Mac’s Back & Jack’s Lady Cast on Young and Restless

A little birdie has told me that Stacy Haiduk (ex-Hannah, All My Children) has been cast in the role of Smilin’ Jack’s (Peter Bergman) new love interest and has already started taping scenes. No word yet on when they will air.

The latest edition of Soaps In Depth is reporting that Mackenzie Browning, the beloved granddaughter of Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper), will be heading back to town in March. As it was reported by yours truly last week, the rumor mill was hinting that a character named Alex was a smokescreen for either Mac or a replacement for Colleen. No word yet on who’s taking over the role again, but stay with Daytime Confidential for the latest updates.

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    Luke Kerr

    Trying to think positive, trying to think positive….not every role is a good fit for an actress…let’s hope that the Y&R character is much better than Haiduk’s AMC character.

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    I’m never giving up hope that Nancy Lee Grahn escapes the closet that GH has her locked in and comes to Y&R as a love interest for Jack.


    Pushing Daisies – You will always be in my heart!

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    Could Stacy be a Diane recast? Just thinking …^^

    And Mac’s return … wouldn’t be surprised when a DNA test reveals that Katherine isn’t Jill’s mother and this could lead to a possible reunion between Mac and Billy – and maybe a triangle between them and Chloe … because we all know that Lily will be back with Cane in a second when this paternity lie blows up. Just thinking…^^

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    stacy haiduk is absolutely beautiful and i am happy mac is back but they need to find an actress that can go one on one with Billy Miller. No way Kay and jill are mother and daughter, never believed it, never will

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    I hope they bring back one of the previous Macs and don’t recast. I also hope they keep Jill as Kay’s daughter.

    I hope it’s Rachel Kimsey who returns as Mac!!

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    Well, I was reading the Suds Report earlier and Nelson mentioned that Y&R was recasting Mac. He also said that Eden Reigel is NOT renewing her 4-month contract that ends soon. Coincidence? Maybe, but TPTB at Y&R may have taken notice at Jamey’s suggestion that Reigel would be a perfect recast as Mac. Eden deserves a show that will allow her to use her many other talents. I get the feeling she hasn’t been happy about this latest return to AMC. AMC had Eden come back and Tamara Braun join her and TIIC have completely made a mess of their storyline.

    Sorry about the rant, but Eden Reigel and Tamara Braun are two of my favorite actresses and I hate to see them wasted.

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    The only thing that made me hate Jill and Kay being related was that it broke up Mac and Billy. Although, had they been on Guiding Light it wouldn’t have mattered.


    Pushing Daisies – You will always be in my heart!

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    The return of Mac is exciting, regardless of the actress. However I have been holding out for Eden Reigel to leave AMC, where her talent is wasted, and joining Y&R in that role.

    For awhile I was hoping Mac would return with JT’s child in tow, having not actually had the abortion when Kevin took her to the doctor years ago. Her raising a child that wasn’t wanted by JT (at the time), could easily explain why she’s kept her distance from Genoa City

    I’ve also been holding out for the undoing of the Kay/Jill mother/daughter thing.

    True, it broke up Billy & Mac with whom his heart belongs and losing her evolved him into a “player”.

    I’ve wondered if in the process of Kay’s DNA testing to prove her identity, it will somehow disprove the blood relation between Kay & Jill. For example Jill may conceed to a DNA test as well to prove “Marge” is not Kay, and it is infact concluded that the two women are not related. Jill would take that as proof that Marge is manipulating everyone, however Kay would realize that means they are not related after all. Cane would lose his Chancellor status in the process, but that’s just a bonus.

    Anyway, a soap fan can dream. :) Looking forward to how Mac is reintroduced to the cast!

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    I hope Stacy Haiduk is rejuvenated on Y&R just like Jasmes Scott was on Days because AMC doesn’t know how to write for its actors.

    As for the return of Mac, that will be wonderful and I second the call that it leads to the undoing of this whole Jill/Katharine mother-daughter relationship because that was just plain wrong.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Jillian Branco? I like the sound of that. Forget Mike! Nelson’s my new hubby! *LOL* Although he creeps on me with Mike (I do with Billy Miller) but still hands off heifers!

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    Damn, Jillian Branco! I forgot to write about Jack’s “new” love interest with that hair model from AMC. It’s in Digest, too, this week. I guess I don’t care…. but thanks for making me look like a fool for not remembering to publish this. It’s a big story point.

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    Please, oh please let it be Eden Riegel. AMC is wasting her talents, just like they did with Elizabeth Hendrickson and Billie Miller. Y&R should rescue her from that… I don’t even know what that is, is like a sinking ship, with roaming zombies eating the flesh of the few survivors floating on the icy water.

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    Jillian Branco? I like the sound of that. Forget Mike! Nelson’s my new hubby! *LOL* Although he creeps on me with Mike (I do with Billy Miller) but still hands off heifers!

    What are you doing to me Jillian?? Branco is mine! I let everyone fight over Mike while I swooped in and grabbed Nelson.

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    Jamey Giddens

    That woman is one of those lizard people from V! Phyllis is gonna scratch her and reveal black, scaly skin beneath! Seriously she terrifies me. I can’t look at her eyes, I keep expecting a forked tongue to flick out and lick my face through my laptop screen, and not in a good way!

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    If it is to be a triangle with Phyllis, it will be must see TV!

    From SOC:
    Here’s what I’ve heard on the grapevine…

    that Amanda Aardsma read for the role of Mac and pretty much nailed it. I’ve heard talk on a private message board I post at that she got the role. She screen tested with Billy Miller and then with Chris Engen using the leaked “Alex” script. The later portion with Jeanne Cooper as well.

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    I don’t know who Stacy Haiduk’s character is, but she kinda looks like Beth Ehlers…. OMG!!! Peter Bergman and Beth Ehlers would equal awesome!!! Apparently Beth was offered the role of Jack’s ex-wife Patty but she turned it down. Yeah, so bring Beth Ehlers. That’s just me.

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