Neighbours 2009 Spoiler Preview

Welcome to a special Neighbours 2009 spoilers preview. Grab a cuppa and call a friend because all the Neighbours spoilers you need starts now.

Will Dan and Libby make it down the aisle?

Possibly. Sam’s (Simone Buchanan) not leaving anytime soon. There is another twist coming to this triangle and it’s going to be the most hurtful and deceitful one yet. She will go to incredible lengths to get Dan (Brett Tucker). Kym Valentine returns to the role of Libby Kennedy starting with the season premiere.

Ty (Dean Geyer) will be the one who ends up with a broken heart. When Rachel (Caitlin Stasey) accepts the offer to sing in London, Ty pretends not to love her to make it easier for her to go, but in the end he cannot deny his feelings for her. He will be left in need of a shoulder to cry on, but who’s shoulder will it be?

Steph / Greg
Steph (Carla Bonner) has no idea her new guy Greg (Charlie Clausen) has a wife! It’s even more shocking when Steph finds out she knows Greg’s wife – really well. What will Steph do? Real feelings have developed, so expect alot of headaches and heartbreaks.

Rebecca (Jane Hall) will find out that Paul (Stefan Dennis) was lying to her again, but Paul is not giving up on winning her back, no matter what the cost.

Infidelity will rear its ugly head with this couple, but who will be the one to cheat?

Cullum/ Mickey
These two will hit a roadblock in their friendship with the arrival of a new female classmate.

Shocks Ahead!

Karl’s Mental Health Crisis

The authorities believe Zeke is the one who died in the rafting accident, but Karl clings to hope that Zeke is still alive and waiting to be found. Karl begins having dreams about Zeke, which triggers his family to have concerns about his mental well being, He becomes obsessive about the fact that Zeke’s body has not been found. This will be the major storyline as 2009 kicks off.

Karl is not the only Kennedy having medical issues due to Zeke’s ‘disappearance.’ The apparent loss of Zeke puts Susan under enormous strain, which causes her MS to be triggered. She tries to hide it from her family, but starts to resent that she is going through everything on her own. The stress of everything causes a relapse.

Libby vs. Steph