Days of Our Lives: Monday’s Video Preview

Here’s what’s coming up on Monday’s episode of Days of Our Lives. I’m kinda liking angry Brady (Eric Martsolf). Anyone else?

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    Confessions of a soapaholic: Coming Soon to Blog Friendly Zone

    A soapaholic? Is there still such a thing? I mean, ratings are down, veteran characters are being written out, and not one television network has agreed to air the Daytime Emmys. All of these reasons indicate that soap fans are disappearing and that perhaps the daytime world is slowly, but surely fading away.

    It is simply unacceptable to me that daytime soap operas are a thing of the past and that is what brings me to My blogs will be about the good, the bad, and the ugly of soap operas, both in daytime and in primetime. I am a soapaholic. I am addicted to soap operas. There is something about each and every soap opera currently on the air that I love and it is my goal to try and spread the word that daytime is not dead. Yes, daytime has been hit hard with the economic crisis and because of that, decisions have been made that do not sit well with many of the die hard fans, like myself, who are still watching the shows. Changes are part of life and I think daytime television must make some changes in order to continue to be on the air and be a viable and valuable part of the networks who air them. However, those changes do not have to destroy the integrity of the genre.

    Join me each week for a look into the world of soap operas. We’ll reminisce about past soap operas, get View-like about the hot topics of current soap operas, and share many laughs along the way.

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    I would love angry Brady too, but this is yet another character that loses his backbone and brains whenever he’s around another rubber-bellied character. I wish they would have given Brady more time with John and Marlena before Corday decided to ship them off. You know, spend some more time developing….oh wait, this is Dena Higley writing this. She doesn’t develop anything, it just kind of happens.

    Instead we get to endlessly listen to Brady say “You need to tell the truth Nicole.”

    What a waste….

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    Brady’s one of the few characters I’m actually liking these days. Although, it would be great if he got sick enough of Nicole’s drama to rat her out and put us all out of our misery!

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    I would like angry Brady to take off his shirt.

    That reminds me… has EM been initiated into Days with the inaugural shirt off yet?? I might have blinked/snoozed and missed it…

    Can he have his shirt off and be angry? Phwoar!

    ~ Denial Island: Where Days is good ~

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    If there is a hero in this mess, it’s Eric Martsolf. First, they have put him in scenes with almost the entire show, I’m still trying to figure that out. Second, he is a key player in the exit storyline of J&M, which is huge, who knew and how do you prepare for that? Third, his big opening line is with Chloe, saying I’ve come back to see you and they have a scene then virtually nothing between them after. Fourth, he is Nicole’s instant lean on person for her miscarriage and lies to EJ, even though EJ can’t stand his friendship with Nicole and lastly, a brand new top level employment at Titan. Um, I knew he couldn’t prepare for much of this and yet he looks like he was there all along.

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