Ellen to Chandra: Girl Stop Using That VCR To Tape Your Stories!

On a recent episode of her talk show, Ellen Degeneres took Grey’s Anatomy star Chandra  Wilson to task for still using a VCR to tape her favorite soaps (The Young and the Restless, All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live), when Ellen had given her a Tivo. I feel you Chandra, technology is a Mo Fo! Watch the above clip to see which storylines have Wilson tuning in daily and check out Ellen’s amused, if slightly petrified reaction. Thanks GossipGirl for the tip!

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    That was hilarious….I wonder what Ellen would think if she were to come on this site and see how passionate everyone is…..I like how she is really into her soaps and not afraid to admit it….funny how she didn’t mention DAYS since they were on an NBC show…yet she is promoting all the other soaps…TPTB probably weren’t too pleased lol….

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    That was too cute !!!!

    The way Ellen was looking is exactly how my friends look at me when i try to explain my passion for soaps…They just don’t understand


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    I sympathize, because I still use a VCR. Gotta love her though, SoapNet should have interstitials called “Chandra Wilson Catches You Up On the Stories.” She really summed up those couple of storylines fast!

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    I still tape GH on my VCR. It ain’t broke, so I’m using it!
    Jason: “I love Elizabeth. We have a child together. I
    don’t-I don’t want to be with anybody else.”

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