Daytime Confidential's Top 10 Writers/Producers of 2008

No. 7: Jill Lorie Hurst - Guiding Light 

Guiding Light
may have more head writers than it does sets these days, but at this point, we aren't ashamed to admit it, we only care about one, and that's Jill Lorie Hurst. The moment Grant Aleksander revealed that it was his friendship with Hurst that helped him make the decision to return to Guiding Light we sat up and took notice. Any writer who could get Phillip Spaulding back on our screens is the one we want in charge of this struggling soap. Casting finesse aside, GL has improved drastically in recent months in terms of writing and we hear that's due in large part to Hurst as well. If Hurst  keeps this up, maybe we will retire all mentions of Kim Zimmer's  famous sweaty balls comment? Nah. 


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Awesome list, people. It's not a f'n mess.

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I would also include Nelson Branco, because many of the s/ls and crazy comments is way more interesting than what the heck is on the soaps theses days. I love the list and hope and pray that they will fill in when B&B, ATWT, DAys, GL, and Gh get them to save the soap industry that is lacking in vision and creativity.


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Terrific List!!

And I had no idea that Susan Danby's book is available as a "regular" book now, thanks for the heads up! Can't wait to read it Smile

Though I have to disagree w/ the statement that "there's no denying The Rapemance was one of the most well-written storylines daytime has seen play out in years" Oh I deny it very much!

Not only was it disgusting, but it was preposterous and insulted viewers' intelligence. The writers turned Marty into a blank slate moron and tried to *manipulate* their audience into sympathizing with Todd (I lost track of all the "poor Todd" moments.) I watched the immediate aftermath and while I think the actors are wonderful, I was less than impressed by ME and TSJ's severely understated performances (it was as if they were in another story completely) and Susan "Look! I'm Hissing!" Haskell's scenery chewing. FAIL

I'm all for stories that are dark and that push the envelope. But in a medium that continues to use and abuse women and repeatedly treats rape as just another gimmick storytelling tool, another Rapemance was not what we needed. And for that story to be told *badly* (IMO) on top of that? Double FAIL.

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I must be the only person on here who loathed Nightshift. It was full of dumb stories that were ripped off from even dumber movies, extremly bad acting. I mean the guy with the four kidneys, the pay it forward, anything Jagger. Nightshift sucked, ugh. I do give credit to TR for the way he played Robert's cancer styline. He was so raw, so true. At times I couldn't watch him because it was to painful. My mother had cancer twice and lost the battle, I work from home because I wanted to take care of her. TR was so good, to bad there won't be an emmy for his performance. That's about it, and the flashback episode of Nightshift that had evrybody from the 80's. Those two things alone couldn't make me lke it.

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I don't exactly 'loath' night shift, but I in no way think its the best thing since sliced OLTL ...(I tried...)

The show had alot of issues, but at the end of the day there was a good amount i did like of it, and I think some of my issues would have been resolved if it had more time.

A.K.A. ssjohn

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I still have yet to finish watching Nightshift as great as people have said it is. Its apparently not gonna get a 3rd season anyhow.

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You're missing the late, great Jim Reilly, who crafted a fantastic and memorable finale for Passions.

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I sure thought you would give it to OLTL or Y&R

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Alistair as you know, I ADORED Reilly's work...on Days, but I hated Passions with, well, a passion.

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According to Tom Casiello's myspace page, he's headed back to daytime!