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Here’s the Scoop! 01.16.08

Typical Friday… not a lot out there so ask away. It’s Q & A Day!

We SHOULD be seeing Patrick as he tells the story throughout the nine episodes it takes to unwind the crisis. Robin is not ready to admit to suffering from PPD and Patrick will continue to worry plus deal with the hospital. More Elizabeth and Patrick scenes as he’ll ask her about Robin and her acting differently.

Robin’s PPD… Is Emma missing? Robin asks Mac to come over to watch the baby but he’s called away on police business, there’s a crisis going on. Robin is not doing to well and there is some SCOOP out there that Robin hits bottom with Maxie and Johnny seeing her but not baby Emma. The RUMBLINGS say that Emma is not hurt.

Patrick and Robin have consistently held their popularity with the fans. It’s actually not that hard to gather fans when they are the only true couple on the show. Not taking anything away from Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough as I am happy these two will get to flex their acting chops throughout these storylines.

Lucky and Elizabeth… Elizabeth falls ill from the toxin. Lucky MAY not be on the inside when it all goes down and the cop COULD be breaking into the hospital to be by Elizabeth’s side.

Still seeing RUMORS that Tracy will also fall ill. As will Monica who is in the same operating room as Elizabeth. Leyla is still RUMORED to die. Trevor’s still RUMORED to be a casualty of the crisis. Will he spill a secret or leave something to Johnny?

There’s a blizzard too? Yesterday Epiphany mentioned a storm coming in. RUMORS say it’s a blizzard.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Matt, Maxie, Johnny, Lulu mix up? Johnny and Maxie are together at some point during the crisis and Matt is SUPPOSED to be operating on Lulu. Will Lulu and Matt be spending more time together? Is Emma with Audrey? Is Jax affected by the toxin?

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  1. Avatar of crazy4gh

    Happy Friday Regan and thanks for your spoilers. Now is this “stunt” supposed to lead us up to February Sweeps or did I read somewhere sweeps are now on different months?
    Heartbroken Liason Fan . . . SIGH

  2. Avatar of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Sweeps are in March this year. They delayed the sweeps period by a month in case the digital conversion had problems.

    The crisis SHOULD NOT be leading up to Sweeps, however, the aftermath SHOULD go into February.

  3. Avatar of LIASONADDICT

    Thanks for the scoop Regan

    Where is Jason during this whole crisis?

    Why is Matt operating on Shrewlu?


  4. Avatar of GH LOVER

    Thank you for the scoops Regan!!!!!
    Any news about Jason deal with the feds, will it change after the crisis???
    And any news where is Jason at the time, what he does??


    Jason fan first , woman second!!
    I am in the dark side= Sam

  5. Avatar of klcf097

    Thanks for all the great info, Regan. After Sonny’s interaction with Spinelli the other day, I am more convinced than ever that Sonny is in the loop with Jason. Does anyone agree?

  6. Avatar of crazy4gh

    You make a good point klc, you are probably right but, I still hate the way Sonny talks to Spinelli. He’s just such a loser to him.
    Heartbroken Liason Fan . . . SIGH

  7. Avatar of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    There are plenty of RUMORS out there that when its all said and done, we’ll learn Jason and Sonny have been working together. What I think is actually going to happen is what we’re seeing now is real. Sonny and Jason are at odds but whatever Spinelli has up his sleeve will put a wrench in Rayner’s plans and bring Jason and Sonny on the same side.

  8. Avatar of sueboo54321

    I think it is very likely that Sonny and Jason come out of this as partners but I am not sure if it starts that way.

    They have had plenty of arguments where there were no witnesses.

    Matt operates on Lulu? When? Matt is in the operating room and this toxin makes Monica, Liz, and Leyla sick. Why not him? Or, is Lulu the patient on the table?

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

    I hope with my fingers crossed that the next flavor of the month doesn’t have such a bad aftertaste.

  9. Avatar of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    No Lulu is not the patient on the table… and remember there are a few things hanging out there. Matt is said to not be affected by the toxin. So he MAY be OK to play doctor to those that have fallen ill or injured during the crisis. What we’re seeing now is the lead up to the actual crisis, there is still the aftermath to contend with.

    Lulu is SUPPOSED to have an injury that requires a risky procedure. We’ll see how and if this all plays out.

  10. Avatar of EricasEvilTwin

    The shoes have black heels and it looks like black stitching (from what it looks like to me in the pic). I think they call it color blocking. I have seen it before and usually it looks pretty good.

    JaSam!!! I know its not a reunion (yet) but I like watching them together – plus I am so mad that Sucky is dissing my gal so completely.


    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.
    Bag the Ho. Make her Go. Set the Timer on the Easy Bake Oven of PC.

  11. Avatar of LIASONADDICT

    “lol, liasonaddict! I know you belong to cybers site, but who are you over there? I’m J&E4ever.”

    No i don’t belong but what site is it so i can join


  12. Avatar of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Jason is on the outside trying to help anyway he can. It is not clear if he will know that Elizabeth has been affected by the virus. I would assume the Liason issue will not be touched.

  13. Avatar of EricasEvilTwin

    Awww darn I was hoping your answer you would repeat the phrase Jason is with Sam – I never get tired of reading those words LOL

    (Just trying to stir up the crowd LOL)


    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.
    Bag the Ho. Make her Go. Set the Timer on the Easy Bake Oven of PC.

  14. Avatar of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    LOL EET… you know it pains me to type those two names in one sentence… give a girl a break!

    lizznJas4ever… you can send a private message through DC… just click on liasonaddict’s name.

  15. Avatar of GH LOVER

    Still want Liason………………
    It will be stupid if Jason dosen’t show emotion to where is Elizabeth – the mother of his son!!!

    Jason fan first , woman second!!

  16. Avatar of GH LOVER

    As I said it before I am JASON FAN!!!
    the woman with him second!!!!
    I never hated Sam!!
    I want Jason to be with his son and to be happy!!!
    Liason are still in my heart!!!!
    But I don’t care if Sam will work with him !!!!
    So I really didn’t switched teams!!

    Jason fan first , woman second!!

  17. Avatar of carly2098

    I know jason will get to liz, and it might not be the moment liason fans want, but liason wil get back together. I have faith in this couple. i do like sam but not with Jason.

    liason has my heart and I will not give on this couple go liason go

  18. Avatar of GH LOVER

    Just saw the episode I knew that Jason can’t give Sonny up , he still stupid and loyal to Sonny!!!
    Sason are still on!!
    But the last secenes with Jason got me jumping!!
    I never saw Jason snap like this…
    Are they changing stone cold to Stone hot??
    in other words are the changing Jason to Sonny???
    What do you think???

    and the great thing was that Sam wasn’t scared, she stood there silent and asked him what his plan??
    I know she will help him!!!

    Jason fan first , woman second!!

  19. Avatar of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    I swear Lucky and Sonny can both jump in a box together because they are both SUCH A TOOL!
    Jason: “I love Elizabeth. We have a child together. I
    don’t-I don’t want to be with anybody else.”

  20. Avatar of EricasEvilTwin

    Given that these days the Buzzard is looking at Lucky the way a starving bird of prey looks at raw meat, it seems that she has already let go of any feelings she ever had for Jason.

    JaSam rides in to try and save the day. Watch how she has his back and he has hers. Thats CHEMISTRY baby!

    Just push play
    Were comin at you anyway
    Instead of growin old all dapper and neat
    Im gonna grow my hair right down to my feet
    Its you and me baby no pimp daddy jack
    Its cadillac wack no cadillac wack back


    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.
    Bag the Ho. Make her Go. Set the Timer on the Easy Bake Oven of PC.

  21. Avatar of Jenba

    Leave it to Luza to have 3 women and a man in the OR and the only one not to get sick is the man. Booza has serious male chauvinistic tendencies. Aaack!

    The writing on GH currently across the board is sheer torment – contrived, convenient, completely illogical and sadly, expected.

  22. Avatar of At50

    (quote)Leave it to Luza to have 3 women and a man in the OR and the only one not to get sick is the man. Booza has serious male chauvinistic tendencies. Aaack!(quote)

    Women always seem to be disproportionately affected by these types of disasters and crises. Its the same way on AMC. TPTB at ABCD love to kill of and/or endanger young women. Was it always this bad?

  23. Avatar of samfan

    I am loving these comments. Didn’t Sam’s reaction to Jason’s hissy fit make you remember all the scenes back in the day when they were together? Jason always was the “real” Jason when he was with Sam. I love watching them talking at the same time, but yet..they hear each other. It’s fun to watch. Lights, camera, action!!!

  24. Avatar of lizznJas4ever

    lol, liasonaddict! I know you belong to cybers site, but who are you over there? I’m J&E4ever.

    Also, why is Maxi wearing white shoes, especially with black pantyhose? I wonder if that is a new fashion trend that I missed. Imo, that is the only thing worth talking about, gh sucks.

  25. Avatar of lizznJas4ever

    Sorry liasonaddict, I could have sworn you already belonged, there were some conversations about Sam McCall PI, lol. I have to check on how to give you the link, it’s kind of a private site. We don’t want trolls, I’ll be in touch.

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