WTF!? Rotten Rick is Helping the Marones on The Bold and the Beautiful?!

Color me all shades of confused. This week’s Soap Opera Weekly reveals that it isn’t Stephanie (Susan Flannery), or Thorne (Winsor Harmon) or Felicia (Lesli Kay) who has been secretly emailing Forrester Creations sketches to the competition, it’s Rick (Kyle Lowder)!

I have to give it to Brad Bell and Co., I certainly didn’t see this one coming. Why on earth would Rick, who Eric (John McCook) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) dote on and make excuses for ad nauseum feel slighted enough to sabotage the family fashion firm? Three words: His horny niece.

According to the magazine article Rick feels no one will ever respect his role at Forrester or sign off on his icky relationship with Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), yet another of his brother’s daughters. The mag goes on to reveal Rick confesses to both Steffy and Eric next week. While I have to admit, it’s nice to be surprised old school-style, I was sincerely hoping the secret Forrester was one who actually needs more screentime like Felicia or Thorne. I am loving Lowder, but come on Brad, share the wealth! At least Kay has her multi-episode Ghost Whisperer stint to keep her challenged as an actress.


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    What a big disappointment! Rick? Seriously? Because of his sick relationship to his niece?

    I’m starting to believe Brad Bell maybe is still held hostage in the cellar and was just let free for a few episodes.

    Hopefully Nelson’s big news is something good that can get me excited again.

    At the moment, with that knowledge … I’m just disappointed! :(

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    I knew it was Rick! BandB will be off of my TIVO now that we know who it is…..

    GL/AMC/ATWT/GH/Y&R Fans!!!!!!!!!
    Ashamed RC/BF’s let Todd get of the rape charge!

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    Can Kyle get rid of his “i want to be in a boy band” hair do and the creepy facial hair?!?!? The only time I liked Kyle/Rick is when he was on “the soup” with Joel McHale. I just do not buy Kyle as Eric and Brooke’s son.

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    I listened to the whiny and self-indulgent excuses that this spoiled little brat was spouting and my eyes nearly fell out of my head due to the over abundant eye rolling I indulged in.

    I just hope this dud of a show can step it up with this storyline. I hope it umbrellas out and we can see the ramifications for all on the canvas ESPECIALLY Thorne and Felicia as they are the children oft marginalised in that family. I could care less about what this does to Ridge but Brooke, Stephanie, Thorne, Felicia and Eric should be the main players in this storyline.

    This storyline hopefully should turn this show around, but I don’t trust Brad Bell not to muck it up.

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    I for one knew it had to be him from his conversations with Steffy. How else would they be able to be together other than leaving FC? Rick can lie to Steffy all he wants, it’s exactly what he said, he hates Ridge & doesn’t want to live in his shadow. What a low down dirty trick to pull after Eric stood up for him, but that serves Eric right for putting the kids that busted their butts to make FC a success then pushing them aside.

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    I don’t get B & B these days. I mean Rick and Steffi fell madly in love in about 5 episodes. The actress who plays Steffi just doesn’t have the chops to be a leading character and cannot hold her own opposite many of B & B’s veteran performers. They really should hired someone with experience. I do think it was a surprise that Rick was behind the sabotage, but sadly it is the only thing that has been a surprise on the soap in a long time. If it wasn’t for Susan Flannery and kooky Pam, (and the fact the soap is my wife’s fave), I wouldn’t even be watching.

    Always soaptacular-


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    Jamey, I with you on that on. In an industry that is dying and I gave her a chance to shine, but has failed dismal. I hate the s/l and hate the pairing and feel bad for Kyle Lowder for this awful plot point and pairing. They need to recast the character with some who can handle the material. JMW is not doing it for me.


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