Wishful Casting: Crystal Chappell as Days’ Carly Mother Freakin’ Manning!

Okay, seeing the Otalia kiss on Guiding Light once again reminded me of how incredibly amazing Crystal Chappell is. I have loved her since her first air show as Days of Our Lives’ Dr. Carly Manning aka Katerina Von Leuschner, and that is quite a testament to Chappell’s sheer groovyness, because I am a card-carrying Fancy Face Nuts of America Club member.

Kristian Alfonso‘s Hope Williams Brady is one of my all-time favorite soap opera heroines, so I should have hated anyone who was brought in to fill her void on Days when Hope succumbed to that vat of acid on Ernesto Toscano’s isle back in ’90. Okay… so Hope didn’t really succumb to it, Princess Greta did, but then… she didn’t die either, she ended up in a jungle, covered in mud, where Billie later gave birth prematurely to Bo’s daughter Georgia who— although she died and was buried on the island— somehow manged to grow up and mow down a toddler in the streets of Salem. Whew, don’t try that while chewing gum!

Anyhoo, back to Carly, er Olivia, I mean Crystal. I am just gonna go ahead and put it out there in the soap-iverse. If and when GL goes to the big Daytime Drama Museum in the Sky— and lets face it, they’re preparing the scenery right now, complete with a wax figure of Dolly, the Reva clone—  Ken Corday better do whatever it takes, even trading in his favorite set of golf clubs, to get Chappell back at Days.

While I loved Lisa Rinna‘s Billie (and only Lisa Rinna’s Billie), all the re-writes of how Billie was the one who helped Bo get over Hope made me throw up a little in my mouth every time I heard those lines uttered on my TV. Carly was the one who helped Beauregard and I get over our Fancy Bottom, not Billie Holiday Reed!

 I for one would actually tune in to a post-Dee and Drake Days that saw Hope and Carly pitted against each other for Bo’s love. It’s better than watching poor Peter Reckell play dime store psychic, or Proctor and Gamble try to spin another passive-aggressive gay storyline.

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    Thanks Jamey for all the “support” when talking about gl!!!!! I to loved CC at days whatever she does . . . she does well! But, I hope that next year this time we all will still be talking about gl in the present, not the past!!! :(

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    Ahh, yess! Katernia!!!

    2 quick questions? Doesn’t she have a child with Nicholas Alamain who would be about 16, without SOARAS?

    And isn’t she Frankie Brady’s bio-sis?

    Thanks for the clip :D
    aka Peter
    Turn on the LIGHT!

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    daysfan65, Kind of, Nicholas Alamain is the child she had with Lawrence Alamain. And yes, she is the biological sister of Frankie (Francois).

    As much as I loved Dr. Carly!Freaking!Manning, I want CC on a soap with decent ratings in a story line with legs when they shut down GL. Can DOOL do that now? Maybe?

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    I vaguely remember Crystal from Days, but I LOVE Crystal as my ultimate b!tch goddess, Olivia Spencer on GL. To me, Olivia can do no wrong, no matter how nasty she gets.And I want to see her causing more trouble and making things happen in Springfield! It’s really sinking in for me that this could be the end for GL (what with all these cancellation rumors picking up more steam), and that scares me greatly. :(

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    We don’t need Carly to come back. I do not want to see her be revealed as Mel’s mom, in a triangle with EJ and Mel, and to have her being Vivian’s best friend. That is what would happen.

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    Normally, I agree with you 100% where Days is concerned Jayme, but for the love of Alice Horton’s donuts….Puuulllllease, don’t give Dena Higley any more ammunition. After what she’s (not) done w/Patch & Kayla, I don’t want to see another beloved favorite brought back to this hot mess of a soap!

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    It sounds like GL will be off the air before the end of 2009. Haiving said that I have a different role in mind for Crystal Chappell or Kim Zimmer for that matter.

    I would love to see Crystal Chappell back on ABC, but my idea as who could also fit Kim Zimmer. I know both CC & KZ played on OLTL years ago, but I kinda feel either one may fit in better on AMC. I think both Kim Zimmer or Crystal Chappell could play LIZA COLBY on AMC.

    Granted a lot of who would be a better fit would be determined by how they were gonna write LIZA.
    If she came on as a power house business woman with an agenda of takin down Adam and taking control of FUSION–against Kendell & Erica — I say KIM ZIMMER.

    I also have this vision of Liza as a COUGAR type… repeating the Liza/Tad/Marion story…. but with Colby/Petey/Liza– then I say CRYSTALL CHAPPELL would be awesome. I could see her playing the Mrs Robinson type- no problem. Trying to cover up her affair with petey from both Colby and Tad.

    Ae wise both ladies could fit into the role. Marcy Walker is 47 years old.
    Kim Zimmer is 53
    Crystall Chappell is 43
    both could pull off late 40’s

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    Isn’t Days doing well in the ratings right now (3rd place)? I was just reading up on Carly the other day. I loved Bo and Carly, but I also loved Bo and Billie (as played by Robert Kelker-Kelly and Lisa Rinna).

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    I’d love to see Crystal go back to Days as Carly when GL is cancelled. Bo and Hope need a love triangle, and there could be a lot of angst since Bo never told Hope about Carly.

    Of course, they’d need to bring back Michael Sabatino as Lawrence, especially with Patch and Kayla back. I’d love for Hope to meet the creep who raped her cousin.

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    I like CC too much to want her back on Days. I echo your sentiments about how great she was for the show but I think she’d get worse writing there than she has for the last couple of years in Springfield.
    I don’t recognize bo and hope now and I’m sure if Carly came back she’d be surprisingly similar to the last couple of incarnations of Billie. heck they might even make Kate her mom.
    I think CC would make a kick ass Diane Jenkins on Y&R
    I do agree that CC would do great as Liza AMC as well.
    Ideally Days will be gone long before GL.

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    How did I miss this? I agree with your sentiments. She was a great romantic heroine on Days. She still is lovely, and an awesome actress, so a Bo, Hope, Carly triangle would be hot. If she is ever out of a job, why not land up on Days. A jobs a job.
    Great video also. Nice memories!

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