BREAKING NEWS: Eric Braeden and Trevor St. John Didn’t Make Emmy Pre-Nominations!

As if we needed more proof of what a dismal joke the Daytime Emmy Awards have become, the two best leading men in daytime this past season, Eric Braeden (Victor, The Young and the Restless) and Trevor St. John (Todd, One Life to Live), were both left off the list of Emmy Pre-Nominations, according to TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco. Someone remind me why we still bother?  Branco managed to get his hands on the Pre-Noms for both OLTL and Y&R, Click here to see what else he found out.

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    What really disgusts me even more: Chapman over Melody Thomas Scott? Heinle over Hendrickson? And that Kahlil is even on the list should be reason enough why it is at least on good thing we don’t have to see it on the screen this year.

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    This is why noone wants to air this crappy award show


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    The Daytime Emmy’s wonder why nobody wants to air their show and why the numbers go down every year? Hmmm…maybe because this system is a joke! Some of these actors that should be winning this award can’t even get on the PRE-nomination list…this is ridiculous!

    Judith Chapman over Melody Scott Thomas? Are you kidding me? Then you have hair models Christel Khalil, Bryton McClure and Amelia Heinle who everyone knows will somehow make it to the final nomination list. I refuse to watch the Emmy’s this year!

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    I with you all, thats why the Emmys is a joke and with theses noms, some was deserving, but others was not. I just do not seeing the industry surviving more than five years.


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    Jillian Bowe

    I saw Nelson’s news and a chick screamed when she saw the pre-noms. Judith got over on MELODY!? That is highway robbery!!!! Don’t get me started on Amelia and Christel.. At least it wasn’t Vail yet again or Tammin! I think I need a Xanax.

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    I can’t believe Robin S wasnt nom. for her work this year as Dorian Lord! The BE Take-Over & the the entire Langston storyline…. that woman has been on her game!!!! COME ON FOLKS

    I think TSJ not getting them nom from his cast is just more proof that he may be leaving and the cast is annoyed with him.

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    I’m actually very satisfied with the OLTL pre-noms…especially lead actress. It is about time for Kassie to get a nomination. Hopefully, she’ll get the “real” nomination (I’m sure Robin Strasser is also doing everything that she can to make it happen!). Robin could care less about being nominated and this wasn’t Slezak’s year.

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    I am so glad Christel Khalil was recognized. She worked her scenes with the pregnancy s/l and the miscarriage! Not to mention she did a great job when Drucilla died. She deserves this big time!

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    The fact that Melody Thomas Scott, Eric Braeden and Trevor St. John did not receive a pre-nomination and will, therefore, not be on the final Emmy ballot is blasphemous. Truly BLASPHEMOUS. And oh so very disappointing. Whatever will become of this industry that we all appear to love far more than the people who actually work in it?

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    I looked back at Nelson’s interview, and TSJ said that he has not put his name in for Emmy consideration the past couple of years because he thinks the system is screwed up. So in all likelihood he did not this year, either. So I don’t think anybody should read too much in his non-nomination.

    I’m with someone else who said I’m pretty happy with the prenoms this year. There are a couple of “WTFs?!” like ME’s prenom. He seems like a nice guy, but his character doesn’t emote–there’s nothing to “ACT.” But I think Bree Williamson, Kathy Brier, and Kristin Alderson did great work this year. I wish Robin Strasser was nominated, but she might not have participated either. She did do a great job, though, with the BE takeover and when she was talking to Mel after that car crash.

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    I agree with half of the Y&R pre-noms.
    The only people missing are Eric Braeden who I think deserves a pre-nom this year over Peter Bergman.

    Judith Chapmen should be in the supporting and replace Amelia Heinle. Melody Thomas Scott should then be in the best actress category..

    Greg Rickart should replace Michael Graz. and Jess Walton(if considered for supporting) should replace Adrianne Franz.

    The younger pre-noms are fine imo. Isn’t the cut off age 25? There’s not much to work with if thats the case.

    Christel Khalil deserved her pre-nom considering her pregnancy/miscarriage/psychloe storyline.

    The 2nd nom is a toss up for me between Vail and Emily.

    What other young male is there besides Bryton and the guy who plays Noah? So yeah give the pre-nom to Bryton.

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    I hash out the bad and now the good.
    Susan Haskell placement will hopefully Lead to a nom. She could’ve done the easy thing and gone Supporting, but she stepped up and that should be rewarded w/a nom.

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    Jillian Bowe

    I’m so glad the Emmys won’t be televised because watching these head scratchers have the distinction of being nominated would only cause me to get gully and chuck my remote at my TV. Its a recession and I ain’t in the market for no new TV!

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    And others are right, this is why no one gives a crap to air the show. It does not reward deserving talent? It rewards over-acting and pretty people! Christel Khalil is pathetically boring and has given Lily no personality. Something is rotten in Soapville because these show nominated pre-noms must be so politically insider based and chosen by owners, producers, corporate suits. I am sickened. These are the 2 best shows on air. If they cannot come up with decent pre-noms, who are the other horror soaps going to nominate. I swear if Molly Burnett shows up on DOOL’s pre-nom list then I won’t watch the awards even if they do air somewhere.

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    Just kidding! I think there are a lot of good actors who are on the pre-nom list. Sure, you scratch your head at some..but overall, its a pretty good list.

    Always soaptacular-


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    I gave up on DayTime Emmys


    It is political always has been imo
    It is a travesty, a sham….
    “Most” of

    DayTime is a political orchestrated event…depending if you are a pet eg if you are not a Frons poodle you will not get a storyline, airtime or anything else that’s it will not get an emmy reel because he simply will not give you a storyline to get one, its that’s simple. Good actors he holds back so his poodles will be up front center.

    I simply do not agree with the “politics” of this genre and it hinders the drama for me because I know politics supercedes good story. Y&R had no trouble holding Victoria Rowell hostage to an emmy nom so I think if its not going to be fair …

    why bother with it.

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    Trevor St. John and Eric Braeden were riveting this year. It would have been tough to decide between them, though I would have given the edge to St. John. The Daytime Emmys were rendered meaningless years ago. Remember the year that ATWT nearly got every single acting nomination? The pre-nomination system has got to come to an end next year. Please assemble a real expert panel of soap industry people, fans, and soap media who will actually come to this from a viewer perspective. In other words, let people who actually watch the shows judge this stuff or OMG Anthony Geary will get up there again, which is total bullshit.

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    wow that’s amazing both my favorite actress got pre emmy nom way to go christel and ameilia they both have had the best material this year but i question the choice for best leading male actor it should been danel goddard he has by far the best and the most deserving but hey this is not offical their is still time .

    PS i am thrilled Nelson Branco did not get what he wanted he is a loser.

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    wow that’s amazing both my favorite actress got pre emmy nom way to go christel and ameilia they both have had the best material this year but i question the choice for best leading male actor it should been danel goddard he has by far the best and the most deserving but hey this is not offical their is still time .

    PS i am thrilled Nelson Branco did not get what he wanted he is a loser.

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    After last year’s list consisting of Tammin Sursok & Vail Bloom, I learned my lesson well that the nominations are now nothing but a joke. Eric Braeden mumbles so much now that I can no longer stand to watch him especially in a freaking love scene (I’d rather watch Ms. C and Murphy do the deed than Victor). No wonder they can’t find anyone willing to air them… who would watch?

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    i’m a little sad that erika slezack didn’t get nominated…but i think that both susan haskell and kassie de paiva deserve it. i can NOT believe that TSJ didn’t get a nomination; that’s horrible! and over michael easton’s “i’m staring at you really hard and that means i’m emoting” acting. now we know for sure there’s something wrong with this process.

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    I don’t hold it against TSJ much but I am happy that the Marty/ Todd rapemance will not be rewarded.

    Just sayin …….

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

    I hope with my fingers crossed that the next flavor of the month doesn’t have such a bad aftertaste.

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    The only thing I can say about ME getting nominated is echo the rest of you: WTF? TSJ deserved that nomination, if not the actual Emmy this year. WTF does that man have to do to get one? I mean, Todd even died once and that STILL wasn’t good enough!

    As for the other OLTL nominations, I’m pretty happy with them. I agree that RS has had some of the best work of her career this year and should’ve been considered. I would’ve liked to have seen Brittany Underwood in there somewhere, too, but I realize there’s only so much room. I have to question the positioning of Bree Williamson and Kassie DePaiva. Do the actors decide what categories they go in or does the show? I think BW had more of a front burner s/l this year than KD did. Blair mostly supported Starr adn the Cramer women; she didn’t really have a story of her own, unlike BW.

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    I truly feel that Christel Khalil deserved to be nominated. She did a fantastic job with the pregnancy/miscarriage s/l. EH is a good actress as well but she didn’t any emmy worthy scenes. AH didn’t do much to get nominated either. JC should have been inthe supporting actress and MTS should have been in her place. EB should really have had a nom too. I like Michael Graz but him being nominated over Gregg Rikart is a joke. I think that is just Y&R’s way of trying to get him to stay on.

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    I wasn’t a fan of Trevor St. John at first but now I am. What a crock! I assumed that Judith Chapman would get Best Supporting Actress. This is wrong! MTS had some of the best work of her life this year!

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    I am sorry, but I just don’t buy TSJ in the role of Todd–if he only would have stayed Walker, perhaps he’d been nominated by now. This has to hurt him in the nomination process.

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