Nelson Branco on Jarlena Exit: “Sickening to Watch”

From somewhere adrift on Cameron Mathison‘s Love Boat, TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco filed his latest Nelson Ratings, where he took Ken "The Soap Opera Slayer" Corday and the rest of his den of vipers to task for their shoddy treatment of exiting daytime legends Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn during their final air show as Days of Our Lives’ top couple John and Marlena.

Here’s what the ever-bashful Canadian had to say:

Did you catch DAYS’ lame ass and extremely sloppy send-off for inarguably its biggest super-couple ever this past Friday? If you didn’t, you were lucky. For those of us who did, Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn’s 20-minute send-off was simply sickening to watch. Let’s review: our hero John Black regained his memory but was castrated in every sense of the word due to his paralysis from the neck down. The definitive super-couple wed in the cheapest, most unimaginative and agenda-pushing wedding in the history of daytime. Just thinking of this shameful “story” makes me want to throw up.

We hear  head writer Dena Higley was too busy playing Mrs. Pac Man to give a response, but whenever she makes it up to Canada, she plans to give Branco quite the talkin’ to! Meanwhile, the little boy who plays poor, Autistic Theo was busy penning Daniel and Chloe’s red hot love scenes. This explains why they are so good.

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    Go head, Nelson, thank you for speaking the truth about the awful treatment of Deidre and Drake. Days is shooting itself in the foot by getting rid of its biggest stars for newbies that no one cares about.


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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    Preach it Nelson,

    I’ve never liked John and Marlena but I am insulted for them, I just can’t believe the shoddy send off they got. They are a supercouple and have been together for 20 years also Drake & Deidre are tried and true veterans, they deserve so much better and Ken Corday should be flogged.

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    Mike Jubinville

    I agree. I also felt they should have devoted the entire hour to them (I forgot to mention that while recording last night). The show promised flashbacks, but seriously dropped the ball in that respect as well.

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    I love how he has called them out. I am so angry with the show and their shoddy treatment of Dee and Drake and also the fans. Once again Corday has promised us good thing but we all need to remember he speaks with a forked tongue. I can’t believe anything he says. I’m angry disappointed and hurt by what is going on. Not just with Deidre and Drake but with the whole show. This is not the Days I have watched and loved since the show began. They need to clean house and get some writers and producers that really care as it is evident these don’t. They fire Deidre and Drake and pay these writers and producers for the garbage they are giving us. Should have been the other way around if you ask me. Fire the writers and producers and that’s a fact.

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    I watched it on Youtube the other night and yelled out ‘WTF?’
    Thanks for nothing. Now I don’t feel guilty for not watching contributing to the already shitty ratings.

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    Doesn´t really seem like Ken Corday cares that the show is going under. When he can´t do better then this, I say: Go and find yourself a different job. A job that has nothing to do with television!

    They were firing Drake and Deidre, the least they could do was give us a wedding that lasted for longer than 6 mintues. And what was the deal with John being paralyzed?? They just had to make it worse didn´t they?

    The show is just getting worse and worse by the minute, and Corday and the gang are just sitting there watcing as they destroy… destroy.

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