Caption This: The New Priceline Negotiator?

Watch out William Shatner! Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) is raring and ready to be the next Priceline Negotiator. She’ll be able to get users even better deals than you can, with at least a 10 percent additional savings and air miles to boot. Take your best "Caption This" shot from today’s Days of Our Lives.

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    DH: So have you seen the new star of Days?

    Yes, she’s has big hair, big teeth, and goes by the name Molly.

    You still don’t know who she is?

    She’s the one that is sniffing around Ken Corday’s crotch all the….YES, that’s her!

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    OKAY,so is it just me or did anyone get the feeling that in today’s episode that Dr. Taylor just (MIGHT) be Kristen DiMera and if so how would you guys feel about that???? Not that it matters since Doc and John are leaving the show.

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    Deidre: How much to put a root on Corday? That much? I don’t know, but I do want him to pay for getting rid of me and Drake. I take it. Thanks, he will rule the day of getting rid of me and replace me with that twit.


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