Primetime Spoiler Round-Up!

Primetime Spoiler Round-Up!

I’m kicking it off with a show I’m not really going to SCOOP on but instead beg you all to tune in! Friday Night Lights returns to NBC tomorrow night! I cannot say it enough, if you caught an episode here and there or are a faithful viewer like me, tune in as this season is the best yet.

BONES is returning a little later than originally planned. It MAY even return with two all new episodes on one night. The first of which has Bones and Booth going undercover at the circus. Sure to bring in the laughs with Dr. Sweets helping the duo dissect the circus world. Fake sex in a trailer and dead Siamese twins… oh how I love BONES!

Check out the latest gossip on Gossip Girl as a spin-off is in the works.
In fact the “pilot” will be much like Private Practice’s was; happening within an episode of Gossip Girl in May. Lily and Rufus’ son is not dead and RUMOR has it we will meet the secret love child later on this season. Is a couple reuniting? RUMORS say a “core” couple will be finding their way back to one another but who could it be? Nate and Blair perhaps?

Dirty Sexy Update! I’m bummed that DSM got the axe but I still want to see how it ends. Will we? According to the CHATTER, the cast is still under contract with ABC and they are finishing up production on the final episodes.

The most famous zip code in the nation! 90210 hit Adriana with a double whammy as she gets exposed to HIV and finds out she’s knocked up. Now that we know Brenda cannot have children is the next storyline a little too obvious? Will Brenda adopt Adriana’s baby? Wouldn’t that mean Shannen Dougherty would have to sign on for season two? Are Dixon and Silver headed for splitstville? If they are, it MAY not be because of a certain bi-sexual cheerleader. Silver COULD be up to some not so nice things. Donna Martin returns to her roots as Tori Spelling is in the final stages of working out her deal with the show. Tori is bringing a guest along for her long awaited return. Jamey’s latest hero, Diablo Cody, a self-proclaimed 90210 fan will play herself.

Ana Ortiz, Hilda on Ugly Betty, is pregnant!
Will they write it into the show? According to RUMORS, no! Instead they writers MAY try to up the funny by writing it as Hilda is packing on the pounds. As we’ve reported, Ashley Jensen who plays Christina has asked to leave Ugly Betty but she MAY not be the only one heading out. RUMOR has it another character is leaving the show, possibly dying.

Scrubs Fans? Anyone? And I don’t mean Robin and Patrick on General Hospital. I’m talking about JD and gang at Sacred Heart. Anyone tune in now that it’s on ABC? I’ve always been a casual Scrubs watcher myself. Is the only season to air on ABC going to be the last season of the comedy? RUMORS say JD leaves Sacred Heart to take a job at another hospital.

One Tree Hill SHOULD be coming back for a seventh season. Will Julian stick around? It seems to me that they are setting it up so that either Brooke or Julian takes in Sam’s friend. Dan Scott, the character who can’t seem to die, just MAY be meeting his maker this season.

Grey’s Anatomy Owen’s ex hits Seattle (the Laura Allen casting news). Mc Steamy injures himself. I’ll let you all draw your own conclusions. Someone getting engaged?

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  1. Profile photo of BigDede

    No to Blair and Nate a big NO NO NO. They better not ruin Chuck and Blair even though Chuck is doing a good job of that himself. Nate is too boring and bland.

    They shouldn’t do a Gossip Girl knock-off.

    More people coming to Seattle Grace, seriously. Write for George and Sloan, kick of the wastes of space.

    Ugly Betty is so boring now.

  2. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    Um, I don’t consider Bones a soap type of show on primetime. Nor is Scubs, lol. I feel a little left out, I don’t watch any of these shows. Well, I quite Bones this season, jumped the shark. Now Big Love, that’s a freaking soap, lol.

  3. Profile photo of Johnathon

    I don’t like primetime spoilers my self, but thanks for your hard work Regan :), Isn’t OTH kinda in talks for two more seasons? (7/8) ?.

    Anyways Keep up the good work reminding people to watch FNL! With Clear eyes, and full hearts, there is no way we will lose lol.

    A.K.A. ssjohn

  4. Profile photo of season1217

    Well, brooding needs to take a laxative. He keeps that up and he’ll be needing botox by the time he’s 30.


    Pushing Daisies – You will always be in my heart!

  5. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Any spoilers for Desperate Housewives, 24, Lost or ER? I know, I am a being a little spoiler piggy looking for still more LOL


    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.
    Bag the Ho. Make her Go. Set the Timer on the Easy Bake Oven of PC.

  6. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    Everyone listen to Regan and watch Friday Night Lights! It really is a fantastic show!

    No to Nate and Blair! Plus, Gossip Girl should not be doing a spin-off! Joey anyone?

  7. Profile photo of samrocks

    I will be very very angry if NAIR is a go on GG!! A thought the squish name was highly appropriate since all of my hair will leap off of my head if ANYONE other than Chuck gets near my darling Blair!

    Is it too early for me to want 90210s Annie and Naomi killed off? Yuck.
    ***Winifake must go! (And take ShrewLu with you!)***

  8. Profile photo of williamjc

    I’m loving the Primetime spoilers. I can spoil for you who dies on Ugly Betty if you want – it wasn’t hard to figure out. Plus, I’m waiting to see what exactly Silver does that totally gets under Dixon – I don’t want to see them broke up but I have a feeling a certain cheerleader (I love me some Lauren London) will be waiting in the wings to help Dixon thru it – girlfriend or not…

    Bones – it’s getting old. I’m just waiting on L Word, LOST, Big Love, Dollhouse and the return of Fringe…

  9. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I know who the death on Ugly Betty MOST LIKELY is. It sounds like it’s Molly.

    Silver MAY be doing something that affects Annie in a bad way.

    Big Love returns Sunday to HBO. I can’t wait for Fringe to return as well.

  10. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Lipstick Jungle fans… the show has not been officially canceled. Yet.

    Tune in to Friday Night Lights… a good showing in that awful friday night timeslot could help the show.

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