Melissa George Leaves Grey’s Anatomy

One of my least favorite actresses is leaving one of my favorite shows. Melissa George let the cat out of the bag at the Golden Globe Awards, revealing that she’ll be leaving Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve never understood the appeal of George as an actress. Maybe my not understanding has something to do with the fact that she starred opposite John Stamos in Thieves, a show with a great premise where she just didn’t live up to the character. It might also have been her unnecessary arrival on one of my favorite, kick butt shows, Alias.
George definitely wasn’t needed on this season of Grey’s Anatomy, a show that seems to be casting names for names sake as of late. Maybe getting rid of George will let the show focus on its other George, portrayed by T.R. Knight?

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    I like Melissa George but her character is a hot mess! She was just a random character that had no direction at all! Saying Grey’s has been a disappointing this season is a complete understatement. It was one of my favorite shows now I can barely watch it!

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    Woah Luke, back off the MG hate, that’s my ‘angel’ your talking about.

    Or well Home and Away’s Angel.

    I won’t really miss her on Grey’s but she’s Angel, 1/2 of super couple Shane and Angel (*tear*).

    I think the problem was more the character and the whole show then MG .

    (Edit: I know you didn’t know that and I am just bugging you but she is ANGEL! -.-)

    A.K.A. ssjohn

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    OH I hated her character on ALIAS. Absolutely despised her until I watched the bloopers and special features and found out how funny of a person she is. I’ve liked her on Greys. It’s lightened up the show abit. Given Cali some storyline. But yes Grey’s is horrible this season (compared to previous seasons).

    AMC can thank TAMARA BRAUN for cementing a spot on my DVR again!!

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