun to me. Maybe Kevin will finally come out, and it will be a triangle between him, Luke, and Noah.

    Who is going to get murdered? Maybe one of the ATWT writers for f’ing things up the past few months.

    I have stopped watching all stories except for Luke and Noah. Everything else takes place at light speed, and is very uninvolving.

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