An Ode to Abby Fairgate

For the past few weekends, we’ve been debating the merits of Joan Collins and her legendary Dynasty bee youch Alexis Carrington Colby. While I readily admit Alexis will go down in soap history as the most famous of the 80’s primetime soap vixens,  she was never truly my cup of detergent. Dynasty was the primetime soap I enjoyed the least. I appreciated it’s camp and glamour, but if I wanted to see overly-dramatic people in gharish costumes do outlandish things, I’d simply have gone to a drag show, not that I would have gotten in at 9-years-old. 

I much preferred the more subdued, methodical villainy of characters like Abby Fairgate (Donna Mills), who slept her way through Seaview Circle, and to the top of Corporate California on Knots Landing, or Angela Gioberti Channing (Jane Wyman), who plotted and schemed against her own son and nephew on Falcon Crest. Here are a few clips providing a Cliff’s Notes lesson in soap opera bitchery featuring primetime’s unsung vamp, Abby Fairgate. God I miss that damn Cul-de-Sac!

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    The classic was hearing her whistle “don’t worry, be happy” on her exit from the show after stealing millions. I always thought that Knots was the superior show. However, I don’t know that it holds up to rewatching….

    BTW kerfuffles, I clearly recall Donna Mills on talk shows in the 80’s promoting a book she “wrote” about how to do the eye makeup. It was quite a creation.

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    Great clips!! Loved Val slapping Abby! And Abby moving back to the cul de sac – LOL!!

    Abby was a great vixen. And I always liked that no matter how b*tchy she was to everyone else, she was always fiercely protective of her kids.

    It’s funny that you called Abby an unsung vamp, because I always felt that Knots was the most underrated primetime soap.

    And Angela Channing was awesome – she was a true force to be reckoned with :) Though I have to say that I *never* believed Richard was her son! I always hated that rewrite, so in my mind it’s a “never happened” LOL

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    Dc listners i urge you to buy knots landing season 2 that wahen abby comes to seaview circle.If season 2 sells well will have more seasons of wicked abby.

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    Season 2 will be released in April 2009, and I cannot wait. Knots is the best nightime soap ever!!

    Dallas and Falcon Crest were also excellent, but Knots had much more depth and believeable storylines. While the other soaps were male dominated, Knots always had female characters front and center for 14 years.

    Abby, Karen, Laura, Val and Paige were the original Desperate Housewives. Marc Cherry could have taken a page from Knots on how to keep viewers tuning in and caring for your characters. The viewers had a love affair with all the Knots characters until any other primetime drama then or now. We took them into our hearts, and stayed with them year after year.

    Val and Gary ultimate supercouple.

    Abby ultimate superbitch, with a heart.

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    Child, I don’t remember a book. I do remember a video she did. I remember my local video store had it for rent. I was too skeered of ridicule to ever rent it, though I really wanted to

    smellykellyjay, I remember that video! I worked at a video store and when I saw it I knew I had to buy it and got the manager to sell me a used copy for $3.99! It was *wonderfully* cheesy.

    She did all these different looks, but of course they were all the same – TONS of eye makeup, lol. She had this one section where she did a “day look” where she was going to go “easy” on the makeup – but you can imagine what the results were :)

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