BUSTED: Chloe’s Baby Daddy Revealed on Y&R!

The moment The Young and the Restless fans have been waiting for will finally happen. A birdie told me  the paternity surrounding Chloe’s (Elizabeth Hendrickson) baby will be revealed during the week of Feb 16. Once the secret is known the storyline involving the quad will become really interesting. 

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    Great choice of photos Jillian, very funny!
    this quad is NOT working and I just don’t know who to root for. Chloe is too antipathetic and has no chemistry with Billie, she is the only one btw.

    I cannot buy their flashback. Lane are boring. God they all need a new storyline.

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    Now we all know THAT will never happen. Lily will never be like her mom so lets not even go there…

    I had a random thought…

    By any chance can Nate Hastings Winters (not sure if Malcolm adopted him when he married Olivia)??? be Neil’s son??? I was too younger to remember what was going on with Neil/Olivia/Nate/Dru at the time… I think it would be very interesting if Nate was Neil’s son. When or if they bring back Lil Nate from Med School I just hope he has some rough edges and not a cookie cutter good guy like the majority of his family members. That family needs some one to raise hell and call EVERYBODY out on there stupidity and I WOULD LOVE for him and Devon to get into it and try to take Roxy from Devon.

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    Timepass you took the words right out of my keyboard.

    Chloe and Billy have NO chemistry. That little Valentine scene was suppose to show us how much alike they are yet there were no sparks between them.

    Also Lane is boring.

    But imo, Billy and Lilly has chemistry and Cane and Chloe have a little chemistry. (Chloe has chemistry with no one!) Why is it that if someone is pregnant with their baby the man has to marry them. Billy doesn’t have to be with Chloe just because his stupid brother married her.

    Now here is my take. Chloe should lose the baby or the baby die at birth. She becomes overwhelmed with emotions. While at the coffeehouse, she bonds with JT. He helps her though her emotional crisis and then falls for him determined to get him. This can give JT a storyline and give Victoria someone to think about other than her daddy.

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    There is no chance Lil Nate is Neil’s son. But I would love for him to come back. He is a soldier so he will be a little rough around the edges. And he can get Tyra out of Neil’s face.

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    Love the pic of Hair Model CK. Its like a crest whitestrips commercial so I guess she’s a teeth model as well.

    And I think Maggie…er Chloe has chemistry with Billy way better than Lily does. I do want to see now-Dr. Nate on-screen. See if he could heat up the 20’s scene. If they recast Colleen and bring on Nate then I could see fireworks.

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    Wow, I could not disagree more with some of the comments here about Chloe and Billy. I think they have awesome chemistry; they are so fun to watch together. Watching Billy with Chloe on yesterday’s episode was great; he seems to have more interest in her and that baby that he has said, which the flashback scenes proved doubly. Those two will make a dynamite, interesting couple.

    I think Lily is pretty much a snooze with any buy she is paired with. I’d prefer to see the writers have Cane start dating a woman his own age–he could maybe comfort Phyllis. But alas, I’m sure the writers will stick him back with Lily. That’s fine with me, ultimately, as long as the writers get Billy away from her personality-sucking ways.

    Great pics y’all have chosen there, too :-)

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    Chloe and Billy have no chemistry?? Wow…I completely disagree! Their flashbacks are sizzling hot! I also think Chloe and Cane have great chemistry as well, but of course I want Chilly in the end! IMO, Lily is the one that falls flat with both Cane and Billy!

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    I totally agree with you, GossipGirl. Chloe & Billy are smokin’!! It’s Lily that doesn’t have chemistry with any guy IMO, not even with the awesome Billy.

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