Jack to Get a New Lady on Young and Restless

Anyone hoping that the demise of Shack (Sharon and Jack) will reunite the red-hot duo that is known around the Internet as Phlack (Phyllis and Jack) better get that notion right out of their heads for the time being. Soap Opera Digest  has reported that The Young and the Restless has sent out a casting call for a female who is known to households and has no affiliation with soaps to become a love interest for Jack (Peter Bergman). Y&R has also hired an actress to play the role of Alex, who is depicted as a "twenty something beautiful heroine." Rumors are already buzzing on the Internet as to whether or not the character is a red-herring replacement for an actress on the canvas (Colleen) or the return of a fan favorite (Mac). No word on when Alex will make her debut  or who is taking the job. Stay tuned as Daytime Confidential will bring you updates to this latest development.

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    Gabrielle Christian would make good recast for Colleen. And if Mac is coming back they need to either get my Rachel Kimsey back (I know Jay is fuming), the fan fave Ashley Bashioum (I mean what else is she doing), or find a kickass recast to play her.

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    Personally, I’d much prefer Adrianne Leon come back as Colleen but if they’re gonna re-cast the role, then it had better be with an actress who can actually act. This child portraying Colleen now has been a dismal failure and she has far exceeded her dubious welcome on this show. One of Y&R’s worst casting mistakes ever.

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    I seriously hope this is a red herring and TPTB have seen the error of their ways and graciously asked Adrianne Leon back as Colleen and shoved Sursok out the door. She has been horrendous in the role from her very first scene.

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    “i think the show should hire crystal chappell as jack new love interest. she would be great”
    If the light goes out on GL, then this is a great idea. I just wonder, though, how long it would take her to bed Victor once Jack falls in love with her.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Wait a minute Alex was the African American character whom was involved with both Neil and Malcolm in the late 90’s. When did soaps start taking the names of previous African American characters and re-emerging them as Caucasians. Just take Taylor on AMC she was first an African American Character in the early 90’s. Now they brought on a character with the same name. I thought there was rule in soaps that no character could have the same name unless they were offspring or related in someway.

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    Bring back the singing! Remember the old days of breaking out in song?

    Is Murph really a good guy – or is he a red herring to throw us off? I like him and hope he is genuine.

    Fire Phyliss! She is the worst actress and and an unnecessary!

    Keep Brad!

    When did Noah go from age 12 to 15? Same with Abby – wasn’t she just 6 and now she is 14? Stop the aging!

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    There is only one woman for “Smilin’ Jack” Abbott and she is already on the canvas at “The Young and the Restless.” That woman is Phyllis Summers.

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    Scott Novick

    I thought there was rule in soaps that no character could have the same name unless they were offspring or related in someway.

    Y&R’s never followed that rule. They’ve had three Michaels (Scott, Crawford and Baldwin), two Jacks (Curtis and Abbott), two Johns (Abbott and Silva), two Brads (Elliott and Carlton), two Christines (Brooks and Blair, although the latter started as Cricket) and two Neils (Fenmore and Winters), among others. The two Johns were even on the show at the same time, although part of that might be that Bill Bell originally didn’t intend for Silva to last and couldn’t change his name once he decided to keep him. There’s probably more, but you get the drift.

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