The CW Chief Talks Melrose Place and Heather Locklear

The CW’s Dawn Ostroff took questions about the new Melrose Place her network is working on and responded to whether or not Heather Locklear might be apart of any new version of the popular show. Here are a couple of the quotes. 

What about the show’s tone? one reporter asked. Will it be "earnest first-season Melrose or crazy, Kimberly-blows-up-the-apartment-complex Melrose?"

"We’ve actually had that exact conversation," Ostroff says. "I think it’s certainly not crazy [and] people being blown up in the beginning. I think initially you’ve got to really get invested in the characters, but I also think it can’t be so dramatic and sort of sleepy that not enough is going on. Our fans really love some of that heightened drama, as they can see when they watch One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl."

"We’ve talked about everyone, but we haven’t talked to anyone yet," she says. "… Of course Heather would be one of the people we talk about, because when you think about Melrose Place she’s one of the first people you think of."

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    As for tone, Melrose Place works with the following elements in place:

    -Hot sex between 2 attractive cast members
    -A clever, wry sense of self
    -Dark humor
    -Twists that can surprise the audience but that are also organic and consistent with the story
    -Not a single character can be earnest, “emo” or “plucky”. Save it for Grey’s.
    -No babies/families.
    -Catfights (they need to bring catfights back to daytime as well. I get that they are infantile and sexist, but they’re loads of fun)
    -Storylines that MOVE. The reason Season 3 was like crack is because things developed at a rapid-fire pace. (Double-edged sword, since things escalated so fast they had no choice BUT to blow up the building and eventually ran out of romantic pairings)
    -Cannot be afraid to be a little creepy and psychological

    Ultimately, the new MP needs to strike a tonal balance between Nip/Tuck and Desperate Housewives with a dash of Dynasty.

    But they’ll find a way to totally screw it up.

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    Jamey Giddens

    It better not be any more of that Freaks and Geeks, Gilmore bull ish. Now I’m sorry, everybody doesn’t like dramedies a bunch a quirky, talky people running around. MP had MUCH higher ratings than those shows. If it wasn’t broke, don’t fix it, give us good, old-fashioned soaptastic MELODRAMA.

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    Oh Dawn O how you still have a job is beyond me.

    I am not that woman’s biggest fan, and sometimes when i read crap like this I just wonder “Is she really serious?”

    what’s left of your ‘fans’ are just waiting for the axe to swing and their favorites to be axed, I mean we all knew with the writers strike most of the CW would stay in tact but come this May its going to be hack city! You like it? then say GOOD BYE!

    ….wow i am bitter :P.

    My prediction for the new MP, it will be OTH but with a different cast lol, to do things right they need to pull off of history more then 90210 has/did, they need to get the rest of the DVD’s out and then promote the sucker all summer long, get Soap Net to rerun MP from the start and just get more fans.

    A.K.A. ssjohn

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    Oh Dawn O how you still have a job is beyond me.

    Preach Jon.
    I will never forgive her for not giving Veronica Mars another chance and replacing it w/that Farmer’s Wife bullcrap.

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