As the World Turns and Guiding Light Weekly Promo

This week's promo for As the World Turns and Guiding Light.


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I am really liking Craig and Carly together. I hope the writers don't turn it into some predictable storyline where Craig starts treating Carly badly and Jack has to come and save the day while giving Carly another "I told you so." I like that Craig is sweet to Carly and seems to understand her past mistakes rather than hold them against her like Jack does. I kind of hope he brings out her devious side again. Carly's self-loathing needs to be put on the back burner and she needs to let her freak flag fly again.

I also hope the writers don't drop the ball in general with this storyline. It could have a lot of long-term twists and turns. But knowing how these writers operate, the storyline will probably be wrapped up, dropped and forgotten in two weeks, like they did with Carly/Holden and the whole Brian/Lucinda/Luke/Noah situation. I hate it that just when I start getting really invested in a storyline and think it's going somewhere really interesting, they just drop it.

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preach, this show needs to slow the f down, Craig has been back for a little over a month and he is already marrying Carly and he is the fourth recast in four years!

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kerfuffles, I agree with everything you just said but knowing TIIC, they'll screw it all up and make Craig the evilest of all evils and Jack will hold this over Carly's head forever.

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Add me to the mix of folks liking the Craig & Carly dynamic. One thing I don't want to see for a VERY long - if ever - is that pathetic version of Carly the weeks leading up to Jack & Janet's marriage. I don't care for Jack or Janet but I still like Carly.

I also like how well Craig & Parker get along.


Long live the revolution! Gay pairings in soap operas:


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Oh Craig and Carly are one of the few great things about the show at the moment.

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Jeff Branson isn't in this promo. Do you mean Daniel Cosgrove ?

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Thanks troymcclure. I don't watch Guiding Light, so I'm not really familiar with their cast. Daniel and Jeff do look a little like each other (at least for someone like me who never watches that show).