Segment That Sparked the Showdown With Coulter

Fast-forward up to the 4:52 mark and see what set off The View, ladies today when speaking with conservative pundit Ann Coulter. I get what Ann’s trying to say in regards to biracial children, it seems as though your favoring one side of your heritage for another. It comes off as a person just disregarding an entire side of themselves. Tell me this though, when did Ann become the spokesperson for the biracial masses? I didn’t know she was on Halle’s payroll along with Alicia and Pres-elect Obama’s. Is she passing? If so that debunks her entire debate now doesn’t it? Gotta love Whoopi’s remark though at the 7:00 mark..

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    What is unfortunate is that biracial people are forced to pick a side and then, quite often when they do, end up on the outside of both. I grew up with a black mother and white father. I was never truly accepted by either race. If biracial people tend to lean towards their “black side” it’s because of the backlash they will receive if they don’t refer to themselves as black. Remember the uproar when Tiger Woods tried to define his ethnicity on Oprah? If Halle Berry came out saying she was white she would be decimated by both the press and the public. Biracial people see themselves as black because that is all that many people see when they look at us. We live in a country that still has a one drop law – if you have even one drop of black blood in you, you are considered black – as if the black blood is a poison. Ann Coulter is a poison, my biggest disappointment is all of the publicity she is getting for spreading hate and ignorance.

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    I am so glad that you posted lebostout. You really hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately in our society there is still the one drop rule, and I for one do not need or want Anne Coulter speaking on behalf of people of mixed parentage. My direct background is Spanish, Chinese, East Indian, European and African (I am a Trini). However, when people see me they see a black woman. When I fill out any forms requiring racial identification, it is the box that says either African American or Black that I check. This does not mean that I am not proud of any other portion of my heritage, but it is the only one that the world knows when they see me. She is being very hypocritical. We all know that if Halle, Alicia, Barack or any other well know person tried to claim only the white side when we all can see that they have black in them they would have been called to the carpet on it and been told that they were trying to “pass”.

    I would like her to provide examples of where they were putting down their white mothers in favor of their black fathers. She is making the assumption that because they identify with black people that they are favoring their fathers (which is not the case).

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    Jamey Giddens

    Ann Coulter clutches her purse every time she’s near anyone darker than she is. Hell, Vanessa Marcil would send her into a panic. “SHE’S BLACK!!! SHE’S BLACK!! SHE’S A TERRORIST! SHE’S A SINGLE MOTHER!”

    If Tyler Christopher hits the tanning bed a bit hard one week, she will pass out if he gets on an elevator with her.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Lets be clear, I don’t back that horse known as Ann Coulter one bit. I’m just saying that some biracials do choose sides and it does look like they are forgetting their other side. It is true lebostout, if Halle were to say “Oh I’m white,” then she’d get her ass roasted. Hell Tiger got it when he tried to pick a side.

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    The thing is Tiger didn’t try to pick he side, he said he was something like Amblinasian, I don’t even have a clue as to what he said but he tried to include all of his ethnicities and he was crucified for it. Everyone, well almost everyone, was saying what the hell is he talking about, he’s black. It was on CNN!!! My husband is white and we have 3 children, I do teach them that every ounce of blood in them is important and they should never feel forced to pick a side. But I also tell them that there are many people out there that will never see past the black because that is the reality and they need to deal with it.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Mariah Carey is the only biracial star who ever pissed me off with their journey of self discovery. When she first came out, she identified more with her Caucasian side, saying she barely knew her father and didn’t really like being classified by one race, and I respected that. Flash forward to her divorce from Tommy Mottola and she said he was the one who made her lean more to her white side, but now that she was divorced, she wanted to “embrace black culture”. And how did she do that? By taking off her sparkly evening gowns and spreading eagle on the hood of some rappers car in some daisy dukes and moaning and purring like some deranged alley cat in perpetual heat. Gee. Thanks Mariah for embracing “black culture”.

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    Jamey, ICAM!! She went all hoochie begining with the “Honey” video for her “Butterfly” album in 1997. I was so disappointed and I remember thinking, “What happened to that sweet, talented singer who talked about dreamlovers?” So sad.
    ***Winifake must go! (And take ShrewLu with you!)***

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    Jamey Giddens

    Jamey, ICAM!! She went all hoochie begining with the “Honey” video for her “Butterfly” album in 1997. I was so disappointed and I remember thinking, “What happened to that sweet, talented singer who talked about dreamlovers?” So sad.
    Samrocks I actually liked her more R&B tinged stuff, but the fact that she didn’t have the horse sense to realize equating her transformation from diva to hood rat with embracing her black side was offensive makes it easy to see why she has had so many issues. As my grandmother used to say, she’s not “right bright”. And why doesn’t she ever have any black leading men in her romantic videos? I’m not talking the rap crossovers, I’m talking the ones where she’s playing some fairy tale princess of selling her perfume. She wants to straddle the fence, which is her choie, but it’s a bit unauthentic.

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