Is Sharon Collins Newman Abbott The Perfect Woman?

Is Sharon Collins Newman Abbott (Sharon Case) the perfect woman? Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), Brad Carlton (Don Diamont) and Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow) all seem to think so. Jack and Brad outright said it on yesterday and today’s episodes while the actions of the Newman prince have all but implied it, at least Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) seems to think so.

Is Sharon Abbott the perfect woman?

Is Sharon Collins Newman Abbott The Perfect Woman?

  • No way, now how. (47%, 399 Votes)
  • She is aspiring to be, but isn't yet. (20%, 173 Votes)
  • Absolutely! (33%, 281 Votes)

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  1. Profile photo of KMRDaytime

    Part of “perfection” is having compassion for the frailities of others — especially when you have many yourself — and Sharon has no compassion. She is haughty and looks down on anyone she doesn’t consider as “perfect” as her.

  2. Profile photo of KingTV

    She is a hypocritical slut and not the moral, righteous strong woman she thinks she is. BUT, I have watched her and Nick since the 1st day they met and I have always believed that they were meant to be the next anchor couple of the show’s future, the next Nikki and Victor. The couple that will always break up and make up, marry different people and have separate experiences but will ultimately be reunited in the end. I loved Nick and Phyllis, They were hot and had great sex but it was an affair, not a soul love. Now Phyllis is back to her edgy ways and that’s the Phyllis I love. The insecure, needy bad girl who wants to be loved so bad she will stop at nothing to get it. But Sharon and Nick are the show’s foundation of the future of Genoa City and they deserve the respect and time to make their way back to each other. I am not a Sharon fan, per se but I am entirely in favor of making a long term decision to make them the solid base to come.

  3. Profile photo of Bob

    I really this character and actress. Of course, she isn’t perfect. However, I love that she’s grown and learns from her mistakes.

    To me, she is one of the more believable characters in daytime. When she kissed Nick in Paris she wisely held back. She was mature about that.

    I love that she always remembers her roots and tries her best to do what is right by Noah.

  4. Profile photo of Revafan001

    ^^^ And she does show as much and really cares about what other people will think, unlike Phillis she doesn’t care what people think, that is waht I love aobut her…

    GL/OLTL/ATWT/Y&R Fan!!!!!!!!!

  5. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Wich woman is perfect? And besides that … which woman in a SOAP is perfect?

    They all have their little mistakes and desires … but that somehow makes them interesting. Perfect? No!
    But a woman you want to be with? Yes!

  6. Profile photo of timepass

    Part of “perfection” is having compassion for the frailities of others — especially when you have many yourself — and Sharon has no compassion.


    Is that why when she had the chance, she did not make things worst for Phyllis on her trial?
    It this why, she told Nick that she understood what desperation meant when you saw your marriage fall apart, and to go easy on Phyllis?

    Look like compassion to me! Sharon is not perfect nobody is but she is a really nice person.

    and frankly I am personally fed up with people calling every soap character a slut! It is diminutive to every woman, since we don’t have as many words for the male species, and not much on an argument!

  7. Profile photo of YRFan90

    Perfection? No. Riddled with insecurity and provoked to have men validate her self worth? Yes. I’m pleased she decided on Thursday’s US episode to remain single and sort out her feelings for Nick.

  8. Profile photo of Christine_in_Wisconsin

    Hey guys do we have a better photo to use of her.. all I think of is MR. T every time I see this one.

    As for perfect.. well I haven’t been watching all that long but she comes across as very sanctimonious to me – she’s like Elizabeth on GH.

  9. Profile photo of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington

    Perfect my ass. Sharon Newman Abbott is a smug, stuck up, passive-aggressive, manipulative tramp. She’s like Nikki in her early years but without the spine or self-awareness.

    She thinks she’s so much better than other people, I just plain hate her unlike Phyllis who I LOVE to hate.

  10. Profile photo of kerfuffles

    Oh lawd help us all if she is. She is passive-aggressive smugness personified–with bad hair to boot.

    I have never liked it on ANY soap when basically the whole male cast is supposedly in love with one golden goddess–as is currently going on with Sharon on Y&R. Especially since said golden goddess is generally the most boring character in the whole show–as is currently going on with Sharon on Y&R.

  11. Profile photo of mll1206

    Sharon Collins Newman Abbott is a Skank, she is a hypocrite and she sets women back 4 decades! The woman can not be an individual independant woman if her life depended on it!

    There is no such thing as a “Perfect Woman” sorry to disappoint her fans but Sharon or “Skanky Spice” as I call her is the MOST imperfect character on soaps today!!!

  12. Profile photo of delta24

    Sharon Collins is a lot of thing but the perfect woman, is something she is not, except in her own mind. Sharon is a flawed human being, and if she is ever written as a person that accept responsibility for her actions then she would be a more enjoyable character, instead every time she opens her mouth, I have to laugh, she is the most hypocritcal tunnel vision character ever written.

  13. Profile photo of Sam DiMera
    Sam DiMera

    ROTFL! The comparison to Liz on GH is a great one. She also reminds me of the saintly Kelly Taylor on 90210.
    As for the question, serial cheater Sharon is not perfect by any means regardless of how much propping she receives from the writers. Phyllis at least acknowledges that she’s a manipulative bitch whereas Shar-a-bed is haughty and sanctimonious.

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