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Here’s the Scoop! 01.23.09

Not much out there today… typical Friday.

Nikolas "sees" Emily.
It’s Rebecca and he drops the phone to chase after her.

Kate is sneaking around Sonny’s… She’ s there looking for the DVD’s and Kate wants Olivia to help her warn Sonny about his wife. Kate gets all the goods on Claudia and heads to the fundraiser to tell Sonny. Road blocks? Of course! Olivia gets in Kate’s way at Carly’s request. Kate asks Lulu to get to Sonny for her, but we all know Lulu is not a stellar employee. More fighting for the Falconari cousins. Kate goes down thanks to the toxin but what happens to the DVD she has with her?

Who will live and who will die? Leyla and Trevor are the two names that have popped up over and over again. Dr. Andy from Night Shift is a casualty and one more person should be taking a dirt nap. Most likely an extra/day player but we’ll be lead to believe that a few characters are knocking on heaven’s door.

The Jackal is SUPPOSED to get the goods that clears his name and gets the feds off Jason ‘s back. Will he offer to work for Agent Rayner?

Questions I didn’t get to yesterday…

Do we know anything more about these two Regan? How their story lines cross through out this crisis?

This question was about Jason and Sam… They’ll work together to figure out who is behind the crisis.

Any Rebecca spoilers? Have you heard anything about JoLu ending? Any new info on a SORAS’d Michael?

Nothing new on Rebecca other than she MAY be playing with Monica’s head. We all Monica is going down thanks to the toxin and she’ll think Rebecca is Emily coming to take her away.

There are always RUMORS of JoLu ending as most are fans of Johnny’s but not necessarily Lulu’s. They are however SUPPOSEDLY well liked by Brian Frons and well we all know how that goes. There is some CHATTER that Lulu COULD be the one who winds up knocked up. Do fans want to see another Lulu pregnancy storyline?

Not much more to report on the POSSIBLE SORASing of Michael Corinthos III. There were RUMORS that a casting call is out for a teenaged female and of course ASSUMPTIONS jumped to a SORASed Kristina.

Remember a while back there were rumors that if Steve Burton didn’t renew his contract that they might put Liason back together and write them off together. What happened to that rumor? Any news about SB’s contract? I would hate to see RH leave but her storylines seem kind of weak now. It’s kinda sad how I still hold out for Liason.

No real news in regards to Steve Burton’s contract.

Have you ever seen a character so abused like what they have been doing to my girl Kate lately?

Yes I have. Doesn’t make it right though.

I forgot to ask this earlier Regan, but I have no idea why someone would ingest the toxin balls – any thoughts?

Stupidity? Dumb writing? Who knows.

Also, with Spin being able to clear his own name…does that mean Sam won’t have to work for AZ? I sure hope this will put an end to that s/l..

It SHOULD put an end to that but who knows. There are RUMORS that Mark Pinter (agent Rayner) COULD be sticking around a little longer as well as Winnie so Jason MAY still be working with the feds in some capacity and I am sure Sam will tag along.

Am I the only one who really digs Ric and Claudia? I just love RH in general but the chemistry between the two is simply sparky.

I like them so that means they for sure won’t be together. There are the RUMORS of Claudia being the impregnated one and the daddy would be Ric. BUT Frons has once again stepped in and he wants Claudia with Sonny.

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  1. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    Cool! Thanks for acknowledging the abuse Kate is getting lately.

    Anyway, looks like PC residents will once again do everything in their power to keep Kate from Sonny and use and abuse her on the way. I just hope Guza lets her get a few shots in on her way down and we all know she’ll land right back in that God awful hospital gown.

    Are you kidding me? I just read your last blurb about Frons once again ignoring what the public wants; Clic, SKate and will insist on continuing to pair SJB and MB. What is wrong with these people in charge???? Recent SID poll asking whether or not the public wanted to see the MOC turn real went 85% against. Whatever.

  2. Profile photo of morningstar67

    Thank you Regan for answer my questions. I certainly appreciate all that you do to keep us informed. Although the information can be slightly agrivating. I love Ric and Claudia together. Why should Sonny get all the female actors?

    I absolutely loved Jason and Sam together yesterday! Yeah! I like the fact that they are in each others space without trying to rip each other apart.

  3. Profile photo of hrfmom

    Thanks for keeping me updated on the show. This is the only way I know what has been or will happen on GH. I stopped watching in October/November and will not watch the show while they have the Scooby gang of Sam and Jason together; and by no means am I slamming Sam. I just prefer her screen time to be with somebody other than Jason. Doesn’t DWTS need another judge this season? :) I am just in awe/disbelief that Frons will back a couple like Johnny & Lulu but dismantle a fan favorite of Jason & Liz. Are you able to explain this?

    Regan, I know that you like Greek. Does this show come back in March and if so when?!?!

  4. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    Thanks for all your spoilers Regan. I know Liason is over, but I just have to vent. Does anyone else think Frons/Guza are constantly playing with Liason fans. On Wednesday’s eppy it just seemed like most of the scenes may be leading up to a Liason sighting, then we got nothing with Sam ending up at Jason’s. Also, yesterdays eppy, we don’t see Liz at all until the second Jason leaves the hospital. It’s like Frons doesn’t want to give us what we want, but leads us to believe we may see a moment just so we stayed tuned in. Did this happen a lot after Frons destroyed Liason for Journey (I tuned out after Journey ended up together)?

    Just heard SOD is reporting Jason avoids Liz during the crisis . . . WTF, like he wouldn’t check in on her at all. Are we supposed to act like they never knew each other and never had a child?

    I know I really need to stop watching soaps, just wondering if anyone else feel this way.
    Heartbroken Liason Fan . . . SIGH

  5. Profile photo of hrfmom

    I totally stopped watching all soaps when GH dismantled Liasion! I watched the funeral scene for Kay on the Y&R but that has been it. I have been soap free for about 2-3 months and it does not look like they will gain my viewship back anytime soon. I think when ‘The Soup’ is making fun of soaps (B&B) that pretty much sums up the state of soap operas. I’m 35 and had been watching soaps all my life.

  6. Profile photo of crazy4gh


    I’m 41 and I grew up with my mom watching Search for Tomorrow, As the World Turns and Y&R, so I guess it’s in my blood. I’ve always been a ABC Soap Potato though. I love watching OLTL everyday because they are not afraid to go where no man has gone to make it interesting.

    I stopped watching GH for good when Liason was destroyed for Journey, so I do not have anything against JaSam, it’s just not my Liason. Unfortunately, back in August of 2006 I ran into Liason on my TV and was hooked ever since.

    I will learn one of these days . . . hopefully;)
    Heartbroken Liason Fan . . . SIGH

  7. Profile photo of KingTV

    I was lured back to DVR’ing GH because of this so-called “amazing” hospital crisis story and all I am seeing is crap on my TV screen. There is absolutely zero heart and soul involved with any of this story. It all reeks of “Who cares?” Another medical dilemma, another time-revolving, 24-copy style set-up and some threats of minor characters dying. Trevor? Lelya ( who I like but she has not been developed at all as a 3-dimensional person although no one on the show really is an anymore)? I can sit here and complain that the show is completely the opposite of what it used to be. It’s identity is unrecognizable to a long-time viewer like myself. I can give specific examples of what used to be so right about GH that is now so wrong and, in my opinion, this is just NOT a soap opera. I cannot waste my time and energy on that when it saddens me to see the direction the show has headed. Well, we are now here, the bottom of the barrel of soap operas. After watching last week’s beginning of the story and only mon and tues of this week, once again, I have had it. I do not care about a single character anymore. Even my old faves, Luke, Tracy, Carly, the forgotten Quartermaines and Bobbie, who are trotted out during these stories to appease the fans for a single second of air time. The only characters worth caring about to me are Robin and Patrick’s relationship. They care, love, think, argue and raise their baby like a real couple. I did like Spixie but he is so caught up in the mob stuff (which I used to find a fascinating PART of the show but everything else has now been sacrificed to the alter of the criminally, immoral violence) and the writers seem hell bent on having Maxie only like Spinelli as a friend and they want to force a reunion between her and Matt because of their prior working chemistry on another show which we all know rarely works out well. I have been FF’ing through most of it and I am bored. I will not watch to see it improve. Maybe I will return if I hear from you guys or other good sources that the show is on a upswing but somehow, unless Guza and Phelps are fired, that is unlikely to happen. Sonny is not God and he sure isn’t a character who should be the leading man on the show. he should be the villain that everyone is trying to stop, not let him get away with his shipments of “coffee.” On that note, if they are going to have him be the head of the mob just explain the bad thing he does, drugs, guns, prostitutes, monopolizing the Port Charles sanitation dept, whatever it is the actual mafia does. Bring it or don’t bother. Then, to throw this story in for Feb. sweeps just so they can get an Emmy reel that could win them another undeserving Best Show award is a travesty. Someone in SOW had a good idea that the Academy should pick 2 random dates from the qualifying year and each show has to put those 2 episodes on the Emmy reel which would give the judging panel a much better idea of what really goes on day-to-day on each show. The producers could not produce an Emmy-bait epsiode to submit. It would mean that every show should be Emmy-winning quality. Obviously, the only shows that could handle that are Y&R and OLTL. Maybe that would raise the bar and force the other shows to step up their games although somehow I do not think NBC or Corday even care about winning an Emmy at this point and a few other shows feel the same way probably. It’s this apathetic attitude towards what they produce everyday that has become the main factor in the downfall of the genre.

    Anyway, I am deleting the rest of the GH’s from this week and may, just maybe, DVR next Thurs, 1/28 because that’s the date I hear the whole operation mess and fire begins in the nurse’s station. That kind of hypocrisy is not what I mean. I just want to see a good epsiode of the show. I am trying at least, I want this show to acheive what I know it can. Please Frons, hire Claire Labine and she will raise the ratings because she knows how to write a soap opera like nobody’s business. He regime at the show was one of the greatest periods of the show’s history, if not, the best. From the Carly/Bobbie/ Tony story to BJ’s heart tranplanted into Maxie to the introduction of Sonny, to reviving Luke and Laura as a happy, loving couple to the revelation of Justus Ward being a Quartermaine and Robin and Stone’s heartbreaking romance, all some of the greatest story lines in soap opera history, let alone GH. That is the show I want to see. Not this prime-time, crime drama, “Grey’s Anatomy” meets “The Sopranos” but doing it without the characterization and great writing of those shows. After Marlena and John Leave DOOL today, next week, my fourth show will now be GL, for I hear that is is slowly improving, Phillip is coming back and even Jenna is making an appearance. Focusing back on the core and giving story’s room to breath and develop is definitely a reason to return as well as I do not want the show to be canceled because I used to love that show too. I am ready to add to their 1.5 rating so it goes up to 1.500001. LOL! Just my 2 cents. Keep up the great work Regan and everyone else at my favorite daytime source period. Better then any of the magazines and most of the other blogs, DC is THE place for all soap opera news, criticism and mostly, LOVE.

  8. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    I find it a bit odd that Rebecca is skulking around the hospital for all these hours. I realize Kelly’s and StoneColdbucks is closed due to fire but…just to have Rebecca dart in and out of scenes….its like they don’t know what to do with her but play hide and seek. JMO.

  9. Profile photo of samrocks

    …the Scooby gang of Sam and Jason together

    That made me laugh out loud! Of course, I can’t figure out which character Spinelli would be. :?

    Good morning everyone and Happy Friday!
    ***I don’t care what Season says – Jack is a joke and Sawyer is sexy.***

  10. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Rebecca’s lurking is annoying… and Perkie is right, the main cast are not the only ones that knew Em. She worked at GH and her family has worked there/been involved with the hospital for years. Even a janitor would recognize her.

  11. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    I was thinking the same thing the Q’s practically built GH and they have Embecca skulking arpund and nobody notices her


  12. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    “…the Scooby gang of Sam and Jason together

    That made me laugh out loud! Of course, I can’t figure out which character Spinelli would be”
    Here is what I think :
    Daphne= Maxi
    I still didn’t decide who should be Scooby
    who do you think????

  13. Profile photo of samrocks

    Great minds thinks alike, b/c I TOTALLY thought Sonny should be Scooby!

    Of course, now that I think about it, Max & Milo should be Shaggy and Scooby. Spinelli should be Velma.

    Maxie should be the costume designer…
    ***I don’t care what Season says – Jack is a joke and Sawyer is sexy.***

  14. Profile photo of jj01129

    Sonny is defintly the dog the only issue is Shaggy and Scooby are best friends somehow I don’t see that happening lolIt would have to be Jason but Jason is one hottttt dog lol

  15. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I am just wondering – can anyone think of a time that they brought a character back and had them lurking in a way that was effective? AMC lurked Greenlee and they lurked Dixie and both times it was AWFUL.

    JaSam and Spixie as the Scooby Gang – I cant think of 4 better characters to see hanging out on GH!!! But Sam is not Velma -Velma was the science/logical nerd. The only woman on GH smart enough to be Velma would be Winnie. Speaking of the fearless foursome, I loved the Spin/Sam scenes and the Spin/Raynor scenes yesterday. And of course the JaSam scenes. JaSam is HOORAY!

    To me, Claudia and Sonny remind me of the movie Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I think thats the vibe they are going for, and if you have seen that movie, in the end they reconnect and remain married.

    If Lulu gets preggers, the only way I would like to see that is if she does it on purpose to snag him. My question though is this – if they break up JoLu, who does Johnny get paired with. I see some more chem testing with Johnny and Maxie, but what does that mean for Spixie or Matt Maxie.

    So lots of scenes these days with Patrick and Liz. I am so wanting a PIZ booty call – and the good news is he lives right next store, so nobody would have to climb 29 flights of stairs.

    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.
    Bag the Ho. Make her Go. Set the Timer on the Easy Bake Oven of PC.

  16. Profile photo of samrocks

    I hope I don’t lose my title as Scrubs’ #1 fan but…

    Ever since Patrick’s Thanksgiving(?) daydream sequence where Lizard was all sassy and had that red shirt on, I’ve been thinking that those two REALLY need to get it on. Let’s face it – no couple lasts forever on a soap, so if Scrubs is going on hiatus then I think Patrick should hook up with Liz. I don’t know who would get Robin, though…
    ***I don’t care what Season says – Jack is a joke and Sawyer is sexy.***

  17. Profile photo of samrocks

    Oooh…Robin could get it on with Jagger!
    ***I don’t care what Season says – Jack is a joke and Sawyer is sexy.***

  18. Profile photo of lwong82d

    In regards to the swallowing balls of toxins, it is a way of smuggling drugs over the border or into prisons. People would use other people or even animals to swallow drugs like heroin, cocaine, or whatever, then when they made it over the border or where ever the destination was, then there would be a doctor to cut it out. They only had so much time before the stomach acid ate through the covering. Most times, these transporters didn’t have a choice; either they owed money or were threatened in some way.

    There are also stories of some people shoving them up their colon instead of swallowing them.

    My hubby is from the “hood” so I’ve had to suffer watching American Me and Blood In Blood Out, but they are a little TOO authentic for my tastes. Yech!

  19. Profile photo of hrfmom

    Usually people will swallow ballons with these drugs or in GH’s case Toxins. I’m not from the hood; I am from the midwest but just read a lot and watch a lot of tv!!

    Allowing Sonny to be Scooby is just not right; first of all Scooby is taller and is a lot smarter then Sonny. Maybe Sonny can be Scrappy Doo? Or who was the dumb cousin that would be on the cartoon from time to time?

  20. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I guessed swallowed toxic balls yesterday LOL


    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.
    Bag the Ho. Make her Go. Set the Timer on the Easy Bake Oven of PC.

  21. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I still love Sonny. His scenes yesterday with Claudia and Carly were so interesting.

    Yeah the last couple of years the writers have made him a bit “scrappy do-sih” but I still love him.


    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.
    Bag the Ho. Make her Go. Set the Timer on the Easy Bake Oven of PC.

  22. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    JaSam is HOORAY!


    To me, Claudia and Sonny remind me of the movie Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I think thats the vibe they are going for, and if you have seen that movie, in the end they reconnect and remain married.

    EET: A few weeks ago, I accidently watched a scene between Sonny and Claudia and Macbeth came to mind (only for that scene though). Claudia was sooo Lady Macbeth and it was Awesome! It occurred to me that doing a mob story with Macbeth elements to it would be cool (and eventually doing a Sonny/King Lear story once all his kids grow up would be terrific). You know if you insist on doing mob stories, you might as well take a little from Tennessee Williams and Shakespeare to make it really interesting :)

  23. Profile photo of Jenba

    Claudia/Sonny – vomit inducing

    FBI being made to look as inept as the PCPD when it comes to busting the mobbies – heave worthy

    NuEm lurking around the elevator, unrecognized, and “trying” to be bad ass by chewing gum and leaning with attitude – pricelessly bad

  24. Profile photo of Lorelai

    That scene at the hospital the other day when Elizabeth and Jason just seemed to miss each other really just ripped my heart out. It’s getting to the point where just seeing Jason on the screen without Elizabeth is just painful and empty. I got so used to their chemistry that now it feels like something is missing. And that’s a sad day for me. I am a fan of that craziness that seems to be Nu-Em. Gum chewing aside, the elevator scene the other day had me cracking up and screaming at Elizabeth and Nik to turn the frick around. Other than that, I really don’t know why I watch anymore. Even my love for Scrubs can’t keep me watching anymore. Here’s hoping Anne Sweeney wakes up and cans Frons and all of his meddling.

    ~Liason Forever~

  25. Profile photo of morningstar67

    I screamed when Nic just missed the elevator. I thought for sure he would have caught a glimps of her, she sure seemed to be checking him out lol.

    I loved Jason and Sam. I know I said it before but I thought I would say it again. Theirs were just so oh eeeee JaSam. Good night everyone :)

  26. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    I’ve been giving GH another shot, but trying to see it as a new soap, since it is so different from the last time I watched regularly. It’s great to see soap great Mark Pinter again, and I have been a fan of Senta Moses since her work on “Running The Halls”. I know both actors are short term, but the casting department was smart to cast them!

    Laura Wright’s Carly is the sexiest of them all and the fact Ric and Claudia were getting freaky with Sonny right outside the door was hilarious…true daytime scene right there!

    Not much of the Q’s anymore. Still love Robin. She’s a mom and a wife now. Interesting.

    Always soaptacular-


  27. Profile photo of Lorelai

    GROWPEAS I couldn’t agree more. I think even more it shows that just because they devote a lot of time to a couple and storyline it doesn’t mean their fans will ever get any real payoff. It tells every GH fan that if there is a couple with a dynamic and interesting s/l, you really shouldn’t give it the time of day because they might just suck you in and spit you back out with nothing to show for it. GH normally doesn’t seem to care what fans want in any way. They seem to only write what they want to write and that shows a big disconnect with all fanbases.

    How can they ever imagine that having Sonny sleep with Claudia is something fans that are paying attention to the storyline want to see? The woman who is responsible for his son getting shot.

    How can they imagine that characters like Georgie and Emily aren’t important at all and deserve nothing more than to be killed off?

    How can the people writing this drivel think true fans aren’t picking their inconsistencies apart and wondering why they watch anymore?

    How can they not know that writing a s/l involves building trust with the viewers? Instead they jerk every fanbase around hoping to get a quick boost to their ratings? True ratings come from respecting your viewers and fans enough to give them a good story that is consistent and not pulled out of BF’s butt.

    How can they not know that their biggest demographic is women? Women who have respect for themselves and the other women around them. Women who would not go back to a man that shoved them to the floor when they were pregnant or told them they would kill them. Women who work hard every day, often getting 75 cents to the guy next to them’s dollar and wanting to see women on screen who are realistic. Not every whore has a heart of gold and not every good girl always makes bad choices.

    What woman doesn’t secretly (or publicly) wish the hobag in the office sleeping her way to the top or the neighborhood slut boffing everyone’s man would get what she deserves?

    Instead GH rewards the bad girls, gives them s/l and air time (just like the men) and leaves the hardworking moms and career women to get abused and constantly shoved to the background.

    I fear I have ranted a bit but this show is killing me.

    ~Liason Forever~

  28. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Lorelai, I agree GH can be very misogynistic. I think the show is obviously not geared towards women. The men drive the story, the women are vicitmized regularly and it’s usually Jason (the Hitman Hero) that saves the day. Which is why I’m thrilled that *occasionally* they let Sam be the hero.

    Most of the airtime goes to the Holy Trinity (Jason/Sonny/Carly), not to mention the insipid Lulu. If they were to take away 10% of airtime from those characters and give it to other characters, that would be awesome. But TPTB like who they like and that’s that unfortunately :(

    But in defense of the show, they do have hardworking moms and “career women”. Carly (who I can’t stand) is both, as is Alexis, and Liz. And while GH is not interested in typical good girls (like Emily, Georgie, Nadine) we do have Robin (thank goodness!) And most of the women are somewhere in the middle – good people who do bad things (Carly, Liz, Sam, etc…) Actually I think what GH is missing is a real villianess (I thought that was going to be Claudia but no…)

    I guess my point is that I don’t see the problem as being, Oh we need more moms on the show or women with white collar jobs. For me, the problem is that it’s all about the men (unlikeable men at that) and the women are only used as props…

  29. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Daisy I agree with a lot of what you said. And I think this is why we dont get good triangles (going back to that on-going debate) I remember with Sonny-Brenda-Jax that I related to HER and so as her feelings waffled between the two men, so did who I “rooted” for. The men in general treat the women so pathetically much of the time that if you had a triangle with the guy in the middle, after a bit of time we would start to wonder why either woman would want him LOL

    That said, I really dont think of any of the women on the show as “hobags” and neighborhood sluts boffing everything that moves. I mean, for example, Claudia talks a big game, but so far there was the ONS with Sonny and then just ric. I joke about hosabeth, but while almost all of the characters are prone at one time or another to slutty behavior, I dont truly think any of them are pure slut. The fact that we separate them out in our minds plays right into the stratgies employed by tptb . *************************************************

    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.
    Bag the Ho. Make her Go. Set the Timer on the Easy Bake Oven of PC.
    Make the Buzzard fly the coop. Turn her into Toxic Soup!!

  30. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Regan, lots of questions for you

    First, I guess there was a Jiz event in Vegas this weekend? If so, was there any news that came from it? Hoping Lizard was talking Lucky.

    Second, looselips is reporting that SOnny will be off canvas for 3 months (Like Luke/TG’s outs) that folks will think he is dead but only Jason and Sam will know he is just fine. (That certainly would make a lot of sense – why he doesnt kill claudia, how Jason gets out of the deal with the fbibbers etc.) What are you hearing about this — I esp. think this is interesting in that Lizard and Jason fought about Sonny back in the early Journey days) HMMM. What will Lizard think when she finds out Jason didnt tell her, but DID tell Sam.

    Hearing Monday is the day Lucky confronts JaSam about their decisions. I hope he doesnt act like a tool. *************************************************

    Ditch the bitch, Save the World….Exterminate the Lizard.
    Bag the Ho. Make her Go. Set the Timer on the Easy Bake Oven of PC.
    Make the Buzzard fly the coop. Turn her into Toxic Soup!!

  31. Profile photo of growpeas

    I am almost to the point of quitting GH entirely – not just ff’d. I think what’s been done to Liason points to a larger issue for GH. TIIC just will not allow a couple to remain stable enough for the audience to feel invested in them. And, it’s happened to a few characters too.

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