Anna Stuart Returns as Mary Smythe

Why does some news have to be so bittersweet? Nelson Branco is reporting in the Suds Report that one of my all time favorite actresses from the Another World days, Anna Stuart, is returning to All My Children as the mother of Greenlee Smythe (Rebecca Budig). Apparently Mary is going to stay in Pine Valley until Greenlee bites the big one and joins Leo and Gillian in soap opera heaven. With a multitude of pointless characters that could be or need to be killed off, of course it is Greenlee and her many connections they choose to do in. 

Let’s add up all the great actors that have written off since I started watching (in no particular order and not including diceased actors): Billy Miller, Eva La Rue, Julia Barr, Cady McClain, Terri Ivens, John Callahan, Josh Duhamel, Justin Bruening, Alexa Havins, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, Leven Rambin, Jesse McCartney, Jeff Branson, Esta TerBlanche, Kate Collins, Marj Dusay, William deVry, James Scott, Linda Dano, Finola Hughes, Michael Nader, Tanisha Lynn, Kelli Giddish,  Robin Christopher, Robin Mattson, Olivia Birkelund and Marcy Walker.

I really shouldn’t think about all those actors not being on the show anymore or I’ll need to admit myself to Oakhaven.

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    Courtney fan4life

    Sorry Luke but its time for GreenME to go. i cant stand her now that she is back with ryan. I wish she would take Ryan with her.

    And you forgot to add Connie Fletcher who played Erin to your list.

    Even greenME dying wont bring me back to the show Im ahppy they are killing characters I hate such as Babe, josh, Di, and now GreenME but I want DIXIE COONEY MARTIN BACK!!

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    Luke, please say you meant “deceased” actors, as in dead and not “diseased” actors as in sick. Although “diseased” may be more appropriate in some cases. }:)

    I don’t understand why Greenlee has to die, either. Why can’t she just leave town like people do IRL? Maybe Mia needs help running Fusion wherever she is. Or she could move to Paris to feel closer to Leo, since that was the place they’d planned to live. Now that Bianca is in PV, it makes sense that someone would need to go oversee the Paris division of Cambias/Fusion/whatever it’s called. I think it would be cool if a Leo look-alike came to drive her to the airport, or something like that. Why does she have to take a header off a cliff? Can’t AMC learn from GH’s mistake of killing off characters they find they need later (paging NL as NotEmily and SD as Ghost Alan)?

    ETA I am glad Anna Stuart will be back. I loved her on AW and she’s great as Mary Smythe. If Greenlee MUST die, then I hope Mary seeks comfort from Jack, making Erica jealous.

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    Luke your biggest omission was the very talented and missed Julia Barr.Pratt needs to research this show and realize us fans wants vets back on screen.Erica and brookes rivalry was one of the best i’ll try to send a youtube clip later.

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    I just wonder if Frons is kicking himself for replacing Sabine Singh. Huge mistake for just one year of RB. Singh was coming into her own and it seems that the fans were coming around just when the pulled her.

    They should have gone with Sabine and Ailee.

    I dont know if they could have gotten any actress to take this role after they so totally gave SS the shaft.

    As for the list, and you are really making me feel like an abc apologist right now since I already feel like I am often the only one to say mostly positive stuff about gh, but the list you gave is a bit deceptive given that some of those folks wanted to leave. Not only was RB actively solicited to stay, Kelly ripa certainly wasnt given the boot, nor was bruening or havins or walker or…. Even if some of them left on their own accord BECAUSE of the bad writing, others certainly left because they were on their way to something bigger and better. Ripa had Regis and Kelly, Duhamel had Vegas ….others like RC were kept in the family.

    I think they are “killing” off Greenlee because a recast for the forseeable future isnt viable. If somehow Kendall had ended up with Greens heart — THAT is dead, but greens going over a cliff means she is no more dead than Leo is.


    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.
    Bag the Ho. Make her Go. Set the Timer on the Easy Bake Oven of PC.

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    Anna Stuart is one of the best actresses ever to appear in daytime! I am thrilled she will be appearing in a couple of episodes of AMC. Mary Smythe is a hoot of a character and I love how she goes head to head with Erica Kane. Go Anna!

    Always soaptacular-


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    :) I could NOT be HAPPIER!! I HATE Rebecca Budig!
    I only liked Greenlee when S.S. was playing her.
    I just wish Cameron Matheson was going with her!
    I think both ACTORS are overrated and AMC does not really need them anymore. They have plenty of other really sexy,good actors that have MORE chemistry then either one of them.
    If ABC wants to make “budget cuts” then they should get rid of C.M(Ryan)too.

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    Why couldn’t Ryan and Greenlee just leave together??? I like Greenlee, but I HATE Ryan.

    That list of departed AMC actors is sad. I’d take almost all of them back. Keep Erica, Tad, Adam, Kendall, Zach, David, Angie, Jesse, Amanda, JR, Opal, Jack, Jake and Petey and ditch everyone else and bring back Liza, Skye, Brooke, Dixie, Simone’s twin played by Terri Ivens, Jamie, Ambyr Childers as Colby, Reggie, Dani, Trey, Dimitri, Janet, Tim, Anton, Laura, and Greg.

    Now THAT would be a good AMC!

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    I’m right ther with Luke and all the others who don’t want Greenlee to die.And of all the cheesy ways to go why over a cliff? I realizie it’d supposed to be a “tribute” to Leo, but it really, *really* is not.They could have had her find out Leo was alive and go after him, even if they couldn’t get Josh Duhamel to return. Anything other than a cliff please!
    I *am* happy to see Mary back and I hope she sticks around to get into all soets of trouble.

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    Luke, I thought you were trying to make the point that AMC has let a lot of talent slip through its fingers. I guess I misunderstood. In response to that, I was responding that a lot of that talent couldnt have been kept – they could have, and in many of those cases probably did, offer the sun and the moon, with no luck.


    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.
    Bag the Ho. Make her Go. Set the Timer on the Easy Bake Oven of PC.
    Make the Buzzard fly the coop. Turn her into Toxic Soup!!

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    why cant we just see the back of some guys head, GREENLEE says “LEO?!?!?”

    cut to black, its a friday cliffhanger.

    then on monday, everyone fills in the story, “omg, we all thought he was dead! did you see GREENLEE run of with him?!?! oh poor RYAN, left at the altar!”, some crap like that…it sure couldnt be worse than whats being written now.

    then CRYAN could go sling his sperm @ ANNIE’S DR or whomever his next receptacle is gonna be.

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    I would have everyone believe Greenlee dies. Then have her wakeup to a mysterious stranger. Zero in on her face in the bed and have her say “Leo”, then fade to black.

    Sounds good to me!


    Pushing Daisies – You will always be in my heart!

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    Not all the actors you list were written out or killed off because TPTB decided they didnt want them in PV.. many moved on of their own free will.

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