Has Days’ Darin Brooks Been Checking Into The Hilton?

Twilight in Paris. In a mindless article about whether or not celebunot Paris Hilton has had plastic surgery (Really, as with Eva Longoria‘s mythical baby bump, who gives a rat’s sphincter?), FOXnews.com revealed a juicy soap-related tidbit detailing an alleged hook up between Days of Our Lives stud Darin Brooks and the vapid heiress.  
But on the topic of changing her physical appearance, Paris did debut a hot new hairstyle at Hollywood hotspot Apple on Tuesday night.

Following in the footsteps of Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes and Gwyneth Paltrow, the stylish socialite showed off her "bob" as she boogied the night away. And according to Pop Tarts spies, the newly-single Hilton was also canoodling with "Days of our Lives" star Darin Brooks in a private cabana.

"They couldn’t keep their hands off each other," said the insider.

Sadly, this will probably do more for Brooks’ career than his stint on Days.

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    I am so disappointed in Darin and I’ve completely lost all respect for him. I guess he is willing to do anything to further his career. In spite of all of her millions, that skank Paris Hilton doesn’t have enough money to buy any class. This is so disgusting. I hope your pilot tanks and Max Brady leaves Salem for good.

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