Stephen Schnetzer Goes Bugs Up on Fringe

I don’t know why it is that Stephen Schnetzer’s voice has stuck with me all these years after Another World ended, but it has. That’s why, while watching tonight’s new episode of Fringe on FOX, I unexpectedly heard his voice and rushed to get screencaps. Schnetzer portrayed one of two scientists that die after drinking water that unknowingly contains something it that rapidly grows into a giant slug after mixing with a human’s stomach fluids. I wasn’t quick enough to get pictures of the bug coming out of the mouth of Schnetzer’s character but I did of the other professor. Check out more pictures after the jump.

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    I watched last night…..SO>>>>>GROSS>>>>>!!! (but oh so good)

    Love Olivia Dunham – she rocks in a Sam McCall bad ass way!


    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.
    Bag the Ho. Make her Go. Set the Timer on the Easy Bake Oven of PC.

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