Days of Our Lives: Thursday's Preview

Here's the preview of what's coming up on Thursday's episode of Days of Our Lives (Jan 22).

Does anyone else think there should be some other people in this preview? Like maybe John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena (Deidre Hall)? Don't they want people to watch?


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I don't care how Ken Corday wants to spin this monstrosity, this is not Drake and Deidre's fault. You would think he'd be very embarrassed to have to put this junk (J&M exit storyline) on the air and still pay Dena Higley to write it.

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Is that continuous 9 o'clock shadow supposed to be sexy? It just looks like dirty on his face.


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Is today the day of Marlena and John's exit from Salem?

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Today is the day for Canadian viewers Sad Tomorrow for those of us in the states.

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