Gossip Girl Spin-Off is Happening

Despite previous reports that a spin-off of the popular show Gossip Girl was not happening ( I like to call it spin ), now comes word that a spin-off is indeed coming to The CW.

After months of gossip and speculation, "Gossip" creators/executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are proceeding with a spinoff that will serve as a prequel to the hot sophomore drama and chronicle the wild teen years of Lily van der Woodsen (Kelly Rutherford) in Los Angeles in the 1980s.

The network has ordered a "backdoor pilot" for the project, which will air as a "Gossip" episode May 11.

Fans will see a young Lily leaving her home in New York City and all the benefits of her wealthy family. Lily heads to the bright lights of Hollywood where she’ll bunk with her sister and meet a wanna be rocker named Rufus Humphrey.

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    The concept sounds great! Young Lily and young Rufus … if they have half of the chemistry that Rutherford and Settle have, we would be blessed.

    But a The CW show set in the 80s? Can that work? That would be the only thing I’m worried about.

    Hopefully a “Gossip Girl” spin-off puts the new “Melrose Place” to the grave. After “90210” they shouldn’t ruin a legacy of another show.

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    Gossip Girl isn’t a rating’s hit. It repeatedly scores like a 1.8. Granted for CW that’s probably not all that bad but it’s hardly a hit and many other shows on Network TV scoring in the 5. range have been cancelled. Why on earth would you spin off a show that no one is watching in the first place?

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    “Gossip Girl” has it’s target group by the young females and wins there almost every Monday night along with “One Tree Hill”.
    And The CW isn’t CBS or ABC. “Gossip Girl” is without a doubt one of their hit shows and that’s what very much speaks for a spin-off. ;)

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    It’s happening, its not happening, its happening, its not happening, its happening, its not happening, Its happening BUT FOR REAL THIS TIME!

    Sorry sick of the crap lol, I posted on the forums here when LadyPing posted it and I am just over it lol.

    A.K.A. ssjohn

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    Jamey Giddens

    Gossip Girl is a niche hit. Gone are the days of monster, across the board hits like The Cosby Show or friends. It’s all about targeting your specific demo. Hannah Montana wouldn’t be a hit on one of the big four, but that show started a billion dollar franchise for Disney and Miley Cyrus. It’s not how many people watch GG, it’s who watches it, and that’s two million or so future debt management consolees who will run out and buy every manolo or pink princess iPhone they see on GG.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I’m excited about the spinoff (though I would have rather they have done it based on the book spinoff series The It Girl) and the new MP. What people tend to forget is the original Beverly Hills, 90210 didn’t find it’s grove until the second season. It started out this earnest, fish-out-of-water tale where Brenda or Brandon had to learn an "important" lesson at the end of each episode. It didn’t morph into a high octane teen Peyton Place until the summer season. The first Melrose Place also stumbled early on and was on cancellation watch until they brought on Heather Locklear as Amanda and made Marcia Cross’s Kimberly a series regular, and then a serious psycho.

    They totally changed the tone of the show. Michael, the big brother type land lord and doctor, turned into Michael the cheating, scheming snake in the grass. Bratty kid sister Syd, morphed into a full-on Lolita who got involved with everything from religious cults to high end prostitution. Jake stopped dating teens like Kelly Taylor and vapid wannabe actresses with bad Southern accents and started steaming it up with mysterious photographer Jo and later Bitch Goddess Amanda (on her desk at D&D no less). Speaking of Amanda, this character, meant to be only on a handful of episodes set the canvas on fire in the final episodes of season one, by coming between will they or won’t they couple Billy and Alison. I think fans are too quick to dismiss shows these days. That’s why we can’t keep any on the air. If they aren’t breakouts right out the gate, people want them booted off the air, stat.

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    Bad idea. Yeah I am very interested in Lily as a younger girl but since we already know what happened to her, there wouldn’t really be any surprises unless they re-write some stuff.

    I would like to see some 80’s fashion though.

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