AMC’s Jacob Young to Soap Fans: “Don’t Tape SOAPnet, It Doesn’t Count”

All My Children heartthrob Jacob Young has a message for soap fans: Don’t tape soap opera episodes that air on SOAPnet, instead tape the network air shows.

"Those ratings don’t count," Young told fans on Cameron Mathison‘s Second Annual Soap Cruise about SOAPnet’s same day re-airings of All My Children, One Life to Live, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless. "I don’t care if you tape NBC, but please help save our shows."

In other Young news, is CBS trying to lure the hunk back to reprise his signature role of The Bold and the Beautiful’s Rick Forrester? If so, what would that mean for the surprisingly-impressive Kyle Lowder, who currently inhabits the role of the Forrester scion? TV Guide Canada‘s Soap Snoop Nelson Branco is on the case! Read more of Branco’s juicy dish about all your favorite soap stars from Mathison’s cruise in his Soap Cruise Blog

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    Jacob should tell ABC to stop interrupting its shows for repetitive local weather alerts, or pointless network interrupting for news conferences already showing on every other news network.

    On that note, I never watch or tape SoapNet unless I really have to – I feel like if I do, I’m validating their ridiculous lineup.

  2. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    Although Kyle Lowder is doing a fine job as Rick, Jacob Young was so great and will always be Rick Forrester to me. With his tremendous growth as an actor, he would make a welcome return to “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Can you just imagine his take on the current role of Rick? Especially in those firecracker scenes with Susan Flannery’s Stephanie. It would be absolutely wonderful.

  3. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Okay, if anyone knows the answer to this *please* tell me:

    Do DVR/Tivo recordings count if you’re not a Nielsen family??

    I didn’t think they counted everyone’s recordings, just Nielsen families…

  4. Profile photo of Revafan001

    ^^^ From what i have gather when talked about previously. If Tivo/DVR it, it will count as long as it is watched the same day…

    And for the people who have Tivo and have satilte can’t record two things at once.
    GL/OLTL/ATWT/GH/Y&R Fans!!!!!!!!!
    Ashamed RC/BF’s let Todd get of the rape charge!

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    If this doesn’t scream Neilson reform, I don’t know what does. Now you are watching the show, but watching it on a different channel, yet it’s the same show on the same day on a channel owned by it’s parent network, and it doesn’t count.
    what a joke

  6. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Young was and always will be Rick Forrester for me! So if he comes back, I’m more than happy.

    I learned to live with Kyle Lowder in that role, but he never really got to me as Brooke and Eric’s son.

    And besides, imagine Young in that current stuff that Lowder is playing. Rick against his father – Young would get himself another Emmy nomination.

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