Kelli McCarty: “I Enjoy Acting, And I Really Like Sex, So This Was The Perfect Opportunity”

More is coming out about Miss USA 1991 turned Passions star turned porn star Kelli McCarty’s new film that Jamey reported about earlier. 

“I enjoy acting, and I really like sex,” says McCarty told TMZ. “So this was the perfect opportunity to combine two of my passions.

The Hollywood Gossip is also reporting that "I (McCarty) approached Vivid with the idea of shooting a film with a sexy but interesting storyline." She continued  "I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of control I was given throughout the production process. I am very pleased with the final edit of ‘Faithless,’ and I just may do another adult film.”

At least she confirmed that there is acting involved in porn. Who knew? Isn’t that sort of like saying professional Wrestling is all an act? Check out a more wholesome clip of Kelli in a SOAPnet promo. Boy things change don’t they?

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    Oh my God!! I loved Beth so much! This is shocking! No wonder her marriage ended last year.

    Beth was the BEST villainess in Passions’ history. Her schemes permanently broke up a supercouple (Shuis). Not even Gwen!

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    I hated Beth. She was on too much and was annoying with breaking up Shuis. Luis didn’t want her, unless she was going to give Luis so good loving, maybe he would stay with her. LMAO


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    Well she did a whole bunch of soft porn films before she joined Passions, but still. I mean full out porn, don’t most bad acting actors try out porn first to make it in the big time. I wonder how her son is gonna feel about that. I’m no prude, I just feel bad for the kids, my mommy’s a porn star.

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